The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist “Hajiang” breaks the circle

The virtual artist “Hajiang” broke the circle strongly.

The boundary between reality and virtuality is blurring. With the development of AI technology, AR/VR mixed reality technology, cloud gaming technology, and virtual digital human technology, the real physical world is being projected more and more into the virtual electronic world.   

The virtual world that achieves a high degree of interoperability with the real world is called “Metaverse.” This concept was originally derived from the “Avalanche” by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson published in 1992. The banner game platform company Roblox went public on the New York Stock Exchange in March this year, sparking heated discussions on Metaverse in the market, and major domestic and foreign companies have entered the market. 

In the “meta universe” that merges the physical world and the virtual world, a new large-scale shared online experience will be established. With the advancement of economic elements such as digital currency, the NFT, which has been popular since this summer, is likely to become the basic building element of the world’s digital assets in the future. What NFT outputs is actually a kind of culture and values, and its circulation and social attributes are beneficial to cultural communication. And virtual idols, as a general existence of “indigenous people”, are also expected to become an important part.

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

Recently, at an Alibaba auction, the digital card of the virtual artist’s first single “MISS WHO” debut commemorative poster closed the trading curtain at a price of 5071 yuan, uniquely recording the growth moment of the virtual idol , Hajiang is also going to a wider crowd. 

Technology plus capital, giving birth to a virtual idol boom

At the end of last year, Ma Huateng stated in Tencent’s annual special issue titled “Three Views” that with the promotion of new technologies such as VR, new hardware and software in various scenarios, he believed that another major reshuffle was about to begin. Just like the transformation of the mobile Internet, people who can’t get on the boat will gradually fall behind.” AR and VR, which were extremely popular in China around 2015, have once again been valued. 

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

At the end of June this year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg told the media that in the next five years, Facebook will become a “metauniverse company”. In his opinion, metaverse is the next important chapter in the development of the Internet after the mobile Internet. component. 

Earlier in 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus, a virtual reality company that had just been established for two years, at a high price of US$2 billion. Today, Facebook has created the second-generation VR device Oculus Quest 2, and renamed the virtual social platform “Horizon” to “Horizon Worlds”. It also plans to invest US$10 million in funding to encourage creators to build tools for virtual reality. 

The development of VR equipment in recent years has also paved the way for the arrival of the meta-universe boom. This year, a number of VR companies and virtual idol companies have completed financing: iQiyi VR completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing, VR interactive technology company NOLOVR completed 20 million U.S. dollars in Series B financing, VR all-in-one manufacturer Pico was acquired by ByteDance; Next World Culture completed 5 million U.S. dollars in Series A financing led by its founding partner CCV, and Wanxiang Culture completed hundreds of SIG Hainer Asia Millions of U.S. dollars in Series A financing led by 10,000 U.S. dollars, Virtual Films completed the Pre-A round of financing led by Fengrui Capital to over 10 million U.S. dollars… The underlying technology and content related to Metaverse, the investment market and the consumer market are hot together Hold it up. 

In short, with the blessing of technology, the “virtual world” has become possible. As the aboriginal people of the Internet, Generation Z has been in the virtual world and the real world since birth. They are very familiar with the rules of the two worlds. At the same time, they have a very vague sense of the boundary between the two very different worlds. Compared with the real world, they They are more familiar with the people and things in the virtual world. Those virtual characters that look “fake” to the outside world are actually characters with different personalities. Therefore, in the real world idols continue to collapse and rebuild. In, the virtual idol quietly walked to the front desk. The data platform has made a calculation. From 2019 to 2020, the subscription rewards for virtual idols at station B have increased by 350% year-on-year, and the commercial value of virtual idols is rapidly releasing. 

In addition, capital is also entering the virtual idol industry vigorously, providing a great boost to the development of the industry. In July of this year, Bytedance and Alibaba jointly invested in Lehua Entertainment. They were considered to have taken a fancy to the virtual idol girl group “A-SOUL” created by the latter. The number of views on the platform reached one million, and the Weibo fans of the five members have now exceeded 6 million. 

With the double boost of technology and capital, the upsurge of virtual idols hits. 

