The London hard fork is coming: what were the Ethereum creation addresses doing six years ago

We did some simple analysis on the characteristics and asset holdings of thousands of genesis addresses, and found some interesting conclusions.

At 11:26 pm on July 30, 2015, Beijing time, the Ethereum block 0 ( officially dug out, which contained 8893 genesis transactions . The initial more than 72 million ETH in the Ethereum network were allocated to 8893 addresses .

The Ethereum network, which has just passed its sixth birthday , is about to usher in the London hard fork upgrade this week . The EIP-1559 in this upgrade is the first economic model modification since the birth of Ethereum. The importance of this proposal is self-evident, but also It caused a huge controversy among some miners and communities. As of the time of posting, there are still 35% of nodes that have not been upgraded to support the London hard fork, but in any case, all this will be settled in two days.

At this commemorative moment for Ethereum, we did some simple analysis of the characteristics and asset holdings of the thousands of creation addresses, and found some interesting conclusions.

The ETH holdings of the genesis address dropped by 96%, but the dollar value increased by nearly 40 times

There are two more intuitive dimensions to refer to the current status of ETH held by these 8893 addresses. One is the distribution of the total ETH held by these addresses and the amount of ETH held.

According to the statistics of the chain news, the total ETH currently held by these 8893 addresses is about 3.09 million ETH , which is nearly 96% less than the 72 million ETH six years ago .

The London hard fork is coming: what were the Ethereum creation addresses doing six years ago

But if you look at the dollar value, the price of these addresses has increased greatly. Referring to the opening price of ETH on August 7, 2015 on CoinMarketCap at US$2.83, the total value of 72 million ETH six years ago was US$200 million; but based on the current price of ETH of US$2500, the total value of 3.09 million ETH exceeds 77 100 million U.S. dollars is nearly 40 times that of six years ago, and this increase was even more impressive when Ethereum hit an all-time high of 4,300 U.S. dollars not long ago.

Addresses holding less than 0.01 ETH account for 60%

Another dimension is the distribution of the amount of ETH held, especially addresses with a balance less than 0.01 ETH, which are likely to be abandoned addresses.

After sorting out, it is found that there are currently 5317 genesis addresses with a balance of less than 0.01, accounting for about 60% of all genesis addresses . If the standard is expanded to the number of addresses less than 1 ETH, it will account for about 82% (7248) of all genesis addresses .

Although these addresses have already transferred most of the Ethereum, this does not mean that the users behind these addresses have sold the Ethereum, because it is very likely that they have just transferred to other addresses, or the users are sorting the addresses. However, these situations cannot be accurately judged from the chain.

Hodler’s proportion: Nearly 8% of the addresses have almost unchanged ETH balance, and their holdings are worth 5 billion U.S. dollars

Among these creation users, 8% of the addresses still barely moved the ETH in their hands. Especially in the past six years, the price of Ethereum has risen from a minimum of less than $1 to a maximum of more than $4,000. These people The floating profit has at least several thousand times.

In terms of specific rules, we have obtained the balance of these addresses at the time of creation and the current balance. If the difference is between 0.01 ETH and -0.01 ETH, this standard is met, because many of these addresses have received Various airdrops or smart contracts have been created, so some ETH may be increased or decreased.

The total number of addresses meeting this standard is 723. What’s more frightening is that these addresses hold more than 2 million ETH , which accounts for 65% of the total current ETH holdings (3.09 million ETH) of 8893 addresses. The current value of these 2 million ETH is about 5 billion U.S. dollars.

Address with the most lightening up: Ethereum Foundation

Among the 8893 addresses, the current balance of one address has decreased by more than 11.9 million ETH compared to the time of creation, which means that almost all ETH of the address in the creation stage has been transferred out, leaving only a fraction (not To 10 ETH).

This address (0x5abfec2…56f9) received 11.9 million ETH at the time of creation (also the address with the largest balance at the time of creation). A week later, this address created a smart contract address (0xde0B295…7BAe) to manage these 11.9 million ETHs ETH, the address is currently marked with the account label “Ethereum Foundation” and the name label “EthDev” ( Ethereum Developer) on Etherscan (there may be multiple name labels under one account label).

The London hard fork is coming: what were the Ethereum creation addresses doing six years ago

So judging from the address of EthDev, the current balance is close to 400,000 ETH, which is 97% less ETH than the 11.9 million ETH at the time of creation . However, as in the above situation, the value of the US dollar held has actually increased, from 33.68 million US dollars at the time of creation (ETH is 2.83 US dollars) to 1 billion US dollars (ETH is 2500 US dollars) today.

The London hard fork is coming: what were the Ethereum creation addresses doing six years ago

The blue is the ETH balance, and the black broken line is the total dollar value of ETH held

Address with the largest increase in currency holdings: unknown, but related to the Ethereum Foundation

In addition, among the 8893 addresses, the balance of more than 40 addresses has increased compared to the balance at the time of creation, and the one that has increased the most has increased by more than 30,000 ETH and is now worth 75 million US dollars.

The address 0xddbd2b9…121a obtained 10,000 ETH at the time of creation. Within a few days, the unknown user transferred all the ETH to Kraken, perhaps selling these ETH or providing liquidity. This address is then again 10 days after the receipt of a sum of more than 80,000 ETH transfer, and later transferred out of the batch after another part of the flow of the exchange , and the remaining The balance of this address has not changed since October 2015.

The London hard fork is coming: what were the Ethereum creation addresses doing six years ago

The 80,000 ETH received by this address actually came from the aforementioned EthDev. So a reasonable guess is that in addition to participating in the creation of the world , this user (institution) is also deeply related to the Ethereum Foundation, perhaps a certain developer, the internal address of a certain Ethereum Foundation, An early investment institution, etc.

There is very little information about this address in the network, but it may not be a coincidence that the address is used as a demonstration in the developer documentation of Etherscan.



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