The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

From August 6th to 8th, American super-popular singer Ariana Grande held 5 concerts in different locations around the world for two days and staged a realistic version of “Time and Space Shuttle”.

It turns out that behind this is a virtual reality concert created through VR technology and the popular meta-universe concept. The venue of the performance is placed in the game “Fortress Night”. Tens of millions of players around the world use their own The game avatar was present in costumes and participated in this immersive interaction in homes, schools, parks, and offices around the world.

This must sound very dreamy, but network instability often occurs in daily work. What kind of embarrassing disappointment would it be if such a high-to-burst “inter-temporal interaction” suddenly disconnected from the Internet? How to support the smoothness of the meta-universe world? The corporate network will be the most important energy source.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

Is the meta universe coming?

The concept of meta-universe is not new-through digital avatars, another kind of life or countless kinds of life can be lived in the virtual world. Its ultimate ideal is to freely socialize, work and live between reality and virtual, not just copy a twin digital world, but create a digital world synchronized with reality and sharing value.

Baszucki , CEO of Roblox , gave a more standardized and visualized concept for the meta universe , that is , the meta universe should meet at least eight key characteristics: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, and civilization. Civilization is the direction of everything.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

Because of its various novel concepts and infinite possibilities in the future, technology giants have moved closer to this new world. Among them, Facebook founder Zuckerberg has declared that it will take 5 years to build Facebook into a meta-universe company.

Last year, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng also put forward the vision of a “true Internet”, which also coincides with the concept of Metaverse. He even bluntly stated that “a major reshuffle is about to begin, and those who can’t get on the ship will gradually fall behind.”

Whether it is the fantasies of the technology giants or the predictions of the Internet heads, we can not help but worry about the times. In the known past, we missed the real estate wave and the Internet dividend. In the future, what else will we miss?

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

Whether the meta universe is really here, is it a real vent, or a bubble on the shore, we still don’t know, but we can understand it first, and then be ready at all times. We can wait for opportunities where the wind blows tomorrow.

Good corporate network, to help you deal with any vents

Where we want to go, we must first know where we come from.

The Internet has become an indispensable resource tool for people’s lives like fire, light, and electricity, and it continues to give us more surprises-Meta Universe. This will be a collective upgrade of the entire Internet and Internet + industry, almost connecting the entire digital industry. The direction of the parallel world created by mankind with the help of networks, computing power, and algorithms starts from the Internet.

This magical network that breeds the “world” like a mother is our best preparation for the new world. Therefore, if you want to integrate into the future world, whether it is the meta-universe or the future digital industry ecology, the corporate network will also become an important place like the parent body.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

So in the not-so-distant meta-universe era, how companies need to prepare, what kind of network companies need, and trace the roots, we will get the answer.

In the 1.0 state enterprise network, equipment provided by multiple network equipment vendors (routing, switching, WiFi), network operators provide infrastructure (dedicated lines, broadband, 4G/5G), and enterprises set up network management departments to manually operate and maintain .

As the scale of enterprise digitization becomes larger, network management becomes more complicated, and the work pressure of network management is also increasing. Until the emergence of SD-WAN architecture hybrid WAN, network management is slowly liberated.

But this is not considered an upgrade. It is only the 1.5 status of the enterprise network. SD-WAN realizes the unified management of equipment and facilities, and unified management of the networks of different operators. Enterprises have begun to adopt hybrid multi-cloud architecture and hybrid wide area networks, and applications and data have gradually moved to the cloud, but network security, mobile office, and byod have become new issues.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

The enterprise network finally ushered in the upgrade of the SASE 2.0 status. It is revolutionary. With identity as the center, it changes the network form centered on network equipment and facilities, and makes the security of the wide area network simple and easy to use through the terminal and edge collaboration. In this way, people’s operations and behaviors (based on content and applications) in the network can be better served and managed. But this is not the end, because it is still a long way from being integrated with the business of the enterprise.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

The industry-leading company Cisco’s Nimble architecture started thinking in this regard, assuming a 3.0 state next-generation enterprise network NEN (NEXT ENTERPRISE NETWORK). In this architecture, the network introduces an intelligent plane in addition to the control plane and the forwarding plane, introduces the intention of business applications into the network, and explores the possibility of integrating business and network.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

Let’s not discuss whether it can be achieved. Starting from the nature of the business, the requirements of the enterprise network are compliance/security, improved experience, ease of management, and business collaboration.

The Metaverse concept runs too fast, how can the corporate network keep up

From this we can get that the next-generation enterprise network must be planned based on the following four elements and through business process orchestration.

1. Unified management of equipment/facilities.

2. Identity-centered people.

3. Behavior and operation (based on content and application).

4. Data visualization and analysis.

So as to achieve anytime, anywhere, scalable and secure access; business continuity and reliability; real-time analysis and insight; the goal of integration with AI and IOT:

In this way, we can answer the initial question, whether it is a new outlet or not, the future of enterprises in the Internet age will need to be able to provide customers with a high degree of integration through open architecture design and business. Network products adapt to customer business changes and develop corporate network services through continuous development and integration.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, no matter whether the meta universe will come or not, when we have the underlying logic, no matter what the outlet, we can be handy.

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