The Meebits Easter egg that was hidden for a year was finally unlocked today

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About a year ago, Larva Labs, the creator of Cryptopunks, hid an NFT egg in his new work. What I’m going to tell is the story of how my friends and I solved the puzzles and received rewards.

If you’ve been following the NFT space, you must have known about the Grails airdrop by the Proof Collective community last month. There are 20 NFT works in this airdrop, from 20 anonymous artists, each of Proof members can choose one to cast. The artist’s name will not be released until all works have been cast.

The piece below is Grails #11, which was known to the community prior to its unveiling. It should be a mathematical equation, with a star-like pattern, and a path to a magical universe that looks strange and beautiful.


Shortly after the casting, the Proof team held a highly anticipated conference call to unveil the stories and artists behind each piece. Everyone was shocked to learn that Grails #11 was the initial model Larva Labs created for their new project, Autoglyphs. Despite the popularity of every piece in this minting event, Grails #11 currently holds the top price, with a floor price of 45 ETH.

The story should end here, right? Do not. In fact, after weeks of speculation and analysis, one detail was overlooked.

On the night of the March 5th unveiling, iceman on Proof Discord tweeted the following:


This message of his immediately caught my attention, because this part of the image does seem a little out of tune with the main body of the work. Also, these “Ls” have no pattern to be found, so they shouldn’t be just for decoration.

If you look closely at the first row, you will see two shapes, the regular and the inverted “L”. I wrote a script to parse these images and convert them to 0s and 1s and found that there are exactly 256 digits divisible by 8, so the first thing I tried was to interpret them as ASCII.

This attempt was actually successful, and the message was: “The secret is in the piggy’s number, LL”.

It’s really unbelievable, as a signature from Larva Labs, no one found this message during the entire minting process! This would have drastically changed this Grails airdrop experiment. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what the rest of that message means. I asked a few friends to help, and they all contributed to the final solution to the puzzle.

It’s worth noting that iceman’s post actually didn’t get much attention, but throughout the cracking process, I thought other people were trying to solve the puzzle as well…

Back on topic, we know that “LL” is Larva Labs’ signature, and guess that “the secret is in the piggy’s number” is a clue to a hidden treasure. The result is exactly the same, the “pig” from Larva Labs actually refers to the Meebits of the pig attribute.

So we immediately started to study Meebits with piggy attributes. But what does the “number” mentioned in the message refer to? We spent a long time trying to find some information in the ID numbers of the piggy property Meebits. We tried Mod2, gaps between IDs, ASCII, Base32, Caesar ciphers… all kinds of crazy stuff.

Just a few days ago, we noticed that there was another set of numbers hidden in the Meebits of the pig attribute: the number of the jersey he was wearing.


If you look at the ID numbers of these Meebits in their jerseys, there is something unusual that points to a clue! Check the distribution of IDs and you will see that they are gone after about 13000. And if the Meebits of the piggy wearing the jersey are evenly distributed, then there should be a Meebit whose ID number is after 19000.

After narrowing it down to these 64 Meebits wearing Snutz jerseys, we again spent a lot of time in a dead end, including converting the jersey number to binary, combining the jersey number with the ID number, using the jersey color in some way, converting for hexadecimal and so on.

Finally we found the right way: concatenate the hexadecimal strings in the 64 jersey numbers and use it as an Ethereum private key! There is 0.025 ETH in the account corresponding to this private key, and there is also a pig image Meebit as a prize.

With the private key, we can claim Meebit #2858!


In case you’re wondering, it looks like Larva Labs didn’t determine the arrangement of these jersey numbers and ID numbers ahead of time, but made this puzzle out of the jersey numbers and random ID numbers last May, about a week after Meebits went on sale. question. This little pig has been waiting for someone to pick it up since May last year!

Overall, it was a very fun experience. I’m grateful to Larva Labs for making this puzzle and leaving clues in Grails #11. Thanks to PROOF and 20 Grails artists for bringing more art into the world.

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