The mainstream coins collectively stick a pin in the back of the market how to go?

ETH stuck a very long pin yesterday, and the probability is that it’s a medium-term low point.

The mainstream coins collectively stick a pin in the back of the market how to go?

We wrote very clearly in the title yesterday, fell below strong support 42000, medium-term risk intensified, bitcoin analysis also suggests that the short to medium term has completely turned to a short situation, yesterday is simply a repeat of 312, history is always amazing acquaintance, review the history of several big bottom, are rsi20 or so, cross-boarding a period of time began to pull up!

The last 312, 313 listen to flower brother plunge hold people now basically have been free, yesterday we said the bottom conditions, daily rsi20, bitcoin 30000 are achieved, the market may give you a chance to grasp may have the opportunity to freedom, if bitcoin and mainstream coins are cut, you still dare not plunge, then you still speculate what coin! Hua believes that when others are afraid and start selling off to trample each other, it’s time for us to get greedy! The company’s main goal is to make sure that the company’s products and services are available to the public. Support level 32000, pressure level 42000.

eth analysis.

eth yesterday inserted a very long pin, the probability is that the medium-term a minimum point, the operation of the flower brother suggested to fill positions in batches of low. Support level 2100, pressure level: 3000.

bch analysis.

bch analysis.

bch staged a day waist 60%, overnight back to the liberation, we believe that has been oversold, the short term will shock rebound, it is recommended to fill positions in batches at low. Support level 550, pressure level 870.

bsv analysis.

bsv down is also very bad, directly down through the daily strong support, well yesterday’s closing recovered, we think this position is basically the bottom of the medium-term, bold batch bottoming. Support level 145, pressure level 215.

ltc analysis.

ltc we previously recommended bottoming out at 200-300, have bottomed out it is recommended to continue to fill positions, pull down the average price, ltc back to the 19-year bull market peak of $140, the probability of killing the magnitude of enough, it is recommended to fill back positions in batches at low. Support level 165, pressure level 230.

link analysis.

link we prompted yesterday light position wait and see, yesterday fell directly below the rising trend line, $ 20 is the 10-week line support, support strength is very strong, the probability will not appear a new low, the operation of the flower brother suggested that the low back to cover positions mainly. Support level 22.0, pressure level: 32.0.

sushi analysis.

sushi a day waist, fell very badly, fell to the 200-day SMA and 30-week line support near, we expect a period of time will shock rebound mainly, operationally recommended light participation. Support level 11.5, pressure level: 17.0.

ada analysis.

ada plunge is very strong, yesterday’s closing left a very long lower lead, basically is the lowest point in the short term, it is recommended to fill positions in batches at low. Support level 1.3, pressure level: 1.8.

xrp analysis.

xrp back to the 5 month line to stop the rebound, yesterday and today have a very long lower lead, indicating that the bottom of many people, the operation suggests a light position back to cover positions. Support level 0.9, pressure level 1.3.

zec analysis.

zec is down through, yesterday than the waist is more serious, 99 U.S. dollars is the probability of the lowest point of this round of adjustment, operationally we recommend covering positions in batches at low, support level 130, pressure level 200.

xtz analysis.

xtz we prompted yesterday m top risk, it is recommended to wait and see. After yesterday’s plunge, basically a wave in place, operationally it is recommended to fill the mainstream coin-based positions. Support level 3.1, pressure level: 4.6.

dot analysis.

dot very strong, the wave washed very clean, both spot and contract basically clean, we recommend a pullback focus on layout. Support 21.0, pressure level: 33.0.

uni analysis.

uni yesterday a step in place, now in batches to backfill positions relatively small risk, the operation is recommended to light positions in batches to fill positions. Support level: 20.0, pressure level: 28.0.

Key note: The trends we analyze are valid for 24 hours, suitable for short term traders, if you can’t insist on reading the article every day, it’s easy to miss the operational guidance and cause losses. Buddhist coin holders can ignore the short-term trend and take a year, making money is probable.

2、Daily Coin News

Daily hot news interpretation

In yesterday’s market crash, DeFi lending platform liquidated hundreds of millions of dollars. The founder of Wavefield, Sun Yuchen, said that the liquidation of 600,000 ETH on Liquity was avoided, saving the cryptocurrency community. if the 600,000 ETH had been liquidated, the ETH price could have fallen below $1,000. deFi’s nested leverage, which can be said to have indirectly driven bitcoin’s pre-bull market, has also led to extremely high leverage in the cryptocurrency community. Especially at the moment of the crash and market panic, DeFi kept pushing up the overlapping collateralized lending which had a stampede effect and exacerbated the cryptocurrency crash. In the era without DeFi, if the cryptocurrency market had a series of explosions, the exchanges could have “unplugged” the market to give it a chance to breathe. The DeFi is decentralized, with all kinds of lending and collateral running rampant and leverage nested in layers, so once a serial blowout occurs, no one can “unplug” it, so it will continue to automatically liquidate and enter a death spiral until a certain point where it can no longer trigger a serial blowout before it stops.

In addition, the market plummeted because the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) entered its peak unlocking period, the Federal Reserve may scale back its liquidity stimulus measures to control inflation at any time, and the global mainstream financial markets are in a relatively low mood. For old leeks in the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin has experienced many short term crashes of over 50% in its history, and around “312” in 2019, Bitcoin dropped 70% in a week, but then surged all the way up. In fact, by now, bitcoin has only fallen to the level of January this year, and ethereum has even just fallen to the level of last month. In the cryptocurrency market, leverage is an extremely dangerous product. High leverage can enjoy even crazier profits, but it can’t withstand any of the market’s dramatic fluctuations. Having enjoyed overnight riches, you can never forget shortcuts. In the cryptocurrency world, a 24-hour global casino, numerous overnight riches legends and tragedies have been born, and rationality is extremely precious under the stimulation of money.

3、Recent recommendations

Follow the trend, be a trend follower

Before the fall below the 120-day line, we firmly bearish mainstream coins, but also recommended to change the wave of Boca ecological eat, is considered to escape the top, yesterday we very clearly said the bottom conditions, the daily rsi 20 or so, btc point 30,000 or so, the perfect realization, also considered to copy the bottom. This wave of operation 6 take off ah. Congratulations to the profitable pollen, we believe that this wave of broken head is the deleveraging, too much leverage, to a wave of big broken head to continue to rise healthily, if 519 analogy 312 words, today 520 is 313, boil over today, the short-term will not be a big burst down, will continue to shock up, did not copy the bottom can also continue to boldly plunge!

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