The Metaverse in the Internet circle didn’t understand it, so don’t join in the fun in the car circle.

Why do car companies compete for the first concept of the meta universe?

Before Volkswagen had figured out what Metaverse was, this concept continued to appear on the topic list and was hyped in many fields. In the automotive industry, it was the first to set off a wave of trademark cybersquatting. 

In the new cars, Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal began to apply for the registration of the trademarks “NIO”, “Xiaopeng” and “Ideal” as early as September. The SAIC Group is even more exaggerated, with 100 registrations. Recently, Geely is also applying for the registration of the “Geometric Universe” trademark. 

The Metaverse in the Internet circle didn’t understand it, so don’t join in the fun in the car circle.

This trend of trademark cybersquatting is also prevalent in the blockchain and Internet circles. “QQ Yuan Universe” and “King Yuan Universe” are also displayed in the “application”. 

The first step to build a relationship with the meta universe is to have its name first. 

Explaining the meta universe is definitely an essential part of this article. But before that, I still want to establish two controversies caused by the meta-universe in the automotive circle: 

Calm and rational school, 360 founder Zhou Hongyi, represented, as he now Yi foot has entered the automotive industry. 

In the recent CCTV “Dialogue” program, Zhou Hongyi expressed a very “rational” point of view: 

Facebook’s vision of the “meta universe” is very good, but the meta universe does not represent the future of mankind. Instead, it represents the decline of mankind!

The Metaverse in the Internet circle didn’t understand it, so don’t join in the fun in the car circle.

In an industry forum before this, Zhou Hongyi also made a point: 

The enemy of the automobile industry is the current meta universe.

Therefore, some people joked that Lao Zhou was the man who missed the wind. 

There is also a similar thing: people are living in virtual spaces, and what else do they need to drive.

The other party in the dispute firmly believes that with the development of smart cockpits and autonomous driving, Meta Universe is the future of automobiles. 

So, what is the meta universe, and what relationship will cars have with it?

Metaverse, Metaverse, originated in the novel “Avalanche”. 

The explanations of Prof. Chen Gang and Dr. Dong Haoyu of Peking University are more helpful for understanding: “Metacosm is a virtual world that is linked and created by scientific and technological means, and is mapped and interacted with the real world. It is a digital living space with a new social system.” 

Several core words are involved: virtual world, technology, and extended reality. 

It not only needs to integrate new technologies: blockchain, cloud computing, digital twins, etc., but also to create real interactions in the virtual world that mirror the real world. Some people think that the meta-universe is the next stage of the Internet, but the future development form of it is in the process of prediction and exploration. 

It is Facebook that really brought the meta-universe into the public eye. Facebook changed its name to Meta, which is derived from Meta Universe. After the name change, it is more aimed at the development bottleneck of the mobile Internet, planning the next stage of development direction. 

The Metaverse in the Internet circle didn’t understand it, so don’t join in the fun in the car circle.

Facebook’s move is also sending a signal to the Internet and technology circles: Metaverse is the outlet. 

Of course, it is also an unmissable outlet in the automotive industry that aims to build a technology travel company. 

However, at this stage, the swarms of trademark registration are a bit of a lack of morality, and most of the car brands on topics related to the universe are indeed suspected of hype.

There is a legend in the world that the marketing department of the automobile industry likes to spot hot spots. The concept of Meta Universe became popular, and many marketing related to it followed one after another. 

Here is a co-creation car that is known to fit the concept of the meta universe, and is committed to perfectly integrating the intelligent networked car ecology and application scenarios into the meta universe ecology that may develop in the future. 

Youzhiji Automobile has linked the game “Raw Stone Valley” previously launched on the APP with the meta universe of the fire. The owner of the “Raw Stone Valley” extracts or mines rough stones, upgrades equipment, and evolves vehicles. Zhiji Auto plans to issue 300 million rough stones. These rough stones are claimed to be based on blockchain technology research and development, combined with another popular concept-NFT (Non-Homogeneous Tokens), so that car owners can use virtual “rough stones” to upgrade real cars . 

The Metaverse in the Internet circle didn’t understand it, so don’t join in the fun in the car circle.

Although there are many concepts that most people don’t understand, in simple terms, users can obtain real car rights by mining rough stones online. It’s more like an upgraded version of APP credit rights. 

There is also Changan Automobile , which is said to launch a virtual “digital employee”, which is related to the original animation stage competition show “Changan Automobile 2060” titled by Changan. The virtual animation characters born in this program will Become a digital employee of Changan. 

These can only be said to be the 1.0 stage of Meta Universe + Cars. It is a very preliminary stage. It is the first to be applied in user operations and concept hype. In fact, the concept of Meta Universe is implanted into the existing activities of the brand. 

These are currently implemented based on the existing technical scope of car companies, and the application scenarios are relatively primitive. 

The real connection with Metaverse is actually a systematic project that builds the underlying technology and creates application scenarios.

Zhang Junyi, who has many years of investment experience in the fields of automobile networking, industrial chain and travel, and former partner of NIO Capital believes that Metaverse and automobiles will be a way of inclusive development in the future. In addition to the virtual drive engine, it is necessary to add more perception technologies, including touch and taste. The structure is built in the interior of the car, and even includes cooperation with the Metaverse blockchain to develop its own transaction methods.

Dawei Zhu, chief designer of the Wilson Intelligent Network Application Center, believes that the attributes of the future car space will become stronger and stronger, breaking the current digital interaction and realizing real interaction in the virtual world. Car companies will no longer stay at the stage of selling cars. Instead, the car is used to create another smart space, which also means that at the technical level, the car will need more computing power, more novel and simulated interactions, and more intelligent surface technology applications.

Feng Zheng, the vice president of Shunwei Capital, had a metaphor for the development of Metaverse: 

“I think digital humans will be apps in the virtual world. For example, the fitness app in the virtual world must not be what it is today. It may be an AI-driven virtual human that uses an interesting image to guide me in fitness.” 

A few years ago, a wave of the concept of “Internet +” emerged in China, and the Internet + car came into being as a result. What followed was the emergence of a Roewe RX5 positioned as an Internet car and the zebra system it carried, opening the door for interaction in the car. 

Since then, the development of automobiles has been breaking through the imagination of the public. 

When the car is a product of the industrial age, it really has nothing to do with virtual space. However, as the operator force to replace horsepower, all vehicles within a large screen, the autopilot concept known streets, interactive experiences, immersive, beginning with the third space car deeper and deeper association occurred. 

So in a few years, how will the car and the meta-universe coexist? In fact, there is no rush to get an answer at this stage . 

Just as Zhou Hongyi’s remarks came out, there was a lot of criticism. And the car companies got together to register the Yuan Universe trademark, which is considered to be a craze. 

Or maybe, everyone is not directly denying the meta-universe thing, but before they have a clear idea, they feel that no one is doing the right thing, and they didn’t point to the idea. 

In fact, Zhou Hongyi said something about it: It takes time for the virtual reality of meta-universe fantasy to surpass the real world. 

Even the meta universe in the Internet circle doesn’t understand it completely, so don’t join in the fun in your car circle. At this stage, we should do something practical. 

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