The long end of the attack is clearly weak, lowering expectations!

Market sentiment: According to the relevant data, the number of major virtual coins in the market rose by 28.26% in the 24 hours before press time, which is less than the 71.74% of the number of declines, with 413 coins that rose by more than 10% and 685 coins that fell by more than 10%. Short-term market sentiment has remained on the pessimistic side for three consecutive days, and from today’s situation, this situation has not yet shown signs of significant improvement.

OKEx BTC/USDT perpetual contracts.

Yesterday the coin price rebounded after being supported at the 4-hour cycle MA30 SMA, but the rebound was not strong and then fell below the SMA, and now there are signs of a stop at the MA60 SMA again. From a structural point of view, the main falling lows have still maintained their upward shift characteristics since the June 8 low, but it should also be noted that the top of 40900 has repeatedly had an obvious suppressive effect on the coin price.

It is expected that the short-term trend is expected to rebound slightly under the support of the 4-hour MA60 SMA. The upper resistance should first focus on the 38700-39700 resistance area, even if it is broken, the momentum to continue upward will be greatly reduced. 40900 above belongs to the medium-term strong resistance level, which will cause a greater impact on the confidence of more than one head.

Support: 37200 – 36000 – 34700

Resistance: 38700 —39700-40900

OKEx ETH/USDT perpetual contracts.

ETH fell to the lower edge of the convergence pattern in the chart showing some signs of stopping the fall, but the comparison with the previous two times can be found that the stopping and recovery is not strong and has been hovering at the lower edge for more than ten hours in a row. From this large convergence pattern, the slope of the lower edge is greater, and the lower edge is closer to the horizontal state.

The next need to focus on the effectiveness of the lower edge of the convergence pattern support, not broken before can continue to be seen as strong support, if broken then the risk of a sharp decline suddenly increased. If the rebound in the lower edge of support, the upper resistance should first focus on 2462 a line, do not expect too much upside before not breaking the price level.

Support: 2290–2160–2090

Resistance: 2380 – 2462 – 2545


DOT is still clearly in a weak pattern, since the last few days in the upper edge of the convergence triangle has been blocked after the high point down state, there is no obvious signs of stopping the decline, continue to adjust the probability of large. Below continue to focus on the lower edge of the convergence triangle support, if there is an obvious signal to stop falling near the line (1 hour or more cycle K line can be seen in the obvious lower shadow line), you can try to do a good job of position control in the case of low suction game potential rebound market.

Support: 21.30 – 20.60 – 19.50

Resistance: 22.50 – 23.20 – 24.00

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