The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

Baidu plucked up the courage again

The meta-universe wave rushed to the door of Baidu .

Last week, Baidu quietly line up on social App called a “Greek soil” of. Baidu explained that through Greece, it will create a multi-person interactive virtual world with identity, cross virtual and reality, and lasting forever. 

Baidu, a search engine, has never given up on social interaction, and has continuously launched social applications in specific scenarios. From anonymous social “handset” apps to Werewolf killing social “one-shot” apps, Baidu also wants to tell a good story in the social field. , But Naihe has been “silent and silent.” 

Judging from this action, the atmosphere that Baidu created for Greece is not very strong. During the big bang of the meta-universe concept, new products and companies of the meta-universe concept appeared endlessly, and Baidu was just one of them. Moreover, Baidu’s social dreams have always been in a half-dream and half-awake state, and they want to do well but have not been able to do it well. 

This time, Robin Li bet on the social meta-universe, and what new story he can tell is still unknown. 

Baidu’s social life is tasteless, but it is a pity to discard it

Social interaction is Robin Li’s dream for many years, and it is also a pain for many years.

Baidu’s involvement in the pinnacle of the social field is still stuck in the PC Internet era. The once-hot Internet buzzwords such as “Your mother called you home to eat”, etc., all originated from the previous Baidu Tieba.

Baidu Tieba, which controls users and traffic, has always been a problem in monetization. With the emergence of negative events such as “Jianniang Bar” and “Haemophilia Bar”, Baidu Tieba’s color faded and it was difficult to return to its peak.

The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

Until 2017, Baidu started again layout in the social field, according to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to the present, Baidu after another on the line nine social App, including the community interested in learning products, anonymous social, AI intelligence agency to pay assistants, Video social networking, campus social networking and other vertical social software. But almost every time it went online quietly, the final fate either disappeared after being taken off the shelf, or there was no disturbance and no follow-up.

Although Baidu has always been in the social sector, Baidu has never figured out where the key points of social interaction are on the race track in the mobile Internet era. 

Of course, this is also related to Baidu’s promotion of social products. From the current reports, compared with Baidu’s core business products, the launch of social apps can hardly find too many traces of publicity, and it is more like testing the waters. do. 

Why Baidu is so obsessed with social networking, inseparable from the traffic brought by social networking, there is also the anxiety of the business model. 

On November 17, Baidu announced its financial report for the third quarter ending September 30, 2021. Data show that in the third quarter, Baidu’s revenue was 31.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12%, and its net profit was 5.09 billion yuan. The overall indicators met the expected value. 

From specific business point of view, Baidu nuclear heart Online marketing revenues of 195 billion yuan, an increase of 6%. Although network marketing revenue has increased year-on-year, the quarter-on-quarter growth rate has actually slowed down substantially. Network marketing revenue in the second quarter increased by 16.6% compared to the first quarter, while the third quarter only increased by 2.6%. Baidu’s non-online marketing revenue (including cloud services and artificial intelligence, etc.) was 5.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 79.31%. 

The weakness of online marketing is a problem that Baidu has to face. Although Baidu is gradually turning to AI/cloud and other businesses as its new growth engine, its non-online marketing revenue accounts for only 16.29% of its total revenue due to the fact that its business base such as AI/cloud is not very large. From the data point of view, the current AI/cloud and other services still require blood transfusions from the advertising business. 

Baidu also does not want to give up the commercial value of social networking. In February of this year, Baidu also mentioned in its fourth quarter 2020 financial report that in the future, Baidu’s mobile ecosystem will continue to develop in-depth in its business model, deepen its core verticals such as e-commerce and health, and expand its diversified realization potential. On the one hand, social networking can accumulate traffic for its business, on the other hand, social platforms are also important scenarios for carrying advertisements. 

The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

Scenes in the Greek App

From this point of view, although Baidu is quietly laying out in the social field, the ambition behind it is evident. 

Behind Greece, Baidu plays more than just social chess

Regarding the introduction of Greece , there is a passage in the Huawei App Store: It is rapidly expanding and becoming an infinite world without boundaries. I hope you can have a pleasant journey here. To put it simply, the current hope is to provide users with a virtual identity, and then interact with friends in the virtual world. 

It is not known whether the future journey will be pleasant or not, but the current Greece does not seem to be “happy” in the concept propaganda. As of press time, Greece’s downloads and installations in the Huawei App Store have been less than 10,000 times, and only 14 people have rated it, and the overall score is only 3.1 points. Among the comments, most of them said that the experience is not good, the picture is too rough, and the gameplay is too few. 

The first is that there are relatively few users. During the experience, a reporter from “Phoenix WEEKLY Finance” randomly chats with people around and found that most of the users who experience “Greetings” are product managers of media or Internet companies. Among them, some users said that ordinary users hardly knew about Baidu’s launch of “Hiron”. “I also learned that Baidu had launched a new social software after reading reports from the financial media.” 

In addition to the sparse number of users, currently Greek Land has relatively few functions and only supports user voice communication. At the same time, Greek Land has also set up a “small voice assistant” function. 

In the experience of the scene, there is still a delay in the position of characters and buildings in Greece. In addition, the reporter of “Phoenix WEKKLY Finance” experienced a “halo 3D” situation in less than a quarter of an hour. 

