The lifetime of a ton of carbon allowance

The lifetime of a ton of carbon allowance


I was born in a place called the register, and there are many compatriots who were born with me, a very large number. I heard from our administrator that we are actually a product of family planning. What total amount control, what baseline method, the administrator said for a long time, I feel that he did not explain, I did not intend to understand, I just thought about the day when I found my carbon emission target, and then completed me. duty of.

That fall, I was assigned to a coal-fired power plant. I thought I was going to start work, but I didn’t. My friends who were assigned to me and I were locked up in a cage. The person in charge of us is a middle-aged uncle. He seldom talks to us. When he is in the office, he always sees him smiling while holding his mobile phone.

I can see the tall chimney outside through the window, and our natural enemy—carbon dioxide is constantly running out of the chimney. I really wanted to rush to die with them right away, but I was locked in a cage and couldn’t get out . I’m thinking, isn’t the task I’m assigned here is to kill carbon dioxide? Why don’t they do this? A week has passed, a month has passed, the uncle never paid attention to me, I feel that I have been forgotten by him.

About two months later, a mental guy in a straight suit came to the office. He sat in the office and chatted with the uncle management. The mental guy was particularly capable of speaking, and his body language was very rich. From time to time, he could hear laughter from there. Voice. After a while, the psychic guy took out his computer to show the uncle management something, and said something like “quota swap” and “carbon trading”, and looked at us from time to time. After hearing this, the uncle management was very happy, and readily agreed: “Okay, just do it!”

Two more days later, the mental guy came again. He brought up a cage, and some of our compatriots were in the cage. After he came, he caught some and threw them into the cage. At the same time, he also caught some of our compatriots to his. In the cage, I was not spared and was caught. After a few words of greeting, the spirit guy and the uncle manager left in a hurry. I also started my wandering life with this spiritual guy. As for my mission, I am afraid it is temporarily difficult to complete.


The spiritual guy is a middleman, a man who buys and sells business. He is commonly known as “the father” , but he is not old, so we call him a brother. Brother Dao was very happy after he bought us. It seems that he must think he can sell us at a good price, but the sky is not what people want. In the next few months, he walked the streets and alleys with us, wanting to buy a good price, even in the snowy winter, he is still working tirelessly in business, but no one wants to buy it all the time. As a result, his mood is getting worse. The mental guy is not energetic. He keeps his hands all day long, sighs, and sometimes yells at us. I actually want to tell him that investment is risky and that he should be cautious when he dumps carbon . The words came to my mouth and swallowed back.

We were locked in a cage with us, and there was a girl who looked similar to us, but was relatively short. She said that she was called CCER. She was another type of us. She was also born to eliminate carbon emissions, but was not born. It’s just in the same register . I think she is weak and pitiful, and she often takes care of her. When my brother is angry at us, I will subconsciously protect her. I think it would be good for us to live like this if it were not for our mission.

The situation has changed dramatically after the beginning of the spring next year. Even if I don’t go out, there are many buyers who come to buy us. At this time, I changed my brother’s air. “Last year, didn’t I tell you that you don’t want it? Now the price is different if you ask for it, at least twice as much. Do you want love?” He said to the man who asked for nothing but bought it last year.

Sometimes several waves of people came to buy at the same time, and they fought, and the brother poured a cup of tea, smoked a cigarette, and quietly watched them fight. I can see that Dao brother doesn’t want to sell to these people at all. He should be waiting for a certain time, at that time, he can sell the highest price.


As I expected, one day two months later, my brother dressed himself up carefully and took us to a place called the carbon exchange. It’s so lively there, I see many buyers and sellers, and many of our kind. It can be seen that this is a place where we concentrate on buying and selling.

Brother Dao went to the exchange to report it, took a number plate, whistled in the audience, and waited leisurely. After a while, Dao’s name was called on stage, Dao adjusted his collar, and said to us, “Brothers, it’s up to you whether I eat fragrant, spicy or dirty food this year.” It seems. But my brother wanted to put us up for auction.

When I arrived on the stage, the auction began, and my brother recovered the spirit of the first time I saw him, and introduced CCER and me in a dance. After a lot of heat, the auction started. That auction went quite smoothly. Both CCER and I sold prices that exceeded my expectations, making him a lot of money. Unfortunately, CCER and I were bought by two buyers separately. I don’t think I will see her again in this life, because I can predict that I won’t live long.

The one who bought me was an aunt from a steel factory. Maybe it was because they bought me with a lot of money. They were very rude to me. They always yelled at me, saying that the broomstick caused them to lose profits and go bankrupt. of. I wonder, shouldn’t this curse their carbon dioxide emissions? Why are you scolding me?

The carbon dioxide in that steel plant is really everywhere, and it’s very arrogant. One of the carbon dioxide actually ran to the cage to mock me, saying that my garbage was useless except to bring down the enterprise. I was furious when I heard it, and I couldn’t wait to rush out and kill him. But because I was in the cage, I couldn’t get out, so I wrote down his appearance secretly. The goal in this life is him!


The time for my revenge came sooner than I thought. On the second day after we were bought back, the aunt passed the log-off operation. Released us, the aunt was relieved, and then put away the ferocious expression, staring at us meaningfully, not knowing what she was thinking at this time, but she could see that she had no hatred.

But these are no longer important to me. What is important is that I was finally released and I was free! This is the happiest time of my life! In this short period of freedom, I looked around the world, this world of blue sky and green water, birds and flowers. Suddenly I felt that it was worth sacrificing myself to protect this beautiful world.

I want to see CCER to see what kind of host she has met, whether she is going to log out so soon, like me, and also want to ask her if she thinks of me the same way I think of her. But time was running out. I knew that I couldn’t do these things. I put my mind away and found the carbon dioxide that once mocked me. With all my strength, I bumped into it bravely.

“Damn carbon dioxide, die!”

After a while, I was finally logged out. Only some surviving consciousness was left, and I could feel my consciousness slowly disappearing, and I quickly checked whether the abominable carbon dioxide was eliminated. As a result, I was disappointed. The carbon dioxide did not disappear. My desperate crash only marked him.

How is this going? Is my ability not enough to eliminate one ton of carbon dioxide? Or is the belief engraved in my bones a lie?

When I get excited, my consciousness disappears faster. I can’t believe my eyes, let alone my own inferences. I can’t and don’t want to think about anything anymore, no matter what my ability or lies, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Makes sense. I can feel the ridicule of the carbon dioxide at me.

Hey, I originally thought that one ton of carbon emissions could be eliminated in my life, but my loneliness was eliminated. Since carbon dioxide cannot be eliminated, what is the purpose of my existence? In the last remaining point of consciousness, I remembered a slogan, there is no sale, there is no killing. I think this also applies to our family.

Without emissions, there would be no quotas.

May there be no quotas in the world.

This article comes from WeChat public account : Lao Wang talks about carbon neutral (ID: Climate-Future) , author: Low-carbon Lao Wang

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