The meta universe is just getting hot, some people have already started harvesting

The A-share “Meta Universe” is in full swing. Although the market has not yet reached a consensus on it, it does not hinder all kinds of capital from rushing for gold. After the stocks of Meta Universe rose sharply, more and more listed companies took the initiative to contact Meta Universe, and their shareholding reductions followed suit.

“Meta Universe” has become one of the hottest concepts this year, and the heat continues to ferment.

On December 2, NetEase Cloud Music was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and held the world’s first “Meta Universe” listing ceremony through NetEase Fuxi’s immersive event system “Yaotai”.

This meta-universe wind has also blown virtual real estate. On November 30, a piece of virtual land on the virtual game platform Sandbox was sold for US$4.3 million (approximately 27.39 million RMB), setting a new record for the real estate transaction price of “Meta Universe”. Singer Lin Junjie also announced on Twitter that he had bought three virtual lands in “Decentraland”. According to foreign media estimates, Lin Junjie spent approximately US$123,000 (approximately RMB 784,000).

The concept of meta universe was born out of the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published in 1992, which represents a virtual world parallel to the real world. People can by AR and VR terminals connected network network to enter a virtual online world.

However, the current scientific and technological circles do not have a recognized authoritative definition of meta universe.

Today, Facebook announced that it has changed its name to Meta to enter the “meta universe.” Technology giants such as Microsoft, Tencent , ByteDance , NetEase, Baidu, etc. are also competing to deploy meta-universe related industries. This popular concept in the science and innovation circle also directly detonated the capital circle. As long as a listed company announces that its products or projects are connected with the concept of “Meta Universe”, the stock price will skyrocket.

In fact, the rise of Meta Universe concept stocks has gone through two stages, one is from the beginning of September to the end of October, and the other is from the beginning of November to the present. In the first ten days of September, the related concept stocks of Meta Universe experienced a surge . Among them, Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ) was the representative. From September 6th to 16th, the stock price increased by 147%. Since then, related concept stocks started to oscillate and adjust to the end of October.

Starting from the end of October, the meta universe concept stocks ushered in another wave of more violent rises. From October 29 to November 16, the stock price of Jiachuang Video (300264.SZ) rose by 135%, Zhongqingbao rose by 111%, Hengxin Oriental (300081.SZ), Shengtian Network (300494.SZ), Chinese The cumulative increase of online (300364.SZ) exceeded 60%. Since late November, the increase has declined.

More and more listed companies have begun to take the initiative to contact Metaverse. According to data from Eastern Fortune Choice, there are currently 76 meta-universe concept stocks, mainly focusing on computer software and services, games, media, film and television, electronics, and communications.

The meta universe is just getting hot, some people have already started harvesting

How much do each company have to do with Metaverse? Can you really benefit from it in the future?

Who is rubbing hot spots

“Readings” combed and found that among the 76 meta-universe concept stocks, many of the so-called meta-universe projects of the companies are still in the research and development stage, and there are no related technologies or products . Some companies borrow the existing VR (virtual reality) )/AR (Augmented Reality Technology), get a free ride on Meta Universe; the company also bypassed the investor interactive platform, performance briefings, investor relations activities, etc. to release relevant news, and quickly “faced” after being inquired by regulatory authorities to clarify .

At present, the best scene for the landing of the meta universe is recognized as the game and social fields. Games and VR have become the entry point for many listed companies to label the meta universe.

Among them, Zhongqingbao is the leader in the theme of the meta universe. Looking back at the end of August, Zhongqingbao’s stock price was still hovering around 8 yuan per share. In just three months, the company’s stock price rose by up to 4 times. As of December 3, the closing price of Zhongqingbao was 29.6 yuan per share.

The launch of the quotation originated from a WeChat public tweet released by Zhongqingbao on September 6 . Zhongqingbao said in a tweet that it is committed to creating a simulated business game “Master Brew” that can map the player’s inner world to the meta universe. In the game, players can choose how to operate the winery and construct the world according to their own way of thinking.

