The Metaverse curtain opens who is “staking the horse”

On July 6, Metaverse space technology service provider Cyberspace announced that it has recently completed a seed round of financing of 10 million yuan.

According to incomplete statistics, since April, there have been more than 40 financings in the “Metaverse” field. The representative “virtual human” company Mofa Technology has successively completed B rounds and C rounds of financing on April 6, with a total amount of 1.3 USD 100 million, of which Sequoia China and Wuyuan Capital invested in three consecutive rounds of additional investment.

It’s not just “Metaverse” companies trying to get a head start. On July 6, Xingongti announced the establishment of the Metaverse platform GTVerse. In the future, it will be able to hold digital concerts and e-sports competitions that tens of millions of audiences can participate in at the same time .

Zhou Jinhui, Chairman of Zhonghe Group, pointed out that the Worker Metaverse is not a simple concept. The difference between it and many other Metaverse projects is that it is based on a real Worker, thus promoting a new Worker. It will become an urban landmark, cultural and sports business card and vitality center of Beijing.

In the initial stage when the content has not been built and the gameplay is not yet clear, the commercial implementation of the Metaverse depends on the continuous attempts of enterprises, and linking to the real world is indeed a shortcut to tap the value of the Metaverse.

The virtual economy research institute of BNP Paribas predicts that nearly 2.5 billion people around the world have already participated in the virtual economy. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the global Metaverse market will reach $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Grab the beach “Boring Ape”

The landmark of the era of Web3.0, the boring ape is one.

BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) is the “Bored Ape Yacht Club”, which is composed of 10,000 bored ape NFTs with different clothes and expressions generated by AI algorithms. Users only need to buy one “bored ape” to join the club and enjoy the All commercial use rights and other privileges of the purchased Boring Ape NFT.

For NFT, a simple and straightforward understanding is to help confirm the rights of Internet content such as pictures and music that can be copied and used at will. Although NFT cannot guarantee that only the owner can use this ape image, NFT can prove: “This ape The pictures belong to me, others can use them, but they use pirated copies.” This is very important in the thinking mode of the Web3.0 era.

When the Boring Ape was first launched, it took a week to sell it all. Through a series of excellent community operations such as Jay Chou and other stars “fueling the fire”, landing at auction houses such as Christie’s, and a series of excellent community operations, the popularity and topicality of the Boring Ape quickly became full. .

Boring Ape has opened a commercial license at the bottom of the protocol to support purchasers for secondary creation and redistribution, and the group creation of the Boring Ape community has also brought ecological and use value to the Boring Ape NFT , making the Boring Ape IP rapidly grow into “Web3. “Disney in 0” has attracted a number of listed companies such as Li Ning, Greenland, and Beichuan to join the wave of buying “Boring Ape” NFTs.

On April 24, China Li Ning announced on Weibo that it cooperated with “Web 3.0 Famous Family”. The image of Boring Ape #4102 will serve as the new brand manager, and simultaneously launch the Boring Ape Trend Sports Club series products, including clothing, extreme Frisbee, surfboard, etc. The boring pop-up store also landed in Sanlitun, Beijing.

According to OpenSea data, the final transaction price of BAYC#4102 was 120ETH, about US$330,000, which is equivalent to RMB 2.2 million. Compared with the quotation of 3 million for a single customized short video of a popular fitness blogger on the Internet, the “appearance fee” of the boring ape is not It’s not too high, and it can be sold at any time in the future.

More importantly, the IP commercialization of Bored Ape only requires the purchase of one Bored Ape to achieve lifetime IP authorization, eliminating the need for traditional IP co-branding to negotiate for several months and the restrictions of various subsequent rules and regulations. This is also the era of Web3.0. , the charm of using blockchain encryption technology to endorse commodities and further reduce transaction costs .

According to a research report released by the blockchain analysis platform Nansen on May 11 this year, the secondary sales of the Boring Ape series have accumulated more than 600,000 ETH, and its parent company Yuga Labs has obtained at least 2.5% of the points. 15,000 ETH in royalties, over $30 million.

Although NFT digital collections cannot be obtained through the second-hand market in China, after realizing the huge commercial value of the Metaverse IP, some companies that bet and even All in the Metaverse have begun to try to create their own “boring apes”.

On June 1, the “StarCat”, which is aimed at the boring ape, was officially released. The publisher, Kafei Technology, said that it would build StarCat into a super popular IP in China’s original Metaverse with in-depth business scenarios and a strong community ecology.

Kafei Technology told reporters that, different from the operation direction of the boring ape’s digital collection, Interstellar Cat is only a carrier, and more is to use the ecology behind it for IP operations. At present, Interstellar Cat has more than 30 strategic partners, and the follow-up will also be There will be more IP co-branding cooperation, and at the same time, derivative digital collections or physical items of Interstellar Cat will be developed.

It is worth noting that although it has just started, as of press time, there is no commercial co-branding event for the Interstellar Cat project, but according to the official plan, by the end of 2023, Interstellar Cat will achieve a million-level fan group and a billion-level commercial landing. The expected speed is jaw-dropping.