New Species: Virtual Artist “Hajiang”

According to iiMedia Consulting’s data, in 2020, the scale of China’s virtual idol core industry will be 3.46 billion yuan, an increase of 70.3% year-on-year, and it is expected to reach 6.22 billion yuan in 2021; on the other hand, as the commercial value is continuously discovered, more and more The industry and virtual idols are linked together. The virtual idols will drive an industry scale of 64.56 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to be 107.49 billion yuan in 2021. 

In addition, the survey shows that over 80% of netizens have the habit of chasing stars on a daily basis, and 63.6% of netizens support and pay attention to the related dynamics of virtual idols; among Chinese virtual idol enthusiasts in 2021, young people aged 19-30 accounted for 92.3%. Among them, over 60% like virtual idols in the game field.   

In 2018, on the stage of the first season of Tencent Video’s “Children of Tomorrow”, the virtual idol “Hertz” appeared and competed with musicians such as Mao Buyi, Zhou Zhennan, and Ma Boqian, and advanced all the way. At that time, virtual idols caused a lot of controversy. On the one hand, the design of competition rules between virtual and real people was unreasonable. On the other hand, the two-dimensional group at that time was even smaller, and the influence of the two-dimensional culture in the country was still relatively small. Limited, the public’s acceptance of “Hertz” is not very high. 

And now, with Luo Tianyi on the Spring Festival Gala stage, the emergence of virtual idols and new ways to play are endless, and the expansion of the Z generation group-QuestMobile data shows that as of November 2020, the number of active users of the Z generation after the 95th and 00s It has reached 320 million, accounting for 28.1% of all mobile Internet users. Virtual idols and the two-dimensional culture have gained higher acceptance in China. 

Some virtual idol entrepreneurs once sighed, “What golden age is this?! The short-term business with virtual idols helps companies achieve 10 times the revenue growth without financing; there are many blue ocean markets with larger scales in the medium term. The company’s capabilities and accumulation can be seamlessly shifted and inherited; there is a very grand vision story in the long run… This kind of opportunity is said to be a rare opportunity in 10 years. ” 

However, although virtual idols are emerging in endlessly, virtual artists are rare. 

On September 29th, one of the world’s three major music copyright giants, Warner Music signed the first virtual artist, and has an iconic blue hair, Ha Jiang debuted with the single “MISS WHO”, leading the development in the entertainment field. 

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

This time, as the first solo single, Hajiang’s “MISS WHO” combines the elements of electronic style and national style, and also adds part of the Kunqu opera. The vocal part uses Microsoft’s first AI voice customization technology (Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech Technology) to create, with unique technological creativity. At present, the number of fans of Hajiang on personal social accounts has exceeded 100,000. 


Earlier in July, Whet Records, an Asian electronic music label under Warner Music, had already signed Haran. Jon Serbin of Warner Music Greater China said that they value Haran’s combination of dance and music. potential. 

In fact, unlike purely two-dimensional virtual idols, China’s super-realistic virtual idol industry is still in its early stage, with fewer players entering the game, and the industry’s development prospects are extremely broad. As a group of players who entered the game earlier, Hajiang now has a wealth of works, as well as diversified business models and mature business ecology that have been explored through participating in various activities. Thanks to this, Hajiang herself has enough advantages in the industry, allowing her to build her own barriers faster and achieve the goal of breaking the circle earlier.

In reality, idols collapse frequently, and relevant supervision is becoming stricter. If virtual artists can bring consumers a sense of leadership, creativity and entertainment like Hajiang, it will be able to meet the diverse expectations of consumers and achieve long-term development. Avoid a flash in the pan. Under this premise, the charm of “Hajiang” itself and the operational capabilities behind it become even more important.

Re-examine the commercial potential of “Hajiang” 

With the advancement of speech synthesis and virtual simulation technology, as well as 5G, virtual reality, holographic projection, motion capture and other technologies, the cost of creating virtual idols is decreasing. Therefore, the extension of the virtual idol industry continues to develop, and the realization channels and capabilities of virtual idols are gradually increasing. 

In fact, Hajiang has already made many attempts in various commercial fields and has released great commercial value.   

