The market ushered in a long counterattack, is it a rally or a reversal?

It has been rumored online that a large domestic mining company has started to cancel the mining machine proxy service provided to retail investors, and the capital threshold for possible future participation in mining will be adjusted very high by the mining company, thus stopping the participation of retail investors.

The market ushered in a long counterattack, is it a rally or a reversal?

1、Daily Analysis

Risk increases as it falls below 42000!

Btc analysis.

It has been rumored online that a large domestic mining company has started to cancel the mining machine proxy service provided to retail investors, and the capital threshold for future possible participation in mining will be adjusted very high by the mining company, thus stopping the participation of retail investors. With this example demonstration, in the future not only bitcoin mining, including ethereum mining, Filecoin mining and other domestic mining companies may be in order to avoid regulatory risks no longer directly open to retail investors. In addition to the general investors to face this newly introduced policy brought trouble, in the industry also long faced with the problem of access to gold, but in fact, the more affected by this problem is also the retail investors. Therefore, it seems that there is an increasingly obvious signal in this industry: the threshold for retail investors to participate is getting higher and higher, and there will be less and less room for retail investors with small capital to find opportunities here in the future. The country is hoping to take advantage of this governance and consolidation, so that the majority of small and medium-sized retail investors out of this field, in order to avoid retail investors because of the difficulty of controlling risk, investment damage caused by social unrest, so if you understand this policy from the perspective of risk control, you can understand the intention of the regulation. In the end, it depends on whether each investor has a clear understanding of the risks in this field, and can withstand the various risks in this field, investors have a clear understanding of all these risks, including those from the regulation, but also a test of every rational investor.

Back to today’s session, we can see very clearly that since the 513 plunge, bitcoin has never stood up to the 5 day SMA support, the rebound every time it touches near the 5 day SMA will be suppressed by the shorts again, no matter how big the rebound is that day, the next day will be a crazy retaliation by the shorts, or even a new low, you can see how powerless the bulls are, the short market is still going on We believe that if the bitcoin rebound cannot stand on the 5 day SMA support, the short term market is still along the 5 day SMA negative downward rhythm, operationally we suggest holding a light position and wait and see, short positions have been suggested yesterday to buy a 3 layer bottom position. Buy the follow-up wait for a big burst of decline, or stabilize the 5-day line and then consider filling positions. Support level 31000, pressure level 37000.

eth analysis.

eth double needle bottoming, four-hour macd bottom divergence, short term rebound demand, if the rebound is weak, can not stand on the 5 day SMA support, short term recommended close to the 5 day SMA pressure near to reduce positions. Medium and long-term investors, you can buy in batches, only buy not sell. Support level 1700, pressure level: 2300.

bch analysis.

bch relative to the highest point has fallen to 70% of the market value, we believe that this position is more opportunity than risk, but ultimately there is no sign of stopping, we suggest that short positions can be laid out in small batches, to determine the stop before adding dry positions. Support level 460, pressure level 650.

bsv analysis.

bsv has been falling, the good thing is not effectively fall below the support line, do more to do short volume began to shrink, we believe that the short term probability continue to shake, the operation is recommended to continue to wait and see, on the 5 day average support before participating. Support level 125, pressure level 175.

ltc analysis.

ltc four-hour formation macd bottom divergence, short term probability of a good rebound, operationally we recommend holding positions and wait and see, short term rebound if not on the 5 day average support, it is recommended to reduce positions. The medium-term layout of the low, support level 115, pressure level 170.

link analysis.

link we are familiar with, if he fell hard enough, the rebound must be more violent, today’s multi-volume rebound, can be sustained, the key lies in the ability to stand on the 5-day average support, the operation is recommended to hold the position in hand. Support level 15.0, pressure level: 24.0.

sushi analysis.

sushi has fallen below the 200-day SMA support, today’s rebound is relatively strong, the probability is to test the pressure of the 200-day SMA, we recommend bottoming out a portion of the position near the pressure of the 200-day SMA. Support level 6.3, pressure level: 10.3.

ada analysis.

ada’s lifeline at 1.0 U.S. dollars, this position is very critical, the previous resisted countless times down, hold 1.0 is vital, hold will again open pull-up, falling below will make up for the decline. Support level 1.0, pressure level: 1.5.

xrp analysis.

