The Metaverse is just an upgrade to the digital space

The expansion rate of the meta-universe concept seems to be faster than the expansion rate of the universe, but many concepts often not only fail to help us understand the meta-universe more clearly, but instead make us fall into greater confusion.

For example, the meta-universe is confused with the game, but the game, or the game specifically referred to in the game, is a limited game, which has time limits, space limits, numerical limits, and restrictions on the rules of the game. If the meta-universe may be a kind of future, it needs to be able to accommodate all people and their actions, which means that it cannot be a game within boundaries, it will be an infinite game with boundaries, just like today’s The same as in human society.

Another example is to confuse the meta universe with concepts such as VR, brain-computer interface, and consciousness uploading, but in fact there is a clear relationship between them. VR, brain-computer interfaces, etc. are all a way for individuals to enter/step into the meta-universe, just as keyboard input is also a way to enter the meta-universe, but the former is a better way, or more suitable for human behavior patterns The way.

The theme of this article is that the meta universe is just an upgrade to the digital space. “Digital space” is a concept that everyone is familiar with. Since Professor Leonard K. sent the first e-mail to his colleagues in 1969, we have been active in this space for many years. If you look at the meta universe from the perspective of digital space, you will find that things become clearer.

The term “nothing but” is a limitation on the concept of meta-universe, rather than expressing that the digital space upgrade is not important. This upgrade may be considered the first upgrade of the digital space since its birth, and it may also subvert the original digital space model and accelerate the upgrade of the digitalization process of human beings and human society.

I will start with two real little things to try to open this grand theme.

1. Start from the change of communication mode

One day I was building a venue in a certain space, and a person came to visit it. This is the person in the picture below. We started talking about the exhibition, and then I found that he was missing half of his arm, and I asked him why, he said he was actually a zombie! I was instantly activated, because I was a heavy zombie fan, so we started talking about zombies.

A small chat, but we can feel that the mode of communication between us has changed. In the digital space in the past, communication was almost always around events/topics. We were all talking about things, and talking about people was also based on things. But in the meta-cosmic space, communication can revolve around “people/communication participants themselves”, and conversations are based on people. In communication, our focus has returned to people, who I am, what I am doing, and what I am thinking.

Communication around people/communication participants is in line with the communication/social habits of human beings. The way we communicate in the digital space today is just an unnatural way that we have to adopt due to conditions. The meta-universe treats us Bring back the natural former from the unnatural latter. Therefore, when I saw Zuckerberg’s meta-universe-themed interview, I could feel that he and his team “jumped” in instead of dreaming, understanding what they are going to do instead of chasing the wind. .

Zuckerberg’s core view is that I don’t think the primary goal is to get people to participate more on the Internet, I think it’s to make people participate more naturally on the Internet; although the reporters throw out the shocking “Top Players” and ” The meta-universe in “Avalanche”, but his answer is that the seemingly ordinary way of interaction is more natural and social.

Nature is the key word. The reason why the meta-universe is an upgrade of the digital space is that it allows people to exist and act in the digital space in a way that is more in line with human nature, human behavior habits, and human action patterns.

From the perspective of digital space upgrade, it is not difficult to understand why today’s Internet giants such as Facebook and Tencent all claim to be involved in it: Metaverse is the upgraded digital space of the future, and digital space is these companies. The main industry or main battlefield. They are the hegemons in the digital space today, and they certainly hope to continue their dominance.

The meta universe is the second half of the Internet. The expression is simple and clear, which is its literal meaning. Excessive interpretation can make people lost.

But can Facebook continue to control the second half? Not necessarily. Even if they know what the meta-universe is, they may not be able to design a product that requires them to give up their own interests and change their logic from the perspective of the meta-universe. The reason why aggregator products on the Internet such as Facebook can capture huge profits has a great relationship with their exclusive use of “user-generated content” and profit from it. However, the user-generated content in the meta universe belongs to users, not platforms. Or product.

From the perspective of naturalness, the content generated/created/obtained by users belongs to the user and it is in line with the operation mode of human society itself-in the physical world, a person’s labor income certainly belongs to him.

The reason why the blockchain may be considered to play an important role in the meta-universe is because the blockchain infrastructure and tools such as tokens and NFTs help to realize an economic system in the digital space, where user content and user activities can be Incorporating into this system will help to form a sustainable digital space for human activities, this space not only has communication/social activities, but also economic activities.

2. People become the subject

Going back to the beginning of the article, the meta-universe has changed the mode of communication in the digital space. Why did this change happen? It’s the next story.

