The major mining machines, arithmetic leasing platform was ordered to rectify the policy crisis has been lifted?

Today’s various news about the mining industry rectification has basically confirmed my speculation in the past few days, we all know the attitude of the above towards virtual currency, that is, you play your own I don’t care.

The major mining machines, arithmetic leasing platform was ordered to rectify the policy crisis has been lifted?

Short-term (intra-day): up

Medium term (more than two weeks): down

Today’s various news about mining consolidation has basically confirmed my speculation in the past few days, we all know the above attitude towards virtual currencies, that is, you play your own I do not care, but if the speculation of coin mining occupies the national resources, do not blame me for heavy-handed attack. That’s why today’s “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission on resolutely cracking down on punishing virtual currency “mining” behavior eight measures (draft for comment)” and Bit Xiao Deer, Arithmetic Bee, Arithmetic 360, Mars cloud mining and other mining machine / arithmetic sharing platform collectively announced to block mainland China IP and users. From a certain point of view, the relevant companies if the successful completion of the rectification is also equivalent to boots on the ground, which is the main reason for the overall rebound of the market today.

And again, the market, today after the big pie broke through the $40,000 again, the mood of various communities immediately came up, can see that we are still in the bullish atmosphere. In terms of news, yesterday JP Morgan Chase changed its Coinbase rating to Hold and said it would rally by more than 60%, and with that COIN opened with a big jump. In addition ARK Fund’s position data from yesterday showed that ARK bought 27,094 shares of Coinbase stock with Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, and in addition to ARK and Goldman Sachs, there are many traditional institutions that are also keep increasing their holdings of bitcoin, and the recognition of mainstream institutions brings a lot of confidence to us retail crypto investors.

Talking about DEFI again, last night the open source software funding platform Gitcoin launched the governance token GTC, 15% for airdrop, all students who have ever sponsored Gitcoin or provided advice for Gitcoin can receive airdrop, the airdrop ratio is about donating 500 knives to receive more than 400 GTC, the return rate was once as high as ten times. I brushed Twitter today and found that this GTC airdrop is still a high topic of conversation, and people are starting to pay attention to the changes in the DEFI market because of the GTC, so it is likely to usher in a wave of DEFI again, we need to focus on the next.

In addition to the DEFI section mentioned in the previous paragraph, Mark Cuban announced his investment in MATIC yesterday, plus the recent outbreak of MATIC, so the two-layer network is likely to be brought up; there are also new public chain projects, such as ICP, AVAX, CSPR, LAT and so on are also in demand; then the NFT track is also very worthy of The whole market is expected to ferment around NFT and new public chain ecology in the second half of the year, so we must pay attention to it, we can’t say that we can intervene right now, but we must include it in the watch list.

Read the market

BTC: Panic is gradually dissipating, the market is also slowly rebounding, but this wave of many people not only did not get the low-priced chips, but the high-priced chips in the lowest price to others, such a cognitive you do not lose money who lose money, I found that many people look at the analysis every day, look at the views of various KOL, but his final decision or according to their own will, choose to lose money, there is no a unified cognition, the market is not These are the reasons why.

4 hours level, last night after the short out, bitcoin symbolic down 2,400 points, then the market began a snail’s pace climb, as of now, the market is back to the price before the short, such a trend has actually been very obvious, low more on the good. Above resistance 42200,48000 near, below support 37000,35500.

ETH: A group of data, gray ETH trust trading premium 11%, Ether daily trading volume more than BTC. coupled with BSC chain recent successive problems, as well as GTC bring a lot of traffic, GME choose to issue NFT on Ether, all these make Ether again become the focus of the blockchain world, so the recent performance of Ether is likely to be very strong, just find the opportunity to get on.

BNB: BNB has a very solid performance today, even after the big cake fell below 40,000 knives in the afternoon, BNB is still very strong, although several projects on BSC were attacked one after another, but it can be seen that the impact on BNB is limited, now BSC is performing well BNB is up, BSC has a problem, BNB can also be alone, this is the benefit of BNB public chain platform coin double leader.

LINK: LINK my view remains unchanged, in the next wave of DEFI wave, LINK is likely to become one of the leading bidders.

DOGE: trend LINK big pancake is dominant, short-term in the shock range, but because Musk spared no effort to stand for it, now the uniqueness of DOGE has been basically shaped, medium and long-term is still a subject that must be configured.

FLOW: there was a wave of small pullback after the reward was issued yesterday, but the overall upward trend has been determined, the volume has also slightly enlarged, yesterday’s upward pin is suspected of ratting, so short-term do not come out first.

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