Due to the soaring share price of Yuan Universe Concept, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued two letters of concern to Zhongqingbao and stated that it will focus on monitoring the recent abnormal increase in “Zhongqingbao”. Zhongqingbao replied that the company’s touch on the concept of meta universe is relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still under development, and the time and region of the new game’s launch are also affected by many factors, denying the existence of the concept of rubbing.

Similar to Zhongqingbao, Tianxia Show also uses games to cut into the meta universe. On November 18th, Li Meng, the chairman of Tianxia Show, issued an open letter for the 11th anniversary, and at the same time officially announced the virtual social meta-universe game product “Honnverse Rainbow Universe”. In the “Rainbow Universe”, users can have virtual houses, virtual items, and virtual friends. On the same day and the next day, the stock price of Tianxia Show continued to rise by limit, and the market value rose by nearly 5 billion yuan. On November 19, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a supervisory warning to Tianxia Show and timely chairman Li Meng and then secretary of the board of directors Yu Yue.

According to incomplete statistics from “Reading Yizhi”, the exchange has issued attention letters or supervision letters to more than 10 listed companies, but the list of new entrants to Metaverse is still expanding.

Many companies are called meta-universal stocks because of virtual reality technology.

Goertek is one of the leaders in the concept of Meta Universe. It has won OEM orders from mainstream VR terminal manufacturers such as Facebook and Sony. The company claims that it currently has a market share of close to 80% in the field of high-end VR/AR equipment OEMs. Changxin Technology (300088.SZ) revealed on the interactive platform that it provides Facebook with the latest VR Quest2 display module, and also provides VR head-mounted display modules for domestic VR giants.

Faced with market sentiment, more companies are trying to gain the upper hand.

On November 15th, Dafu Technology claimed to be the “perfect creator of Metaverse ” in a record of investor relations activities disclosed by Dafu Technology, indicating that the Paracraft independently developed by the subsidiary is in line with Microsoft, Facebook, and Roblox. Game products are also the concept products of Meta universe. The next day, the company’s stock price rose at a limit of 20%.

In fact, Dafu Technology’s main business is radio frequency products for mobile communication base stations, but its performance continues to be weak. The company’s net profit attributable to the parent company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses has been negative for 5 consecutive years since 2016. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Dafu Technology to explain the reasons and motives for extensive involvement in market hotspot concepts in the case of poor profitability in its main business.

Someone has already started harvesting

As the stock price of concept stocks climbed, some shareholders and executives of listed companies began to reduce their holdings, cashed out, and the company planned to change ownership.

Since September, there have been ten products including Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ), Tom Cat (300459.SZ), Yishang Show (002751.SZ), Jiachuang Video (300264.SZ), Caesar Culture (002425.SZ), etc. Shareholders and executives of Yu Zhiyuan Universe concept stocks announced plans to reduce their holdings.

On October 27, Zhongqingbao issued a shareholding reduction announcement. Senior executive Zhang Siqun planned to reduce his holdings of the company’s shares by no more than 10,500 shares through centralized bidding.

On November 12, Jiachuang Video disclosed that on November 11, director Huang Min, the chief financial officer, reduced his holdings of 34,000 shares of the company at a price of 11.88 yuan. From October 28 to November 11, Jiachuang Video’s stock price has risen by 123%.

After catching up on the hot spots of the meta universe, Tom Cat’s controlling shareholder has been reducing its holdings continuously. From November 3 to November 4, Tom Cat’s controlling shareholder Jinke Holdings and the actual controller Zhu Zhigang reduced their holdings by a total of 34.99 million shares, with a cash set amount of approximately 150 million yuan. From November 10 to 13, Jinke Holdings reduced its holdings by a total of approximately 22.17 million shares and cashed out approximately 104 million yuan.

