The Metaverse era is starting, how to grab the first ticket

The meta-universe era is starting, how to grab the first ticket

Discussions about “Metaverse” can be said to be heated, and Facebook founder Zuckerberg directly renamed the parent company of FaceBook to Meta, showing his determination to enter the Metaverse. It was at this moment that more people began to really pay attention to this field, looking for related opportunities. However, no matter what the meta-universe will eventually develop into, I think the principles of many things will not change, and the construction of a new world will inevitably start with infrastructure. This is like the birth of Taobao, which requires a website platform and a transaction intermediary such as Alipay. Then who will become the infrastructure of “Metaverse” and who can truly become the aborigines of this new era?

Meta-content of the Metaverse

At present, from a technological point of view, the actual technical foundation of Metaverse has been formed, including a series of technologies such as the Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, which are sufficient to build a true virtual reality ecosystem. Even we can actually think that the platform services provided by many Internet companies are themselves a manifestation of the Metaverse. For example, Meituan may be a takeaway universe. So the question is, if this meta-universe already exists, what are the innovations and differences?

In fact, in my opinion, Metaverse may be a broad concept, just like doing e-commerce, it may be Taobao, it may be Jingdong, it may be Pinduoduo, or it may be Weidian or something. And the pure meta-universe still needs a meta-content and meta-service. Without this unique thing, the meta-universe is probably still a castle in the sky, beautiful and beautiful. In other words, what is the core driving force of the Metaverse? What is Metaverse’s Alipay platform? I think it is a very premise.

If you think about it from this perspective, then I think the problem that the metaverse can solve, and the problem that other universes cannot solve, is first of all a digital copyright issue. Since the birth of the Internet, the protection of digital content copyright has been a huge problem. This is not just a piracy issue, there is also a tradable issue. I can buy a collection of oil paintings, but how can I buy a collection of digital paintings and prove that it is my own? I think that friends who are familiar with NFT will be able to understand what I am talking about. This is what has been proven to be the meta-content of the meta-universe.

Regarding this issue, the well-known meta-universe startup company Heina Nebula has introduced its own understanding. Heina Nebula believes that relying on large entertainment IP to create an open and immersive meta-universe, through consumer goods channels and IP empowerment, use NFT to bring reality and The virtual link confirms the rights, allowing the virtual world to run safely on a trusted network. This is the first step in the birth of the metaverse. As long as the IP content can smoothly pass through the logical confirmation of the metaverse, then in the digital world, we can have things that truly belong to us, and this will surely become the building of the metaverse. The most basic step.

Be the “Taobao” and “Alipay” of Metaverse

Value comes from exchange. Without exchange, there is no value. Without value, there is no way to promote the progress of the meta-universe. So from this dimension, building Metaverse is very similar to building Taobao e-commerce platform. It is necessary to build the platform to realize the digitization of the product, and then through the transaction platform transaction, make the digital transaction safe and reliable, and finally combine it with reality. As a result, an e-commerce empire was formed. The current development of Metaverse is still in its infancy. The first step is to build a platform to digitize content and make products tradable. Then it is to promote value transactions to build this new world.

In order to solve this problem, NebulaLabs has created its own trading platform-Onecards, through its own technical advantages to realize the process of physical assets on the chain and digitalization, and build a tradable platform, which is a combination of Taobao and Alipay. A brand new platform. At the same time, NebulaLabs Nebula is also actively mobilizing resources to unite major IP parties and partners to sign more digital assets for diversified portfolio issuance, so that IP owners can enter yuan at one time and join the yuan at the lowest threshold. The construction of the universe is just like the merchants and shopkeepers who joined when Taobao first opened. Obviously, they are the first wave of trendsetters to seize the opportunities of the times.

At present, in the Shuangdan and Lunar New Year files, NebulaLabs has signed a large number of high-quality IP cooperation resources, and is preparing to blow the meta-universe whirlwind into the film and television field. I believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire soon. As for how to do digital artwork and where is the future development direction, it may be necessary to continue to observe Onecards’s innovation and leadership in this area.

The road to the future

In fact, there are a lot of discussions about the meta-universe, but I think the core is still pragmatism. Many people don’t care about the grand blueprint for the future, just want to see what can be done right now. So from this perspective, I pay more attention to those who can come up with specific solutions, rather than those who can only draw pie. So from this point of view, whether it is NebulaLabs or Onecards, the biggest perception is that they really want to do this and know how to do it. They did not stay in their own circles, but wanted more people to enter the world and build it together. I think this concept is very reliable, and the path is very clear.

Although the Metaverse is still in a very early stage, and many people have their own opinions and interpretations, I think there are still reliable principles. The criterion for judgment is whether the project hopes more people will integrate and build the world, or whether it wants to hype a product and make profits. I think these are two different pursuits, and the latter obviously cannot achieve ultimate success. To distinguish this point, I think there is no need to discuss the details for many questions. After all, no one in this unknown world may know the true correct answer, or it requires enthusiastic people to truly make their own efforts to build. Hope to see the real other side.

At the NebulaLabs conference, one-third of the guests were top companies in the blockchain industry, one-third were the backbone of China’s large entertainment industry, and one-third were platform companies with huge traffic and fast-moving products. Companies, channel parties, etc. This is undoubtedly a grand event that has gathered greater strength and more classes to participate in the construction of the universe. At the end of this year, we may be able to see more deals open and more works coming out.

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