The lead singer of the Muse band will release songs in the form of NFT, and chimpanzees can also create NFT

Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of the Muse band, tokenizes and sells a song recorded with Jeff Buckley’s guitar on his hit album “Grace”.

NFT is the new inspiration

In an exclusive message shared with Cointelegraph, the celebrity-focused NFT auction platform Cryptograph announced the launch of an exclusive track by Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy in the form of non-homogeneous tokens (NFT).

The NFT token will be released together with Bellamy’s new solo album “Cryosleep”. “Cryosleep” will be released on July 16th. There are 10 songs in the album. The guitar used to record this album is the one Jeff Buckley used when he recorded his popular album “Grace”.

The lead singer of the Coin World-Muse band will release NFT songs, and chimpanzees can also create NFTs

Guiding Light NFT artwork: Matt Bellamy x Cryptograph

The album includes the single “Pray”, which appeared on the soundtrack of “Game of Thrones”.

Cryptograph is a platform that focuses on charitable fundraising through celebrity NFT auctions. The proceeds from the auction will benefit The Passage House UK organization, which is dedicated to helping the homeless get out of the streets and providing them with accommodation.

This is not the first time that Muse members have collaborated with blockchain technology. Cointelegraph reported as early as September 2020 that the band collaborated with Dapper Labs to launch a Muse-themed CryptoKitties collection.


On July 12, the Iota Foundation launched a “almost no feeling” NFT market to Iota 2.0 DevNet.

Iota stated that the “extraordinarily expensive” fees associated with casting, buying, and trading on the blockchain hinder the development of the NFT field.

He said: “Usually, the casting fee for creating an NFT is attached to the process, and it requires additional fees to be listed on the platform. NFT platforms usually hope to get commissions from sales, and actual transactions on the blockchain also require fees. “

Iota’s NFT market is now available in its test mode, and the foundation emphasized that it has eliminated transaction fees and charged a small minting fee. The foundation collects commissions from all market sales to provide funds for the development of the platform.

Even chimpanzees can create NFT

The non-profit shelter Save the Chimps launched an NFT sale, showcasing tokenized paintings created by three rescued chimps.

This work is called “Primal Expressions” and includes four tokenized paintings by chimpanzee artists Cheetah, Clay and Tootie. These paintings contain a variety of colors and different brushstroke techniques, and one of the paintings is shaped like an alpaca.

The lead singer of the Coin World-Muse band will release NFT songs, and chimpanzees can also create NFTs

Source: Save the Chimps

The sale will be on the Truesy NFT market from today to July 21st. The sale is part of the celebration of World Chimpanzee Day on July 14, and all proceeds will be donated directly to Save the Chimps.

Save the Chimps and Truesy have not announced how many tokens will be minted.

A special VIP package will also be part of this NFT sale, including an exclusive tour of the shelter.

Save the Chimps CEO Ana Paula Tavares said: “Among the many activities that chimpanzees can engage in, painting is especially popular with these three chimpanzees. They often choose to create colorful and expressive paintings.”

Founded in 1997, Save the Chimps is home to more than 220 rescued chimps.

New NFT game meta universe

A new NFT game meta-universe named “Nifty Island” is about to come out, and it promises to become “the community’s first game platform for NFT game sports”.A new virtual world is coming, making the meta-universe a reality.It is called Nifty Island.— Nifty Island (@Nifty_Island) July 13, 2021

The project is currently recruiting artists and game developers.We always welcome talented, persistent, straightforward, adventurous and friendly people to join us.— Nifty Island (@Nifty_Island) July 13, 2021

The project is expected to be launched later this year. Although the details are not yet clear, the NFT meta-universe will revolve around a gamified tropical island and feature the NFT market.

The website reads: “Nifty Island is an open social gaming center and gallery that uses NFT and cryptocurrency to make the meta-universe a reality. From DeFi projects, influential figures to individuals, every user has been awarded Your own custom identity and private island.”


According to a report by Cointelegraph yesterday, Japanese sports shoe manufacturer Asics is entering the NFT market. The company will launch a series of sports shoes NFT through OpenSea on July 15.

The company may also be looking for long-term development in the NFT field. The funds from the sale will be reinvested in Asics’ Digital Goods Artist-in-Residence project to provide funding for the creation of a new NFT.

The NFT market Nifty also announced a $10 million seed round of funding. Samsung Next, Palm NFT Studio, Coinbase Ventures and Dapper Labs participated in the investment.

While announcing the news, the company also revealed that it has reached a partnership with Warner Bros. to hold an NFT sales event with the theme of “Space Jam” to celebrate the movie’s release on July 16.

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