The Metaverse has a long way to go. Is the “Anti-Metaverse” really sensible?

Recently in the Internet industry, the concept of “meta universe”, which is rather sci-fi, has become one of the most frequent buzzwords, and has attracted the following of large and small companies in the Internet industry.

The fuse was that a game company named Roblox went public in March of this year, and its market value subsequently skyrocketed to over 40 billion U.S. dollars. It is reported that Roblox was valued at only 4 billion U.S. dollars a year ago. It is simply a catalysis of turning stones into gold.

Then, the veteran giant Microsoft on the other side of the ocean developed HoloLens 2, to seize the opportunity of AR/VR and other hardware devices, and invest in software. The virtual meeting room function displayed by Facebook through Horizon.

In China, Tencent proposed the “whole truth Internet” concept and investment Roblox game project, the byte beat invested gaming company codes universe , not long ago to several billion RMB yuan acquisition of cosmic giant Pico (bird look).

Under the “exemplary” of global IT giants, many small and medium-sized companies have begun to “take advantage of the problem” and interpret Metaverse in combination with their own businesses. Especially for game companies, their market value has soared under the influence of Metaverse. For example, not long ago, the stock prices of the two companies, Tom Cat, which uses VR technology, and Zhongqingbao, which created the meta-universe game “Master of Brew, ” once reached daily limit.

For a time, Metaverse became a hurricane sweeping many industries around the world. Among the many stories selected by capital, Metaverse has won the favor of new and old Internet giants at home and abroad, and it can even be said to be the “son of choice” among many capital stories. So, how do we understand the popularity of the meta-universe concept, and what impact will meta-universe have on the current Internet-related industries?

Metaverse XX Company: “Expected Value Label” that will never be outdated

The meta-universe concept fire has brought about a soaring number of related companies. According to the Tianyancha APP, there are 227 new meta-universe-related companies established in the past year. It is no exaggeration to say that they have sprung up.

The Metaverse has a long way to go. Is the "Anti-Metaverse" really sensible?

As a label used by many companies for self-promotion, Metaverse is because it can bring expected value to the company, and the reason why it can bring expected value is because the concept of Metaverse is advanced enough to be difficult to falsify. To some extent, whether a story is a good story does not lie in whether it can be commercialized quickly and spread to the world, but because it is difficult to falsify.

According to the official statement of Roblox, “the first stock of the meta universe”, a true meta universe product should have eight elements such as identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, and civilization.

These elements may seem advanced at first, but if you taste them carefully, you will find that civilization and diversity are relatively vague vocabulary. Elements such as identity and friends have been understood by Tencent QQ in the PC Internet era. They are not new anymore. “Low latency” Attributes such as “” and “anywhere” are also common in popular mobile games. In fact, many popular 3A online games on the market already have most of these elements.

Therefore, the first impression that Metaverse may give people is the enhanced version of 3A online games. For many young people who do not play games or adults who have no time to play games, its impact may be relatively limited.

However, the new features of the meta-universe that Roblox wants to emphasize are actually based on XR (collectively referred to as VR, AR and MR) and blockchain. For an online game, if these technologies develop smoothly enough, they can certainly subvert our perception of previous games.

Even Arrested Development, for the curious young consumers of such games, there are many wound up endless beauty of dollar universe is still a fresh feeling. The reason why new and old netizens have different perceptions of Metaverse is because young consumer groups exhibit two major characteristics in their consumption concepts:

One is that they are generally curious about new technologies, willing to try new things, and like gaming experiences that stimulate the senses. XR technology is their consumer preference; second, for every generation of young people, confirming their unique existence through consumption is a comparison Just-needed consumer demands show that it is different from the previous generation.

In other words, each generation will find the iconic consumer products of their own generation, and online games have not surprisingly become a kind of “intergenerational identity”. For many generations born in the 80s, the best online games in memory are DOTA and Legends. For the generations born in the 90s, it may be Warcraft and LOL. For the generations born in the 00s, it may be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Glory of Kings .

