The market is like a scared bird, can BTC break $40,000?

The domestic cryptocurrency environment is now very fragile, and the hearts of retail investors can’t afford any blows.

Last weekend, the market performance continued to be sluggish, continuing the pattern of weakness over the past two weeks, the confidence of the market has not returned, plus Saturday afternoon the market reappeared panic, the impact of market sentiment is due to a social platform blocking a group of KOL and triggered, which is also too funny, also see the market is now sensitive to policy, as long as there is any wind blow immediately associated with the word “suppression”, can only say that the domestic environment is now very fragile, the hearts of retail investors can not afford any blow, so the future do not expect to rely on domestic retail investors to support the market, will be dominated by foreign.

The weekend U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen threw a “heavy” bomb, saying that higher interest rates are a good thing for the United States. Yellen said President Joe Biden’s proposed $4 trillion spending package would be good for the U.S., even if it would cause interest rates to rise. If the final level of interest rates in the United States slightly higher, which is actually beneficial to (U.S.) society and the Federal Reserve. In the face of the recent growing inflation fears, the former Fed chairman said in an interview with Bloomberg that President Biden’s package would total $400 billion in annual spending, a level of spending that would not be enough to cause excessive inflation.


Nearly half a month, the price has been kept low, many times up to 40,000 U.S. dollars a line have been suppressed, visible short-term rebound kinetic energy is insufficient to show a sustained rebound, but at the same time, down space is not large, resulting in long and short in a tug-of-war, short-term direction is unclear, but shows that the volatility has been narrowing, the daily chart on the Bollinger band closed, is expected to be closer to the time of the breakthrough.

The market is like a scared bird, can BTC break ,000?

Bollinger band continues to narrow, limiting short-term price fluctuations, concern about whether the price can open the channel this week, if you can break through the upper rail will start a short-term rebound trend, the price needs to stabilize above $40,000 to have a chance to actually, so before the breakthrough of $40,000 mark to maintain a wait-and-see attitude. Pressure level: 40,000, support level: 33500.


Because the short-term price failed to break through the $ 3000 barrier, so the current price to go shock market, wait for the price breakthrough this week after the $ 3000 trend, short-term down space is limited. Pressure level: 3000, support level: 2500.


Short-term go sideways pattern, temporary direction is unknown, mainly wait and see, pay attention to this week’s price can come out of the direction, the key watershed above the $30 position. Pressure level: 30.00, support level: 24.00.


Short-term prices are hovering around $400, pay attention to short-term prices can stabilize above $400, if it can stabilize above, the price is expected to rebound further this week. Pressure level: 420, support level: 370.


Recent prices have been running at low levels, has not started an obvious rebound market, still need to wait patiently, pay attention to the trend this week there is no change, and so out of the direction to follow up. Pressure level: 200, support level: 160.


Prices gradually rebounded, the overall rebound momentum is good, continue to keep low to do more, pay attention to this week’s prices can return to the $30 above. Pressure: 27.40, support: 22.00.

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