The market is confusing! Do you want to get in or get out?

At present, the overall position continues to maintain the bottom, waiting for the market a false fall before considering intervention

BTC Market Trend

Bitcoin yesterday in the EMA30 and Fibonacci retracement 0.618 this position prompted everyone to reduce the risk of avoidance, leading everyone to flee again at high levels, today is the first day of the monthly line, the current view temporarily choose to first drawdown upward rebound, this trend is undoubtedly unhealthy, the current upper heavy pressure in the Bollinger line to the 30-day life line 35300-36000 this area, there is no volume Break through this interval before continuing to avoid risk-oriented. At present, the overall continue to maintain the bottom position, waiting for the market a false fall and then consider intervention, below in 32000 more than a futures gap, can be used as a backfill point reference. Pressure level: 35500, support level: 32500.

ETH market trend

Ether currently just arrived at the four-hour triangle upper edge of the pressure gates near 2250, the current market is in a state of no volume, no volume of this position is difficult to break through in one breath, so this position is not recommended to chase, temporary bottom position to take, considering July favorable, the follow-up down can be used as a key low suction object, near 2050 may be a good point. Of course, if the volume breakthrough of this triangle suppression, then back to the upper triangle track can also be homeopathic small positions involved. Pressure level: 2300, support: 2050

LTC market trend

Wright yesterday also prompted the risk of holding at high levels, last night’s retracement of the lowest hit the daily MA30 a band, short-term weak linkage to the broader market is dominant, this position bottom position can be held to observe, risk aversion, and then consider low absorption to fill positions after the subsequent wait down, the ideal target point in 135 below. Pressure level: 150, support level: 135.

DOT market trend

Yesterday’s Boca analysis accurately predicted DOT will fall to 15.2, the logic is the four-hour backstep trend line, the current trend line has been backstep, now there is no volume with the problem, this is more deadly, you can consider the first bottom position to hold, the follow-up may continue to test down. Support level: 15.2, pressure level: 17.

ETC market trend

ETC recently went very strong, the logic is that there is good news, July 21 hard fork upgrade, and the Ether upgrade will also be good for the little aunt ETC, the first half of July before the good landing bullish. Technically, the release broke through the daily downtrend line, and breakout 30-day line life line, the trend is good, you can consider a small position layout. Pressure level: 62, support level: 50.

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