It is not difficult to imagine that the future of VR offline experience halls may be as attractive to young people as the Internet cafes that just emerged in the 1990s. Looking back at the Internet cafes of that era, despite their slow Internet speed and high prices, they were very attractive to many first-generation Internet users. Said, it does not affect the interest.

Therefore, there is no definite standard for the success of Metaverse. Perhaps two or three years later, there will be Krypton gold players who think that it is Metaverse. It doesn’t matter whether others recognize it or not, as long as there are young users recharging or playing games. Creating UGC here can support the continued operation of the platform, and this business model is established.

Therefore, the Metaverse wave, we can draw so Ge push on:

Roblox talked about Metaverse in the prospectus, which is actually a marketing aimed at young people in the future. Whether it is recognized by users or not can not be judged by current old netizens.

In summary, the meta-universe concept is difficult to be falsified. The fundamental reason lies in its inherent advancement. This advancement means that there will indeed be new consumer groups to recognize it, and whether it can convince current users is actually not. important.

Even if a considerable part of Metaverse companies will die in the future, to a certain extent, advancement represents correctness to some extent, and as an Internet company that is a start-up or needs to open up new businesses, if it sincerely thinks To completely avoid the meta-universe concept, it would seem to be choking.

Changes in the consumer industry: “virtual role replacement” for celebrity spokespersons?

Meta Universe is known as the “ultimate form of the Internet”, and it covers technologies such as XR, 5G/6G, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, NFT, etc. There may be other technologies in the future. After all, the universe is an all-encompassing grand The concept of extremes. As long as these technologies are still advancing, we will get closer and closer to the ultimate form of the Internet.

Take the blockchain technology as an example. If there is no blockchain technology, the virtual space constructed by Metaverse is just a game scene. This has been realized in some 3A masterpieces such as “Fortress Night” and “World of Warcraft”, but there are zones. With the blessing of block chain technology, games are equivalent to having the infrastructure of a virtual economic system, thus opening up the bridge between the virtual world and the real world, and building a ” parallel world ” parallel to the real world .

To be precise, this “parallel world” is an extension of the real world in the virtual world, and the social and economic activities of people in the real world can spread into the virtual world. For example, the virtual character IP can be introduced in Metaverse as a new marketing model, which has a successful precedent in the game “Fortress Night”.

For example, American rapper Travis Scott had more than 12 million players participating in a live virtual performance of “Fortnite”, setting a record for the highest number of simultaneous online viewers in a music scene in the history of the game.

During the performance, Scott wore a limited edition Cactus Jack Nike Jordan 1, with realistic character modeling and special effects that surpassed the live stage stage to give players an amazing experience. After the performance, some peripheral goods were sold in the physical store, and he also released a T-shirt for the virtual tour.

It is not difficult to foresee that perhaps with the development of Metaverse, the combination of virtual performance scenes and marketing will become more and more popular, and it may even subvert the current popular live broadcast delivery.

Nowadays, domestic live streaming products are in full swing, which can be said to be relatively mature, but an obvious drawback is: the binding relationship between the brand and the image of the spokesperson contains potential risks.

Recently, the frequency of “house collapses” of stars in the entertainment industry has become higher. For example, after Wu Yifan was arrested on suspicion of rape, all 19 brands have terminated their partnerships, which brought a great crisis to the brands.

Once the personality of the endorsement of the celebrity collapses, the brand will more or less suffer loss of goodwill and interests. Therefore, more and more brands are now trying to create a virtual character IP that belongs to the brand. This is actually a kind of “Endorsement of the star’s replacement.” For example, in May this year, Nestlé launched the virtual spokesperson “Zoe”, and on July 30, Zhong Xuegao launched the virtual idol “Axi Angie”.

So, what changes will the virtual character IP bring to the future marketing model and marketing industry?

