The journey of mankind is not only the stars and the sea, but also the “meta universe” on the chain

Recently, Huaan Securities released the “2021 Digital Future Metaverse Research Report”!

This science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which originated 29 years ago, contains the concept of strong magical realism. Finally, it will enter the front of people in 2021, or directly point to the “ultimate form” of the Internet!

Behind the rapid rise of fame in the capital circle and the short-term financing of related projects, it is inseparable from the maximization of the public awareness of the blockchain in 2021, especially the digital currency represented by Bitcoin.

Whether it is the splendor of his high-rise buildings, or the negative news that is true or false in the market accompanied by a regulatory downturn.

At least for one thing, there has never been a moment when blockchain related has been known to so many passers-by.

The emergence, development or prosperity of anything must have its “exactly” conditional background.

In addition to NFT, Meta Universe is the most popular one in the blockchain world in recent days.

On the 10th, Roblox, an online game creation platform, successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a “Meta Universe” concept stock, and its market value exceeded US$40 billion on the first day of listing.

On 4.13, Epic Games announced that it had received $1 billion in financing, and giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and ByteDance entered the game. As early as last February, Tencent obtained the exclusive agency right to distribute Roblox products in China.

In one sentence, Metaverse is actually a highly interoperable virtual and reality, closed-loop economy attached to an open source platform.

Anyone can create their own life scenes, entertain, communicate, consume and even settle down in this meta-universe parallel to the real world.

Liu Cixin once said: “Three-Body” is not an illusion. There are two roads in front of human beings, one outwards leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the other inward leading to virtual reality.

On the one hand, human beings are exploring the sky full of stars and sea, on the other hand, human beings have begun to explore the construction of virtual space through VR, AR, and digital twin technology.


The meta universe is undoubtedly the best presenting form today. “Meta universe” should satisfy eight key characteristics: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, everywhere, economic system, and civilization.

The blockchain technology is precisely the most critical and necessary part of its implementation.

Blockchain can help Metaverse build an economic system and create a closed-loop economy necessary for “society”.

If it is said that the development of VR and 5g technology is to make Metaverse “icing on the cake”, achieving synchronization and simulation. Then the blockchain technology is the “just need” of the meta universe!

Why is Sims, who has always occupied the top spot in business simulation games, is always an entertainment game?


Because whether it is the liver emperor or the krypton emperor, everyone has a scale in their hearts, and everything we work hard to manage in the virtual world is worthless in real life!

The villas and luxury cars in the game are equal to a bunch of data in real life.

After all, he has reached the “elite”, but he is actually the successor of the proletariat.

Moreover, under the operation of centralized enterprises, “closing servers” is a knife that hangs on the heads of game players at all times.

Why is the relationship between the player and the company so interesting in the game ecosystems such as Nishuihan and Jiansan? In fact, both sides have broken a string.

What about the meta universe, this is by no means a game, we can call it the “second world” or “parallel universe”!


Blockchain technology constructs the underlying logic in the meta-universe world.

This will be a shared and co-constructed ecological environment. Under decentralization, virtual asset security and identity security will be realized through keys and smart contracts.

On this basis, market transactions can be carried out, the rules are transparent, and there is no worry about the control of the giants.

In addition, through a reliable decentralized financial system, the economic system of the meta universe is improved, thereby establishing a channel between the real world and the meta universe, and various interoperability, including assets, so that the meta universe becomes the second home of many people!

For example, the money earned in the virtual world and the patents applied for can be transferred to the real world.


In the real world, national credit is the currency endorsement, and the real prototype of Aaron Kwok’s counterfeit empire in the movie “Wu Shuang” eventually disappeared with the innovation of anti-counterfeiting technology.

The better the anti-counterfeiting is done, the more stable the currency market will be.

In the closed-loop economic system of Metaverse, with the support of blockchain technology, all transactions and performance credits are recorded on the chain. The advantages of immutability and decentralization can make everyone’s asset security and personal gains Guarantee to maintain system stability.

At the same time, with the emergence of a unified currency, it will be possible to replace real currency through a certain ratio.

So as to truly build an ecological environment that can be consumed and lived.

As a completely open source platform, the original world of the meta universe is boundless, because anyone can create in the universe or even build their own small world.

It sounds a bit like three thousand methods, but it is true that we are in such an advancing time and space.


In December last year, Ma Huateng said in the annual internal magazine that the mobile Internet era has passed, and the next wave of upgrades is the true Internet.

“The door to the virtual world and the real world has been opened. Whether it is from the virtual to the real, or from the real to the virtual, we are committed to helping users achieve a more real experience.”

Obviously, Quanzhen Internet and “Meta Universe” have similarities.

“Linking everything” is the ultimate goal of Tencent Universe. In recent years, Tencent’s territory has expanded to various fields such as film and television, literature, music, and ip. This is evident in its ambition to build Tencent Universe.


I have to say that in this era, smell is more important than cognition.

Because our sense of smell will be ahead of our cognitive level to some extent.

The next step of the Internet is likely to be a brand-new look based on the era of web 3.0 that we cannot imagine today.

Blockchain technology provides an indispensable underlying theoretical basis for the realization of the meta-universe, but there are still many technical barriers to be overcome in the development of a new thing.

For example, in terms of interaction form, to think about the somatosensory level and truly become a true parallel world, brain-computer, bandwidth, ethical and moral issues need further research and analysis.

The journey of mankind is not only the stars and the sea, but also the “meta universe” on the chain, eventually creating a new form of civilization.

The next generation of the Internet will still change the lives of every one of us. The final form of the Internet may really be a “parallel universe” with a true sense of body.

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