The Internet opens the window of Metaverse transformation

Since Facebook announced on October 28 that the company’s name was changed to “Meta”, the A-share Meta Universe sector soared on October 29. Among them, the leader Zhongqingbao was directly sealed above the 20% daily limit. Tom Cat, Shengtian Networks, Lanqi Technology, etc. rose more than 10%, and Caesars Culture also had a strong daily limit.

When it comes to how far the realization of Metaverse is, experts said that the next ten years will be the golden decade of metaverse development, and the transition window has quietly opened. Experts judge that behind the meta-universe boom is that related technologies have developed to a critical point for large-scale applications, but there is also a certain degree of bubble in the industry.

Diversified capital rushing into the game

In fact, since Apple announced the acquisition of VR startup NextVR in May 2020, various capitals have been deployed, and the concept of meta universe has been detonated. In March of this year, Roblox , the first stock of Meta Universe Concept , was successfully listed, with a current market value of more than 42 billion US dollars; In April, ByteDance announced its investment in the domestic game engine company code Qiankun; at the end of August, the domestic VR brand Pico founded in 2015 was blocked by Byte Bounce acquisition. In addition, Microsoft, Nvidia, Baidu, Tencent and other giants have also announced their own meta universe strategy or related product layout.

At the same time, in the primary market, first-line investment institutions such as Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital, Zhen Fund, Wuyuan Capital, Xianfeng Evergreen, Morningside Capital, and Xinghan Capital have all opened the meta-universe track layout, involving companies From virtual social platforms, virtual idols, to game companies, VR/AR projects, etc.

According to Bloomberg data, by 2024, the market opportunity related to Metaverse may reach 800 billion U.S. dollars, and it is estimated that the revenue of the virtual world may reach 400 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, which is higher than about 180 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

Talking about why capital is scrambling to lay out the meta-universe, an industry insider told the reporter of “Economic Information Daily” that the Internet and mobile Internet have been sluggish in terms of growth, and the market needs new concepts and new things to activate liquidity. Yang Ge, founding partner of Xinghan Capital, told reporters that with the development of 5G, big data, AI and other technologies, the combination of virtual and reality seems to be an unstoppable trend. “Although Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, its development will undoubtedly bring about huge social changes, promote the further upgrade of the entire consumption pattern and daily life, and bring about a huge market linkage effect. Standing today, the value of Metaverse will be like 1999 Years to think about the value the Internet will bring.”

Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, the executive director of the China Mobile Communications Federation’s Metaverse Industry Committee, and the principal of Huo University Education, told reporters that the reason why Internet giants and investment institutions are actively deploying Metaverse is because The meta universe is a “collection” of multiple key core tracks. Yu Jianing believes that Metaverse is not simply a new Internet track, but an iterative upgrade of the third-generation Internet web3.0, a new digital space with a higher dimension on top of the PC Internet and mobile Internet. “It can be said that the meta-universe is a new space that can perfectly integrate the digital world and the physical world, and build a new space for humans to work, study, entertain, and socialize in the future. It is a new digital world that everyone can participate in, helping every participant Satisfy the high-level needs of self-realization.”

The transformation window opens quietly

Talking about whether Meta Universe is a boom or a bubble, Yu Jianing told the “Economic Information Daily” reporter that investment institutions generally make predictions on the long-term market trends, intervene at the right time and drive the momentum, leading the development of the industry and finally obtaining returns. “The next ten years will be the golden decade of metauniverse development, and the transition window has quietly opened.” Yu Jianing said that the entry of capital will inevitably accelerate the construction and popularization of domestic metauniverse, thereby promoting the digital economy and entities. The economy achieves a deeper integration, which will help the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of “hundreds of industries” and open up a new development space for real enterprises.

However, some experts believe that despite the fact that various sources of capital gather together, at the application level, whether it is technology or product form, the current meta-universe is still in the early stage of “0 to 1”, and there are still legal blind spots. Be wary of hype. Wang Yongli, former deputy governor of Bank of China, believes that the current rapidly expanding meta-universe boom, including the extreme hype of NFTs, virtual currencies and other related elements, has shown a major hidden risk of breaking away from the real world and effective supervision of barbaric development, and it is urgent to cause Highly vigilant.

Yu Jianing also reminded that at present, Metaverse has become an innovative direction that the society is paying close attention to. However, there have also been some crazy hype around the concept of Metaverse by some companies, and certain risks have arisen. It is recommended that you do not blindly follow the trend and participate in the hype. “In fact, the current digital technology related to Metaverse is not yet mature, and application attempts may fail. Related companies or projects are still at an early stage. Therefore, the equity of related companies (whether listed or not) is at risk.”

Digital technology innovation is the key

Talking about how far the realization of Metaverse is, Yu Jianing believes that the future of Metaverse is not only based on the development of a single technology. The key driving force for its development is the integration of cloud computing, distributed storage, Internet of Things, VR , AR, 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital technologies for integrated innovation and fusion applications. At present, the large-scale application of VR, AR, and XR technology still has some realistic constraints, and there is still a long way to go to the ideal experience with low latency and high immersion.

From the perspective of the industry, with the advent of the meta-universe era, access methods will become highly diversified, immersive access devices are expected to be fully popularized, and access speed and stability will also be substantially improved. For those companies that have been deeply involved in VR and XR technologies, it is a trend and inevitable to accelerate their entry into the meta universe. High-tech enterprises in this field have a relatively advanced technological foundation, and on this basis, they are vigorously exploring innovative applications of extreme immersive experience in various fields such as parks, science and technology shows, museums, and emergency. It can be said that they have taken the lead in the development of the meta-universe. Advantage.

Dayang Smart Investment believes that in the long run, Metaverse is a very important innovation that may fundamentally change the form of human society; but from the current development in various fields of ecology, considering the bottleneck of key supporting technologies, “you can wear a helmet. Entering the meta-universe of a super-realistic virtual world, the immersion, low latency, and virtual world effects that are close to the real world all require extremely demanding display technology, network technology, VR rendering technology and computing processing. There is still a big gap between the actual technology and the support of the ideal metauniverse. The current metauniverse has not yet truly appeared subversive products and business models, and related technologies are still on the conventional development track, which is in line with the ideal state of the metauniverse. Quite a distance.

According to the “2020-2021 Metaverse Development Research Report” recently released by the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, the industry is still at the foundation-laying stage of “social + game scenarios”, and it is far from achieving full industry coverage, ecological opening, and economic self-reliance. The ideal state of harmony, virtual and real intercommunication. Yu Jianing told reporters that the conceptual layout of Metaverse is still concentrated in the XR and game social fields. The technology ecology and content ecology are not yet mature, and the scene entry needs to be expanded. There is still a long “de-bubble” between ideal vision and realistic development. “stage.

“The next ten years will be the golden decade of Metaverse development, and the transition window has quietly opened. The entry of capital will inevitably accelerate the construction and popularization of domestic Metaverse, and further promote the realization of a deeper integration of the digital economy and the real economy. , To open up a new development space for physical enterprises, and its foundation and key lies in the independent innovation of digital technology.” Yu Jianing said.

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