Shi Lan, founder of Kafei Technology, said that the blockchain-native brand is a dimensional blow to traditional brands. The blockchain community truly belongs to the brand. Through the binding of copyright and subsequent interests, community co-creation is carried out, making the brand From one engine to tens of thousands of engines .

Virtual human debut

With the integration and improvement of AI technology and figurative virtual images, the commercial value of digital humans has gradually become prominent.

According to iiMedia Research, the virtual idol industry maintains a steady growth trend. In 2021, the market size and core market size of virtual idols will be 107.49 billion yuan and 6.22 billion yuan respectively. It is expected to reach 186.61 billion yuan and 12.08 billion yuan respectively in 2022. Yuan.

Mofa Technology pointed out that the core value of virtual human is the upgrade of content carrier and interactive mode.

When an enterprise obtains traffic and needs to serve millions of C-end users, it is technically difficult to provide one-to-one interactive video services for everyone, and AI virtual human becomes the only choice.

The virtual human can not only provide pictures, texts and video explanations, but also can communicate one-to-one, two-way interaction, and directly convert traffic into benefits .

“For enterprises, traffic is king, but they are particularly afraid of being bound by the traffic of a platform. Enterprises need methods for online and offline global traffic operations and private domain precipitation, and the interactive services of virtual people can help enterprises achieve This demand.” said Chai Jinxiang, founder of Mofa Technology.

In addition, many roles in future enterprises, such as training officers, financial officers, and recruiting officers, all have standardized question-and-answer content and belong to specific vertical fields, and these tasks can be completed by AI virtual humans. And this AI virtual human can be bound with the company’s brand virtual human image to feed back the operation of virtual IP.

The AIGC (AI content production) capability of virtual humans also enables them to have more commercial application scenarios. For example, during the 618 period, as the star pusher of OnePlus mobile phone, Baidu’s virtual human Du Xiaoxiao was able to do all the work. Online collection and generation of new product evaluation videos, accurate distribution of evaluation videos, and link to purchase new products, to build a complete closed loop of publicity and promotion.

Guo Rui, CEO of Yuji Technology, said that the traditional business logic is to centralize products for sale. In the future, virtual humans can help users search for desired services on the entire network based on their personalized needs. This decentralization process is very important for the future. business models can also have disruptive effects .

Building a Metaverse scene

In December 2021, Baidu launched the Metaverse Social App Xi Rong, and also deliberately moved the 2021 Create Conference and Jidu Press Conference to the Xi Rong platform.

NetEase also went to the Metaverse for a meeting. In December 2021, NetEase held the world’s first “Metaverse” investor conference in its immersive event system “Yaotai”, including NetEase founder Ding Lei. Appeared in the form of a virtual human.

Although the gimmicks are very good, the infrastructure such as terminals and networks has not been completed, and the real effect is far from the complete 3D presentation that the Metaverse wants. The lack of scene content makes the backs of these Metaverse participants somewhat monotonous. .

Gao Hongbing, president of Ali Research Institute, pointed out that compared with the 2C Metaverse scene for the consumer market, the 2B scene for the enterprise market is more likely to have revolutionary changes due to the development of Metaverse technology .

In fact, by building 3D models, connecting multi-dimensional information, and combining sensors, the “Metaverse” method of moving traditional offline industries to the cloud has become an effective solution to efficiently manage complex engineering systems.

IDC pointed out in the “China Digital Transformation Market Forecast” that the digital economy-related planning during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period provides a good policy guarantee, and the total investment related to the digital economy in the next five years will be 15-20 trillion yuan.

Under the influence of emergencies such as the epidemic, uncertainty has increased. For enterprises, they either join the digital transformation queue or may be eliminated at any time. The roaring new wave of digitalization is the dream scenario of the Metaverse. .

Xia Haibing, CEO of Bingjiang Technology, pointed out that the advantage of digital upgrading is a higher degree of data integration, which can better tap the correlation between data and help users make accurate and effective decisions faster, but in the new concept Next, how to use data to drive business management and optimize and reengineer old workflows is also a problem that takes time to digest.

“For example, in the digital upgrade of the subway, the traditional subway operation and maintenance relies on the staff to check and record the problems on the spot, and after returning to the office, the repair report system is registered, and the follow-up processing is finally completed, while the new system is a highly integrated database. As long as personnel enter questions on the spot with iPads, the history of equipment, maintenance methods, and even the number of parts in the warehouse are highly visualized, and the system will immediately assist in making decisions.” Xia Haibing told reporters.

For the B-end users in the digital upgrade, Xia Haibing believes that it is necessary to explore and precipitate new business processes first. In addition, the standardization of traditional industries in the digital upgrade is inconsistent, and it takes time to reach a compromise.

“It may take at least five years for the Metaverse scene to have a clear idea and become a necessity like a mobile phone. Before that, the more important thing was the underlying technology research and development.” Xia Haibing said.

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