In October 2019, Harbin participated in the “Harbin Brewery No Drunk and Driving Charity Campaign” as the “first virtual road traffic safety publicity ambassador”, and in the same series of activities that followed, he shared with the then Harbin Brewery star charity ambassador Prince Prince. He also appeared on the scene, and also played the role of the heroine in the music charity film “Don’t Drive Drunk and Drive”, and used the form of rap to appeal to Gen Z not to drive after drinking. The broadcast of the charity film reached 16.8 million in one week. 

Ha Jiang has a youthful and rebellious appearance, but he is also a city charity ambassador. This wonderful contrast is also more popular with Generation Z. Its appearance at public welfare celebrations has also made the influence of Ha Jiang continue to expand.

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

Before starting his own music career, Ha Jiang has appeared on the LPL competition many times before. September 2019, in promoting cross-border cooperation, Kazakhstan sauce becomes a virtual performers LPL finals on the opening show; July 2020, Kazakhstan has become a virtual gaming sauce anchor, while those with electric competition in cross-border marketing In the middle, Hajiang also gained a newer understanding and more love among the young group.

In addition, with its unique and outstanding temperament, in January 2020, Hajiang became a virtual model of New York Fashion Week. In October this year, Hajiang became the first virtual idol to appear in GQ physical magazine, and was “first to the next city” in the fashion circle. “. 

It’s also worth mentioning that with the rise of Generation Z who are accustomed to consuming digital content, and now facing the generalization of C-end live streaming and rewarding methods, more and more groups are accepting this form of artistic expression, virtual idols. It is becoming popular. 

On July 24, 2020, Hajiang appeared in the live broadcast room of “724 E-sports Cheers Festival”, and participated in the live-streaming event with the League of Legends professional player UZI. The live broadcast gained 188.9w of popularity. Preliminary demonstration of the ability to carry goods. 

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

In recent years, the national tide has risen, and Hajiang has already entered the field of national tide. Today, Hajiang has reached in-depth cooperation with uooyaa, GQ, LPL, Harbin Beer, Li Ning, Modern Sky, etc. , and has been involved in national fashion clothing, video games, and street music. These are all diversified businesses after Hajiang. Laid the foundation for chemical development.

The Metaverse boom continues, the virtual artist "Hajiang" breaks the circle

In all fields, consumers’ enthusiasm for paying for virtual idols is gradually released. It is foreseeable that the commercial value of “Hajiang” in the future cannot be underestimated. According to statistics, 80% of netizens spend on virtual idols every month. Within 1,000 yuan, and 37.6% of netizens expressed their willingness to spend more money to support virtual idols, the commercialization space of virtual idols is expanding. 

The reason for this phenomenon, in the final analysis, is that in the consumer market, virtual idols have a more commercial sense of security than real idols, and their IP is more controllable. They can not only deposit content and traffic to the brand itself, but also deeply connect with its own business model. , And can better meet the needs of brand endorsements, and meet the diverse expectations of consumers. In the future, Hajiang has rich development possibilities in the fusion of national style, national tide elements and other elements, and the cross-border communication of young culture. 

Concluding remarks

With the continuous development of technology, the vast and magnificent picture of Meta universe is slowly unfolding. And its vigorous vitality is nourishing one industry after another to flourish. 

Under the concept of “meta-universe economy”, whether it is VR, AR or virtual idol companies, there is an endless blue ocean in front of them, waiting for more gold diggers to discover and explore, but the early exploration is very difficult It requires huge investment and patience. This is the stage where the industry’s mindset is the most tempered, and it is also the easiest time to build a huge advantage. It is not easy to resist pressure, and it is even more difficult to succeed. 

Any success comes from previous accumulation. Compared with real-life idols, super-realistic virtual idols are actually more difficult to achieve enough through the word “effort”. It is more based on the image that the creator gives it. Her personal control and the accumulation of sufficient commercial resources can establish a sufficiently high barrier advantage, but once this barrier is established, it is more difficult to break, and at this point, “Hajiang” seems to have accumulated for a long time and has already run away. In front.

So far, what we can expect is that on the road of virtual artist, Haran will continue to break the circle even under the concept of the entire meta-universe economy, and finally create her own style, and will serve more people. What is discovered and accepted is a broader field of vision. 

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