xrp fell below the 120-day SMA support, now just rebound, and the rebound is very weak, operationally we recommend wait and see. Support at 0.65, pressure at 0.85.

zec analysis.

zec four-hour macd bottom divergence, but the rebound volume is general, we recommend holding positions and wait and see, after the release re-stepped the 5-day SMA support before adding positions. Support level 87, pressure level 140.

xtz analysis.

xtz daily has been negative, four-hour macd bottom divergence, but the rebound without volume, I’m afraid the rebound will not be too strong, if not on the 5-day SMA support, will also be along the 5-day SMA down. Support level 2.4, pressure level: 3.4.

dot analysis.

dot is also the same linkage of the broader market, the negative down so a trend, we recommend holding positions and wait and see, after standing on the 5-day SMA support, with the news of the card slot auction, there should be good performance, it is recommended to stand on the 5-day SMA support after the focus on adding positions. Support 13.5, pressure level: 22.0.

uni analysis.

uni four-hour macd bottom divergence, the volume of the rebound is quite good, depending on whether it can re-stop the 5-day SMA support, the rebound does not stand on, we suggest that the bottom of the reduction of part of the position. Support level: 12.9, pressure level: 19.0.

Note: The trend of the flower analysis is valid for 24 hours, suitable for short term traders, if you can not insist on reading the article every day, it is easy to miss the operation guidance and cause losses. Buddhist coin holders can ignore the short-term trend and take a year, making money is probable.

2、Daily Coin News

Daily Hot News Interpretation

On the evening of Friday, May 21, the Financial Stability Development Committee of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Committee) held its fifty-first meeting, demanding a crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading practices and resolutely preventing individual risks from being passed on to the social sector. The market panic then spread, with bitcoin prices falling from a high of around $41,000 to a low of $31,390; ethereum fell to a low of $1,758, and all types of cottage coins were nearly decimated. okb and HT, the two major platform pass-throughs, fell by a leading amount of more than 50%. The core reason for the continuous shock and decline is that the next step of the policy’s implementation is still unclear. In this context, shorting groups continue to spread and amplify rumors, causing market panic. The biggest risk at the moment is policy risk. Although Guo Jia 2020 strongly encourages the application of blockchain technology, the investment attitude towards cryptocurrencies has been to guard against systemic risk, prohibiting institutional participation and allowing individuals to participate freely at their own risk. The main reason why systemic risk should be prevented is that cryptocurrencies can do so without going through Guojia’s bank, without going through the foreign exchange system, and without being regulated to flow huge amounts of property out of overseas, which is a huge financial loophole and loss of national property for Guojia.

For individuals with small assets may not affect much, after all, most people still live in the country, earn money is also in the domestic consumption, buy a house, the funds will remain in the country, but for institutional funds in and out must be prevented in advance. Here you can compare the history of the development of game consoles in China g, from the “electronic heroin” of a broad brush, to the rapid rise of the domestic e-sports industry, cryptocurrency investment market is very similar, are the necessary measures under the special national conditions. In the long run, it may be a superb benefit. With the clear card of regulation, the biggest risk of the blockchain industry falls into place, plus if there is the card of DC/EP settlement, domestic cryptocurrency investment is officially legalized, the quality projects in blockchain technology will be long-term quality assets, and as long as the hot money in the market is still there, it will flow to the cryptocurrency market, just when this card will fall into place and how long the influential market can pass, no one can be sure.

In the short term, all operations are irrational when the policy is unclear, shorting and going long are speculative bets on probability. If you are spot, do things without fear, may not be so fast, but always rise back, provided that you take a quality project. If you are short, do not rush to build a position, wait for policy clarity, and then build a position is not too late, the market will always give you the opportunity to get on board. If you still have contracts, and borrowing, please release all risks in advance, the gentleman does not stand under the wall of danger. I hope this big adjustment, so that you will be more afraid of the market in the future, and become a mature investor as soon as possible.

3、Recent recommendations

Follow the trend, be a trend follower

About the bottom of the coin, yesterday Jane more said, today again stressed once more, btc eth bnb dot link.

The specific Guojia policy is still not too clear, but yesterday is also considered relatively low, yesterday we prompted everyone in Jane more into the bottom position, the next is to wait patiently, waiting for the implementation of specific policies.

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