The market continues to shake, the change of the market or imminent!

Bitcoin has turned from down to oscillating and the market is starting to move sideways to the right.

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The broader four-hour market is still within the node of the triangle change, which has now arrived at the end of the triangle change, and the change is expected in the next two days. The daily trend, the price has fallen from the original to now oscillating, the market began to the right side sideways, this trend is easy to form a shock box, the box will be a high throw low suction opportunities. The operation continues to maintain a 3 into the bottom position thinking, four hours this triangle up to change the disk on the homeopathic plus 10%, down to change the disk on the homeopathic minus 10%. Then look at the one-hour trend, the triangle draws a Fibonacci retracement, can be judged below the 0.382-0.5 file support range in position, will also be the market short term low absorption area, did not fall below this range bottom position patiently held. Pressure level: 38000, support level: 35000.

ETH market in the hesitant shock higher, has now returned to the 2600 band, as the agency crazy bullish Ether medium and long term is definitely worth looking forward to, technically speaking, the four-hour ma30 in 2500 has strong support, today the focus of attention during the day can stabilize the 5 day line, the follow-up has the opportunity to maintain the shock higher pattern, the bottom position is held. Pressure level: 2700, support level: 2500.

LTC four-hour trend is also facing the end of the triangle change, the beginning of a Wright cost-effective very high, it is recommended that there is no position can now first make a bottom position, the subsequent more down the more fill, medium-term bullish. Four-hour view, ma30 breakout after the resistance into support, support points in 175 a band, the strong pressure above in 200 a band, high shock consolidation-based, waiting for a breakthrough. Pressure level: 195, support level: 175.

DOT these two days of resilience is good, the daily averages repeatedly entangled bonding, macd low basic formation of the golden cross, the overall market linkage of the broader market is stronger than the broader market, the weekly above there is a rebound resistance at 23.7, below the support in the daily five-day line 21.4, can be in this area to maintain the shock thinking. Pressure level: 23.7, support level: 21.4.

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