The latest and best DeFi and amp: Where to find NFT information

The industry is changing so fast, how can we keep up with the latest trends?

The key to keeping yourself from falling behind and not lagging behind is to pay attention to the most engaged people in the industry. Then, we need news aggregators to help us realize this idea. The so-called news aggregator aggregates people who constantly scan ecological development to find interesting events and share news events and insights on social media.

In the recent period, the focus of the industry has always been on NFT. But NFT does not exist in isolation. Want to keep up with the pulse of the NFT ecosystem, we need to keep up with the Ethernet Square development related areas, DeFi, DAO and so on.

The following are some news sources recommended by Bankless author William M. Peaster.

1. Ethereum

antiprosynthesis‌ — The best source of Ethereum news information; they also often touch on DeFi topics. In fact, the Twitter account of the Ethereum developer antiprosynthesis.eth forwarded a large amount of Ethereum-related information, including supervision, EIP1559, Layer2, and so on.

MyCrypto‌ — This is a Twitter account of an Ethereum wallet, and is a good way to learn about major events related to Ethereum. Of course, emergencies in DeFi are also tracked for the first time. For example, Vee Finance on Avalanche was hacked yesterday, and MyCrypto also rushed forward the news.

2.DAO + Web3

Coopahtroopa‌ — Creator Economy and DAO Master, a continuous source of Web3 insight. Coopahtroopa himself recently shared his Alpha list, and friends who are interested can compare and supplement their daily information sources.

The latest and best DeFi and amp: Where to find NFT information

Li Jin‌-When we talk about the creator economy and Web3, Li Jin is also a good source of information. Li Jin will share a lot of very interesting views or articles, and he will often publish his views and opinions on Twitter. With nearly 100,000 followers, Li Jin is a big fan of the encrypted Twitter circle.


Darren Lau‌-“The Daily Ape” content contributor and a prolific sharer of DeFi news. Darren will share all kinds of new things in the industry every day, new projects, new trends, financing, good articles, etc., and can basically catch all the hot spots every day.

defiprime‌ — Run DeFi news aggregator on Telegram, which is also a boutique of information aggregation.

Spencer Noon‌ — The founder of “Our Network‌, is also an excellent aggregator of DeFi and encrypted news on Twitter.


DeeZe‌ —’s “director of vibes” Twitter with insightful content and various news updates. New projects, hot trends, skills and experience sharing, etc., can all be found here.

Jackson Dame‌ — Rainbow’s content creator and community manager’s Twitter. If you are looking for new projects, there is a lot of useful information here.

Matty‌-a senior veteran of the NFT, often shares high-level insights, and sends a dozen tweets to explain some of his thoughts at every turn.

Today in NFTs‌ — This account will summarize the “Daily Highlights” of NFT every day.

Zeneca_33‌ — the provider of “Daily Floor Price Statistics Update”, also has NFT-related analysis. You can also subscribe to his Newsletter, and he will write some articles regularly. Two recent articles, one talked about some of my views and strategies on the NFT bear market, and the other was a “milk article” on Art Blocks .

5. L2 + expansion

polynya‌ — I know the current Ethereum expansion scene very well, and I often share news and opinions about it. Interested friends can also pay attention to his Medium‌ blog. Popular science and technical articles are arranged for you clearly.

6. Miscellaneous

Mirror Latest‌-This is a Twitter bot that will repost the latest articles published on Mirror. Mirror is a decentralized media protocol, which is becoming a fertile ground for encryption economic analysis. More and more authors are flocking to Mirror, and more and more good articles are beginning to appear on it.

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