The “king of color TV” is also coming to sell cars. Will Skyworth Motors sell 250,000 cars in 2025?

Financing is nearing completion.

The "king of color TV" is also coming to sell cars. Will Skyworth Motors sell 250,000 cars in 2025?

Source: Skyworth Automobile

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After the name change, Skyworth Automobile entered the automotive circle with a series of product offensives.

On July 27, Skyworth Automobile’s EV6 was officially launched. The Skyworth Automobile EV6 launched this time has four versions: travel version, standard version, smart version and PRO version. The range covers 410KM and 520KM. At the same time, it can be equipped with 600KM battery life. The price is 152,800 to 249,800 yuan. At the same time, the HTi smart mixed version and the 6-seater family version were also unveiled at this conference.

At the press conference, Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth Group and chairman of Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group, also set a sales target. By 2025, the annual sales of Skyworth cars will reach 250,000, and the annual sales of Skyworth cars will reach 500,000 in 2030. .

The "king of color TV" is also coming to sell cars. Will Skyworth Motors sell 250,000 cars in 2025?

Source: Skyworth Automobile

In fact, the EV6 released this time was renamed from ET5. Skyworth Auto R&D personnel told Future Auto Daily that EV6 is more like an upgraded product of ET5, and the upgrade mainly focuses on the functions of the interior and exterior decoration and software.

According to Skyworth Automobile, in 2021, Skyworth Automobile plans to deliver 12,000 vehicles, and the sales market is oriented to domestic and foreign markets. At the press conference, Huang Hongsheng revealed that the sales data for the first half of the year was about 3,000, and the ratio between domestic and international was about 2:1.

A Skyworth Auto insider told Future Auto Daily that Skyworth Auto’s sales abroad were better than expected. “They seem to recognize the name Skywell,” but at present EV6 will be launched in the international market under the name “Skyworth”. The feedback is still unknown.

According to public information, Skyworth Auto’s predecessor was Tianmei Auto, which was established in 2019, and the latter is part of Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group, which was founded in 2011 by the founder of Skyworth Group Huang Hongsheng.

In 2017, Tianmei Automobile obtained the passenger vehicle access qualification approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. On April 27 this year, Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group announced that the Tianmei brand has been integrated into the Skyworth Automobile brand, and Tianmei Automobile has also officially changed its name to Skyworth Automobile.

However, for Skyworth Automobile, a cross-border player, who wants to gain a place in a series of distinct label competitions such as autonomous driving and long battery life, the top priority for Skyworth Automobile is to find its own position and label.

In an interview, Huang Hongsheng said frankly that it is also a “cross-border” car building. Compared with the technological auras of Huawei and Xiaomi , there is a gap between the home appliance manufacturing industry and the technological attributes. In the entire conference, Skyworth Auto was almost centered on the word “health”.

According to Huang Hongsheng, the belief of Skyworth Auto is that the most important thing for everyone is health, not self-driving.

Specific to the product, Skyworth EV6 is equipped with a non-contact sensing technology, which can monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other health indicators based on photos. In addition, the car is also equipped with a smart brainwave hypnotic eye mask, which introduces brain-computer interface technology to measure brainwave and deep sleep quality.

The "king of color TV" is also coming to sell cars. Will Skyworth Motors sell 250,000 cars in 2025?

Photo by Future Car Daily

However, this set of health functions is currently only available as standard on the EV6 PRO version priced at 249,000 yuan, and as an option in other versions. The price of the PRO version is higher than the price of the travel version, standard version, and smart version by a price difference of 50,000 yuan to 97,000 yuan. It is still unknown whether the health function will be paid for by consumers.

Huang Hongsheng said that Skyworth’s confidence lies in the foundation of the manufacturing industry and the intelligent level of its own system. In terms of intelligence, Huang Hongsheng believes that “signing an agreement with other companies” is equivalent to “doing a wedding” between two big families. One rich family and the other powerful family are “difficult to balance and integrate.”

In 2019, Skyworth Automobile’s parent company, Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group, established “Kowo Smart Technology” and developed the Skylink intelligent network connection system for automobiles, which can provide vehicles with full-time AI intelligent voice interaction experience, car home interconnection and other functions . Currently Skyworth EV6 is equipped with L2.5 intelligent assisted driving.

In addition, Huang Hongsheng also revealed the latest financing plan, the current financing is nearing completion, the amount is about “several billions.”

In his view, the biggest challenge currently facing Skyworth Auto is still the scarcity of talents. “In the past, it was three visits to the thatched cottage, but now it is 30 visits to that cottage,” Huang Hongsheng said. In order to retain talents, Skyworth Auto adopts a partnership system, “as small as equity incentives, as large as real-name shareholders.”

In terms of sales channels, Huang Hongsheng revealed that Skyworth Motors will adopt an agency model for sales. Skyworth Auto will build experience centers across the country. Currently, the number of dealers has grown to 83, covering 65 cities, and it is expected to increase to 120 in the second half of the year.

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