When I was preparing for the “Chu Min” photography exhibition, I needed to find many people to take pictures of them. Normally I don’t chat with the subject, but if his outfit or space appeals to me, I will strike up a conversation. The designer in the picture below was one day when I jumped into his studio in the space because I liked his clothes and the clothes he designed, and then I started chatting. Then I invited him to my exhibition. He liked this exhibition. , Happily stood at the entrance and asked me to take pictures together.

A pleasant encounter between me and him. What changes have taken place in the digital space so that this kind of communication around people is a normal way of socializing that happens naturally? I think an important reason is that people in the meta-universe can exist and “be seen” as individuals. For example, the communication between me and the subject is based on the fact that I saw his appearance and became interested in him.

In today’s digital space, we convert ourselves into text, pictures or videos. People exist flat in two-dimensional web pages, and more importantly, people as subjects are dilute (cannot be Carrying and displaying), people exist as the holders of opinions/phenomena, or people are not the main body of the Internet at all, but opinions/phenomena are.

In the meta-universal space, we jump into ourselves as a whole. Humans exist in a three-dimensional space. Humans exist as subjects, not as holders of opinions or phenomena, just like in the physical world. .

The existence of human beings as a subject does not only mean that others “see” us, but also that we “see” ourselves. Seeing ourselves will make us self-aware. Therefore, in the digital space, we will also be responsible for our own words and deeds, and treat others with emotion. This is also a more natural way for humans to get along and form a society. Only in this way can it be possible to develop a safe and comfortable space in which humans are willing to exist.

We in the traditional Internet are our shadows projected on the walls of caves by opinions, while we in the meta-universe are our own entities. There is a view that the relationship between humans and avatars is: the physical world has a self, this self-manipulation of an avatar in the meta-universe; in fact, people enter the meta-universe instead of operating the meta-universe. The avatar is not a manipulated virtual character, it is ourselves.

With the development of meta-universe entry and presentation technology, human beings are increasingly able to exist and act as a distinct individual, in a manner similar to the physical world, and the digital space will inevitably change accordingly and become unfolding around the subject of humans.

Perhaps the evolutionary process of the meta-universe will be like this: the establishment of the prototype of the meta-universe and the development of related technologies enable humans to act as subjects in the digital space, and human beings as subjects will promote the formation and development of a human-centric digital space , And after this digital space is formed into a scale, it is a meta-universe in the true sense.

The first half of the Internet is two-dimensional, and the second half of the Internet is three-dimensional, but from two-dimensional to three-dimensional is only the starting point of the meta-universe. The digital space of the meta-universe will be completely different from today’s Internet, not in appearance, but in the final , It is not a human tool, but a society where humans can live.

3. The simulation of digital space to physical space

In the meta-universe, human beings become the main body in the space, which is related to the heavy simulation of the physical space by the meta-universe.

In the space-time environment, the meta-universe is three-dimensional, visible and tangible, with continuity and unity in time and space, and human beings are present, just like the physical world gives human feelings. This provides humans with what they can do. The basic environment in which the subject exists. People present themselves through avatar, “settled” to carry out activities in the space and accumulate the results of activities, and build relationships with others who settle here…

In terms of individual expression, the meta-universe provides a multi-dimensional way of expressing or shaping oneself, such as the appearance and actions of the current stage. In the future, people may also include their identity data, historical activity data, etc. This means that people in the meta-universe can convey more data than people in the physical space, and people in the meta-universe will likely be more than those in the physical space. Three-dimensional and rich.

In terms of individual actions, the development of VR and other technologies makes us not need to use keyboards, mice, and handles to complete our actions in the digital space. We can map the actions of the physical world to the digital space, and use the physical world to act in the digital space. Space operations; the future development of brain-computer interface technology will be a further step on this basis.

Some views describe the meta-universe and the physical world as the former’s subversion and substitution of the latter. This will make many people wonder because they don’t think the digital world today is better than the physical world, and they don’t think they have the will to move in in the future. Such a space.

These viewpoints are questioned because what it describes is exactly the opposite of the facts: the meta-universe is not a subversion of the physical space, it is a subversion of the existing digital space; the meta-universe is not the opposite of the physical space, it is an exhaustion. Everything is possible to simulate physical space so that people can live here in a human way.

The two concepts of meta-universe and game often appear in pairs, precisely because they are similar in the above-mentioned structure, but the game has a limited space-time environment and world view. It may be said that the game is a finite element universe, and the meta universe is an infinite game.

Concluding remarks:

The meta-universe is just an upgrade to the digital space. This upgrade may make the digital space more attractive to humans, and may develop a form of human society in the digital space, and these may drive people and human society. Migrate faster and more to the digital space.

If the biggest difference between the future meta-universe world and the world today is, I think the meta-universe may be a world where humans and AI two advanced intelligences coexist. The physical world is too complicated for AI, and the digital world is too anti-natural for humans, but the meta-universe can accommodate both. But no matter what,


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