It is worth noting that Tom Cat has also been subject to supervision and punishment for violations of the letter involving Metaverse. On September 8th, Tom Cat stated on the investor interaction platform that it had established a special working group issued by Meta Universe to establish projects and concept development for specific products. Because they failed to objectively and completely reflect the actual situation when answering questions, Tom Cat and the Secretary of the Board Hu Fei were issued a warning letter by the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau.

Some listed companies declared that they were involved in the business of Meta Universe shortly after they started planning for the change of control. On November 4, Yishang Display announced that Lin Qingde, a shareholder holding more than 5% of the shares, intends to provide the company with a loan of no more than RMB 50 million to supplement the company’s liquidity and increase the company’s investment in the meta universe industry, etc. . From November 3rd to November 5th, Yishang displayed its daily limit for three consecutive days.

Although Yishang Display takes cultural creative design and three-dimensional digital technology as its core, it has a virtual display business, and the virtual display business will achieve revenue of 300 million yuan in 2020, but it is intriguing that this is the critical period of the company’s change of ownership. The controlling shareholder Liu Menglong is planning to transfer part of the equity with Lin Qingde. If the transaction is completed, the actual controller displayed by Yishang may change.

Tuyere or flicker?

Nowadays, the situation of capital hype in the meta universe is very much like when VR and blockchain were sought after.

The industry generally believes that 2021 is the first year of “Meta Universe”, and 2016 is also known as the first year of “Virtual Reality”. At that time, the market set off a VR boom, but after the hype, only a mess was left. There is a point to put it bluntly that the “meta universe” is just a comeback of the “virtual reality” a few years ago with a new vest.

Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014 sparked a VR boom. From 2015 to 2016, a lot of hot money poured into the VR industry, and a large number of VR and AR companies were born.

Taking the first batch of LeTV and Baofeng Technology to enter the VR market that year , for example, Baofeng Magic Mirror , LeTV VR glasses, and Baofeng VR mobile phone cases, although they seized the opportunity, failed to accelerate the popularization of VR and open the market. The last two companies both ended in delisting.

At that time, the VR/AR companies that swarmed into the market had more failures than success. In the past four to five years, the industry has struggled. This year, with the meta-universe fire, VR/AR, the key technology leading to the meta-universe, has also regained the attention of the market. At the end of August, ByteDance was revealed to have acquired Pico, a VR software and hardware company, at a cost of 9 billion yuan.

The “Report on Big Data of Investment and Financing of VR/AR Tracks in the Last Ten Years” released by Qicha Big Data Research Institute shows that in the past ten years, the amount of financing disclosed on AR/VR tracks in China has reached 10.2 billion yuan in total. 2016 was the peak of financing, with a total of 120 financing incidents, and the disclosed financing amount was nearly 2.5 billion yuan. Since then, the financing capacity of VR/AR projects has declined significantly. Since 2021, there have been 11 financing incidents, with a disclosed financing amount of 553 million yuan.

The meta universe is just getting hot, some people have already started harvesting

This time, will the meta-universe hype repeat the same mistakes?

While the concept of meta universe continues to be hot, some market participants pour cold water on meta universe on the tuyere.

At the previous Baidu AI Open Day, Baidu Vice President Ma Jie said that for Metaverse to become a reality, there are three major technical difficulties that need to be broken through, including computing power, algorithms, and the high cost of VR content production. He believes that the current meta-universe is in a period of excessive expectations, and the tide will recede in the second half of next year or the next year.

Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network , also stated on Weibo that there is no unified definition of Metaverse, and there are 100 definitions and descriptions for 100 people. The meta-universe era is inevitably coming but not now. Its development is gradual. There are still some basic issues that need to be resolved, such as hardware issues such as VR vertigo, network latency, blockchain-based economic system compliance, cloud computing power and other issues. There are fewer obstacles to the game, and more obstacles to other application scenarios.

“To be honest, the discussions on Metaverse are all at the capital and media level, and almost no people who really make products are talking about it, because this is indeed a far-reaching goal that requires breakthroughs in products and technologies to achieve it. recently two or three years. ” beep beep miles miles chairman and CEO Chen Rui said in the third quarter earnings call conference.

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