The market is closely watching the situation of the meeting, once again facing the fight for 37000

The meeting itself may not be of much importance.

The market is closely watching the situation of the meeting, once again facing the fight for 37000

The market today can only be described in three words: meaningless.

As if the entire market is waiting with bated breath for the results of the Sichuan meeting, and in this period of time the market also came out with a variety of news, but the overall did not come out with any definitive news, either according to the participants said nothing useful to talk about, or that the mountains have stopped water and electricity mines ready to relocate, and some said Xinjiang, Sichuan mines are not closed, just add 2 cents per degree of electricity, in short, is confusing, what news.

There is also market news that today’s meeting is just a research meeting, not a decision-making meeting, the meeting level is also relatively low, the impact on the industry is very limited more what is the policy significance, more market sentiment or long, short players in the hype of the meeting. The key to follow up depends on how the decision makers in Beijing and the provinces judge.

From the current situation of the market, the results of the meeting has not yet come out, but the basic impact has been achieved, that is, the emotional side of the market, see the current tight market sentiment will know, this perhaps “less important” meeting, may have a certain impact on the market.

For the final resolution on the mining side, according to the recent market attitude, the result may be more pessimistic. In the past ten days, Xinhua News Agency has issued ten articles in a row on the less optimistic news of the cryptocurrency circle including mining and virtual currency, which more or less reflects some of the potential significance.

Most of the current mining farms are ready to migrate overseas and have even put it into action, but does this have a big impact on the cryptocurrency market? Still, the main impact is on the market sentiment in the short term. Even if the country does not dig, the arithmetic power will migrate to other places to continue digging, it is just a matter of different regions’ discourse on the arithmetic power.

Compared to the uncertainty of mining, we should be more concerned about the current changes in trading. This is not just a need for official restrictions, but also an urgent need for consolidation within the industry.

The aircoin and high leverage trading have not only caused great physical and psychological harm to investors, but also made the circle not too well perceived in the mainstream market.

The current market is obviously not very objective, and it is also difficult to do, but for the capital plate, kill the pig plate and other virtual currency scams should be a strong medicine, although the industry will be “relatively painful” for a short time, but from the long-term development is undoubtedly good.

All in all, while we are keeping an eye on the news of the mining conference, we should not let down our guard and think that everything will be fine once the news comes out, as mining is of general importance to the domestic cryptocurrency market, but the trading aspect has a great impact.

Today is an overall oscillating upward trend, but the market is still relatively boring. Although it is currently back above $37,000, the key activity range is still very obvious and the pressure position is also very obvious.

Currently not only need to break through $ 37000, or to successfully stand firm, several times the impact of $ 37000 finally can not successfully stand firm, this position has also become a long and short sides of the jockeying place.

However, in the short term, the strength of both sides are evenly matched, it is difficult to decide a specific answer and direction in the short term, and the next breakthrough point must be the impact on the news, and the probability is still affected by domestic news. In the short term still look oscillating.

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