In theory, as long as such a virtual character IP is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it can play the role of endorsement for the brand, and there will be no unpredictable idol collapses. With the advent of Metaverse, brands can register brand-specific virtual characters in parallel worlds, just like the official brand media used for promotion by many brands on platforms such as Weibo , Toutiao, Station B, and WeChat subscription accounts.

The fascinating thing about virtual character IP is that in the increasingly perfect technology, virtual characters with brand characteristics have many humanized details. This is a virtual image that can reflect product characteristics, brand style, and even corporate service concepts.

What is more worthy of attention is that the concept of virtual character IP that may shine in the meta-universe has now been advanced. Because theoretically speaking, the marketing value of virtual character IP lies in the “pre-development” of classic character IP, thereby empowering the brand and helping the brand stand out from homogenized competing products. In other words, niche IP and homogenized IP are actually the brand’s self-confidence, and they have no driving value for brand power.

It can be seen that for the brand side, designing a virtual character IP that meets the brand positioning may become a trend, and since it is a highly professional technology, it is still unclear whether it will give birth to a new SaaS service model. Unknown.

“Technology spillover effect” determines the quality of a “technological frontier”

Without a vent guide and encourage policies, profit-driven corporate and capital eager to join, rapid fermentation disorder, very accommodating variable was pandemonium, such as P2P, K12 education. And if an industry is related to the country’s long-term development plan, it will go further, such as photovoltaics and chips.

So, is the imagination of the meta-universe lasting?

First of all, the policy will not explicitly support Metaverse, but the development of Metaverse has just begun, and it is still at a very early stage, especially the personal VR experience device as the entrance hardware of Metaverse. The technology maturity and penetration rate need to be improved.

However, the technology covered by the meta universe will not produce a “spillover effect”, or even overflow in advance, so that it may promote the development of new technology applications and promote the generation of new consumption. It is not difficult to further speculate that the meta universe will also help It alleviates the inward scrolling anxiety caused by the consumer Internet, and even opens a window to the exhausted consumer Internet.

Looking back at the entire economic development, economic growth is one of the country’s important development goals at every stage, so every era needs outlets.

Recently, the raging education and training industry has been halted by the “double reduction” policy, and the financial industry’s Ant Financial is so close to being listed that it’s “immediately” was halted, and local life and e-commerce tracks are staged one after another for traffic. Round of “subsidy competition”…

There are indications that the development of the consumer Internet seems to have reached the upper limit. The growth of capital has always required good stories, but there are indeed not too many good stories that can adapt to the policy orientation.

In fact, in the “14th Five-Year Plan” for national development, the industrial Internet has replaced the consumer Internet as the main theme, and the VR/AR industry has been listed as one of the seven key industries of the digital economy in the next five years.

A major feature of the industrial Internet compared to the consumer Internet is that the value realization cycle is relatively long. In the meta-universe competition, cutting-edge technologies such as XR, 5G/6G, AI, blockchain, and digital twins have the opportunity to be widely used, and there are opportunities for continuous iterative progress. They are used in digital factories, smart rail transit, The application value of telemedicine and other industries can also be unearthed continuously.

Therefore, from the perspective of the Industrial Internet, the “spillover effect” of new technologies triggered by Metaverse is very obvious, and the future growth space is worth looking forward to.

In general, the concept of meta-universe is not bad. It is more like a future general direction repositioned by Internet giants when facing growth bottlenecks. Just like many new technologies when they are “born”, it is difficult to avoid being caught in muddy water. The fish-fishing companies were abused and then stigmatized to the extent that they ignored the true meaning.

Therefore, we should look at the popularity of the metaverse concept objectively. We should neither blindly follow the trend nor ignore the massive amounts of real money invested by Internet giants around the metaverse track. Instead, we should see the deep meaning behind it and pay attention to the current impact. And the track is about to usher in a huge change.

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