The latest progress of Arbitrum: project deployment, cross-chain bridge, future plans

At present, more than 300 projects have landed on Arbitrum One, including many large-scale dApps deployed on Ethereum.

More than a month has passed since we opened Arbitrum One (Chinese translation) to developers. For a whole month, we have been intensively preparing for infrastructure construction, dApp deployment, cross-chain bridges, etc., just to let the Arbitrum One ecology be presented to everyone in the best posture. At this moment, we take a breather and write this article to synchronize our current progress and future plans with you.

First of all, we would like to extend our sincerity to all the development teams that are participating in the construction, and also to express our gratitude to all the members of the Ethereum community who have enthusiastically supported us. It was you who gave us endless motivation and allowed us to persevere until now. Thank you very much for your support. Let us work together to enhance the scalability of Ethereum and promote Ethereum to the public!

Next enter the topic.

Project deployment and infrastructure

At present, more than 300 projects have landed on Arbitrum One, including many large-scale dApps deployed on Ethereum. We have opened permissions to every project that applies for deployment on ArbitrumOne. (If we have any omissions, please contact us! We have tried our best to screen out user applications and open permissions to all developers who want to deploy dApps or infrastructure on Arbitrum One, but we will inevitably make mistakes in the screening process. ) We will soon release a portal to highlight all projects that have joined the Arbitrum ecosystem. stay tuned!

We have always been committed to building a fair and open Layer 2 ecosystem. So far, dozens of teams have completed the deployment. If you want to know which projects have been deployed, we have posted relevant announcements on Twitter and recently created a special “lab-works” channel on our Discord. , For the development team to announce the completion of the deployment.

Although many teams have completed the deployment, there are still some common infrastructure components and projects that have not yet landed in ArbitrumOne. Many dApps are highly dependent on these projects. We are working closely with these projects, and these projects are also actively cooperating with us. One of the projects is expected to go live this week, please pay attention to the announcements on Twitter and Discord.


In order to give everyone a clearer understanding of the current situation, the following charts reflect our activity since we first opened Arbitrum One to developers. We can see that as the number of teams deploying and testing products on Arbitrum One has increased, the activity of Arbitrum One has risen sharply.

The latest progress of the world of coins-Arbitrum: project deployment, cross-chain bridge, future plans

Cross-chain bridge

Another important component that we are coordinating closely with the various teams is the Arbitrum One cross-chain bridge. We have designed a standardized cross-chain bridge for ArbitrumOne. We believe that this standardized cross-chain bridge will bring a better and more secure user experience, allowing users to easily query and verify the token address on Layer 2. Another solution is to allow each project to build its own cross-chain bridge on Arbitrum, but we believe this will cause the same asset to appear in mutually exclusive manifestations on Arbitrum One, causing confusion among users.

We have worked closely with popular stablecoins and other token projects to ensure that standardized cross-chain bridges meet their needs. Since our developer mainnet went live, we have received a lot of feedback. During this process, some teams asked us to add more custom functions to the cross-chain bridge. In the past month, we have responded to this feedback and redesigned part of the cross-chain bridge architecture to meet these needs, ensuring that all teams can adapt to the standardized cross-chain bridge. If your project’s native token does not meet the ERC20 standard and requires customized support, please contact us immediately to ensure that your token can use our cross-chain bridge, because once the system is open to users, any changes will be more important. Difficulties will be more complicated.

Even for those applications that have been deployed, building cross-chain bridges between commonly used tokens can make these applications play a greater role. In order to ensure that when ArbitrumOne is open to users, our cross-chain bridge has covered most of the tokens, we are very cautious and are currently coordinating this matter with many teams. Please check our token list to learn more about which tokens our cross-chain bridge currently supports and the Layer 2 addresses of these token contracts. If your token meets the ERC20 standard, but has not yet joined our cross-chain bridge, please let us know and we will deal with it as soon as possible!

Future plan

The core advantage of Ethereum is to allow different applications, infrastructures and tokens to achieve synchronous interaction. Establishing such a complete ecosystem requires a lot of coordination work. We have made great progress and are committed to creating a fair, comprehensive and usable ecosystem. To achieve this goal, the most important thing is to ensure that the core infrastructure is in place and create a cross-chain bridge between mainstream tokens. Obviously, these all take time. As we continue to make decisions between balancing ecological prosperity and openness to users, we will eventually be unable to get all projects in place before opening ArbitrumOne to users.

We have heard a lot of soul torture from the community “when will the public mainnet go live”. To put it simply, we can’t give an exact date, but we are still very much looking forward to the DeFi craze 2.0 this summer. There are still many core components that have not been deployed, so we are not yet able to make a final decision, but we are waiting to make a trade-off between opening up. We know that everyone can’t wait, trust us, we are the same! We are very close to success. We guarantee that when you see Arbitrum One, it will be a sound and vibrant ecology, bringing you familiar DeFi experience. (The handling fee will be much lower.)

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Author: Offchain Labs

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