The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

Scenes in the Greek App

As a newly-launched application, aside from the problems that need to be optimized in the early stages of development, it is still doubtful whether Baidu’s Hirong can really be linked to the social meta-universe. 

At present, the elements of the social meta-universe generally recognized in the industry need to have key characteristics such as virtual avatars, social assets, immersion, economic system, and inclusiveness. Judging from the current functions of the Greek App, it has a simple virtual avatar and assets. 

But the problem is that the current user after entering Greek soil, including pre- virtual people on the formation of the virtual world as well as on specific imaging, there Caton, delay, characters overlap other issues, because of this, a direct result of the user experience a sense of Poor. 

It can be said that Baidu announced the first step to officially enter the social meta-universe by launching the Greek App. But in fact, behind the Greek App, more of Baidu’s thinking and layout of virtual reality are reflected. 

At the Baidu World Conference in August this year, the “Greetings” virtual space multiplayer interactive platform was already well-known as a new product of Baidu VR. On Baidu VR’s official website, “Greetings” is displayed separately as a series of products. The product features of “Hearings” include “virtual space customization”, “full-real human-computer interaction” and “business development platform”. 

In this, Baidu will “Greek soil” is defined as technology-based, open concept, with customers, developers, users together to create a identity, economic prosperity across virtual and reality, the permanent existence of the people Interactive virtual world. Baidu said, “Greek soil” of VR scenarios include education, marketing VR, VR cloud exhibition will, VR training, VR industrial park. 

From this point of view, the Greek App is more like a product of Baidu in the social field under the blessing of the meta-universe concept. 

Despite this, Greece still has high hopes from Baidu. Judging from the current definition and functions of Baidu, Baidu hopes to contribute more to the technical level, and the Greek App can also be regarded as an infrastructure platform for the social meta-universe. Developers, customers, and users can be in Greek Create your own exclusive space on the Internet, including online conferences, exhibitions, online classrooms, etc. 

The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

Scenes in the Greek App

Social meta-universe: the concept is still floating, and the hype is coming

The concept of social meta-universe was first proposed by Soul at the beginning of this year. 

For the understanding of the social meta-universe, Soul uses its own application function to explain it. Users have a virtual identity in Soul, and through these virtual identities, moments can be released. Soul will recommend users and information through AI algorithms based on the user’s social portrait and interest graph . It can be simply understood as, in a virtual world, people in real life establish new social relationships through virtual characters. 

Soul and Greece are not the only ones who post the concept of social meta-universe. The Tianyan Check App shows that recently, Chongqing iQiyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Qingyuyuan Universe”. In June of this year, Shanghai Anymen Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Soul , applied for a trademark related to “Social Metaverse for Young People”. 

There are countless companies that have adopted the concept of social meta-universe, and the hype of the concept is also coming. 

On November 18th, Tianxia Show, a concept stock of Meta Universe, published an open letter signed by then chairman Li Meng on its official account. The letter officially introduced Tianxia Show’s 3D virtual social product “Rainbow” based on blockchain technology. “Universe”, “In a 3D virtual planet belonging to creators like Rainbow Universe, I believe that the future must be the MR (MIXreality) world more than VR and AR. 

On the day the open letter was issued, the stock price of Tianxia Show closed at the daily limit. But that night, Tianxia Show immediately issued an announcement stating that after the company’s self-examination, the company’s main business has not undergone major changes. Universe products have not yet integrated the aforementioned hardware technology. As an experimental product, Rainbow Universe has greater risks and uncertainties. 

The Metaverse awakened Robin Li

The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s regulatory warnings have also followed. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that when “Meta Universe” and other related products and technologies are in a hot period of high concern in the current market, the company uses non-statutory information disclosure channels to release information related to the company’s business and future development. Important information, and related published information may mislead investors. 

At the same time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a regulatory warning to the improper release of the above-mentioned information to the public by Li Meng, then chairman of Tianxia Show, and Yu Yue, then secretary of the board of directors. 

In fact, it is not only the Tianxiaxiu family who use the concept to make hype. Many institutions , including Shanxi Securities , CITIC Securities, etc., mentioned in their research reports that they should be alert to the risk of meta-universal speculation. 

On September 16, the New Media Research Center of the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University mentioned that participation, avatar image, and scene-based social interaction are the source of value of the meta universe. In addition, the report also emphasized the importance of “social” in the meta-universe ecology with a large amount of content. 

But at the same time, the report also pointed out that the meta-universe industry is still in the foundation-laying stage of social + game scene applications, and it is far from achieving the ideal state of full industry coverage and ecological openness, economic self-consistent, and virtual and real interoperability. 

” People’s Daily ” also recently issued an article stating that when dealing with new things, while maintaining curiosity and exploration, we must retain a sense of prudence and rationality. Even if the metaverse may become an extension and expansion of the real world, the potential opportunities and possible changes are worth looking forward to. Everyone still needs to rationally view the current metaverse boom and be wary of any flicker in the name of technology and the future. 

Although the meta-universe has been well-known recently, the concept of meta-universe has not yet been clearly and accurately defined. The social meta-universe under the concept of meta-universe may have a longer road to go. 

Faced with a new concept, you might as well “let the bullet fly for a while.”

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