The matter is not over yet. Hackers: Where is the mysterious power?

At 20:13 on August 13th, hackers once again sent out a “small composition” through the hacked address of PolyNetwork, which is suspected to be a response to SlowMist Technology. At around 10 o’clock this morning, SlowMist Technology founder Yu Xian released a brief summary and finally mentioned, thank you for the support of special forces. The hacker hinted in the response that the special force may be the FBI, but he did not receive any news from the FBI. The hacker said that he was very pleased to see the emergency response of the top security team and greatly appreciated the security education work done by the security team to the community in this incident.

Of course, as in previous times, hackers still behave in a mess and distrustful of the outside world.

The following is the content of the message on the hacker chain:



Questions and Answers, Part VI:

Question: Mysterious power?

Answer: You mean they have already called the FBI? In fact, I don’t think they tried to contact me. I will check my mailing list later. (Starting to process the huge list today, sorry) I am glad that they and other security teams may benefit from the game. Even the exploit itself can be a delicacy for researchers.

Q: Anything about the security team?

A: I am very happy to see the emergency response from the top security team (of course only on the blockchain). _Note: The following schedule may be wrong! _In the beginning, most experts talked about the only gatekeeper for insider conspiracies. From what I have seen, @kelvinfichter was the first to point out the most important but obvious error regarding the ETH contract (I received your encryption query). Then the SlowMist team was excited about the bait and announced good news about the trail. Because my source of funds has been labeled “HOO”, do they think this is too obvious? In any case, they have a responsibility to calm the community. This is an unexpected side effect, but it is very important. Later, they seemed to be busy dealing with inquiries and questions from the media and the community. I am very happy that they helped me complete the instruction or education part. The Dark Knight found his HarveyDent! Thank you, SlowMist team. Other security teams do not seem to be as active as SlowMist, but they help explain more details of the exploit. I think Certik is the first to publish the missing part about the Ontology call. Paidun also mentioned the initiation of the transaction and the special signer. great!

Q: Anything about DeFi/blockchain security?

Answer: Security is a difficult task, whether in the classic world or the encrypted world. In most cases, our safety experts will only be summoned as medical examiners after the incident. All we did was write an autopsy report and sometimes track down bad guys. This is almost the same in the crypto world, except that some projects are not very eager to get the money back because it is not their money. They will only tell the real victims “I’m sorry, we tried it, but there is never a guarantee.” Another interesting fact is that it is unusual to see any professional security team report critical errors in these real-time contracts! Of course, they are always an afterthought! Why haven’t you seen any cases where security teams have discovered vulnerabilities affecting millions of dollars, let alone cases involving billions of dollars? Because they are not paid? I think most teams are richer than me, and some of them may be more capable than me. Do you believe they have never faced similar temptations? Or some of them just succumbed to evil? It is reminiscent of the movie “SEARCHING”. It’s just my conspiracy, that’s why I don’t trust anyone, but you can always trust me.


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