The “Metaverse” in the eyes of HTC Wang Congqing

For virtual reality, the meta universe is an infinite stage. For each user, the meta universe represents the unbounded imagination.

From October 19th to 20th, the 2021 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province was held in Nanchang.

At the main forum on the afternoon of October 19th, Wang Congqing, President of HTC China, delivered a speech entitled “The Road to the Future Metaverse”. Wang Congqing said that Metaverse has six principles, seven levels, and eight opportunities. Although the road to Metaverse is long, it will give everyone more equal employment opportunities and unlimited creativity, and contribute to a low-carbon society. Environmental protection brings new business opportunities to practitioners in all links of the virtual reality industry chain.

The meta universe has six principles

While the prospects of VR technology are gradually being verified and recognized, wave after wave of concepts have entered the public’s field of vision. As the ultimate human imagination of the digital world, “Meta universe” has once again become the focus of global attention after being portrayed by countless sci-fi works, with the entry of major Internet companies.

Wang Congqing said that the meta universe is not a completely new concept. “Avalanche” published in 1992, “The Matrix” and “Number One Player” released in 1999 and 2018 respectively, all described the metaverse.

“We can selectively enter the meta-universe, where we can learn, work, entertain, and live in it, and everything that can be done in real life. In many fictional works, the meta-universe is a utopian or dystopian world, and it is imperfect. Even a negative society. Although an imperfect world will be full of challenges and more storytelling, we hope to build a positive world and make life better and more exciting instead of being oppressed by technology.” Wang Congqing said.

How can human beings achieve a better future and a better meta-universe? In his speech, Wang Congqing talked about six principles.

One is that there is only one meta-universe in the world, instead of each company, each city or each country developing the meta-universe independently.

The second is that no one person or company can own the entire meta universe.

The third is that the meta universe can allow anyone to enter, participate, and interact without repelling anyone.

Fourth, any device can be connected to Metaverse. The hardware devices that can be connected are not restricted by the brand or category as much as possible. Although the connection of mobile phones, PCs and other devices to Metaverse cannot bring an immersive experience, it can also Let users enter the meta universe.

Fifth, the user has a sense of existence in the meta universe, and there will be traces of things that have been moved, which can exert an influence on the meta universe.

Sixth, Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, which will be experienced and used by people in a richer, three-dimensional, and virtual reality way.

Do a solid job of the seven levels of the meta universe

The construction of the meta-universe has rich technical logic. Wang Congqing said that the meta universe has seven levels, and each level must be solid in order to have a truly complete meta universe.

One is the underlying technology of Metaverse, including 5G, WiFi6, 6G, cloud and other basic network facilities, as well as SoC, MEMS, CPUs, GPUs, storage chips and other computing, processing and sensing units.

The second is the interaction layer, including interactive devices such as mobile phones, VR/AR, smart glasses, wearable devices, and brain-computer interfaces, as well as interactive methods such as tactile feedback, gestures, sounds, and brain waves.

The third is a decentralized system. Payment systems, edge processing systems, AI agents, microservices, unified identification, blockchain and other systems will support the normal operation of the meta universe.

The fourth is the spatial computing layer, which requires a three-dimensional engine, a natural and multi-task parallel interactive mode, and geospatial maps.

The fifth is development tools, which require design tools, space and object scanning, NFT, digital business, etc.

The sixth is the search layer, including retrieval, advertising networks, social networking and so on.

The seventh is the experience layer, including education, cooperation, games, e-sports, shopping, etc.

Grasp eight opportunities to build a meta-universe

Wang Congqing said that there are now tens of millions of websites on the Internet, and there will be tens of millions of worlds in the future metaverse. The existing search system is not suitable for searching the world, but only for searching the web; the existing ID identity system cannot be used in the future, and the real meta-universe should be as natural as sleeping into a dream. And such a world will bring unlimited opportunities for equipment development companies, tool development companies, and APP companies.

“In Metaverse, new goods, new services, new revenue models, new business models, and new payment models will be produced, reducing the pressure on the environment, because the demand for people to go out on business will be much reduced. At the same time, The meta universe will make everyone more equal, no matter what age or where they come from, they can create according to their ability, creativity, and hard work, and let the results speak for themselves.” Wang Congqing said.

Wang Congqing believes that in the process of constructing the meta-universe, we must grasp eight opportunities. The first is the interconnection of equipment, the second is the improvement of basic technical capabilities such as batteries, networks, and storage, the third is the global coverage of high-speed cloud services and computing services, the fourth is a more complete 3D retrieval system, and the fifth is developers of different levels. The creation tools that can be obtained and used are six universal identity, IP, and payment systems, seven are information security rules such as privacy, identity, property, and child addiction prevention, and eight are deployments and investments involving global governments.

“The road to the meta-universe is very long. There are a lot of work to be done. It is not a simple thing. When this road really goes to the end, we will feel a better world. This is what virtual reality brings us. Opportunity.” Wang Congqing said.

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