The “interesting” project of the latest update of GR14

Gitcoin has already started its 14th round of donations. In this round, you can still see the projects that participated in fundraising before, and many new projects have appeared. The current maximum individual donation is about 15,000 US dollars, and the maximum estimated supplementary fundraising is about 110,000 US dollars.

We have chosen to organize some of the latest uploaded projects. The information is organized as follows to show the diversity in the industry. The details of the projects are difficult to evaluate, so please choose carefully.


HyperXP is a protocol that enables web3 project developers to easily implement an on-chain, trustless, decentralized XP system to recognize and reward user activity and engagement. For web3 projects, implementing a shared on-chain XP system can encourage, identify and reward the most active and engaged users and build bridges with other projects in the wider Hyperverse. For users, participants, players, and holders, a well-designed XP system rewards their participation with value such as unlocking mints, gaining perks, discovering hidden doors, getting airdrops, and anything else a developer can dream of .

Garden of Stars

Jardin de Estrellas was originally created in response to the mass migration of communities of color. Provide grassroots solutions for the masses based on innovation and care. In Los Angeles alone, more than 66,000 residents are homeless, and nearly 600,000 spend 90 percent of their income on housing. The lack of affordable and sustainable housing is at the root of many social problems and the Jardin de Estrellas eco-village is a viable solution for people in the community to live in affordable and sustainable housing that will help Create the security needed for individuals and communities to thrive.

Portals & Passages

Portals & Passages is a CC0, fully on-chain NFT collection, which is a magical portal generated on-chain. Their purpose is to support the movement of characters across locations and eras in a spatially/temporally consistent on-chain ecosystem, thereby facilitating the development and innovation of new game mechanics. They are designed to work with Loot and draw on Loot’s deep knowledge to be a common enabler and integrate with other ecosystems.

Non-Fungible Friend

Non-Fungible Friend makes it easier for you to interact with your web3 network by providing fun widgets and interactive context. Use the NFF space as your web3 “home” where you can customize the layout of widgets and DApps to showcase your web3 identity with a variety of assets.


Rocket relies on ipfs-http-client to push files to the Inter Planetary File System. We built a browser extension using ReactJS with manifest v2. There are several ways for users to choose media to upload to IPFS, we also added functionality to mint NFT by using, backing up web pages (web archives) using IPFS, and hosting multi-page static websites using IPFS, and using Unstoppable Domains Custom domains from decentralized domain providers such as , Handshake Domains, and ENS.


Sonorus is a Web3 protocol that aims to revolutionize the way music and ultimately all forms of content are published, distributed and monetized. Musicians and listeners can earn money by uploading, listening to and promoting their music. In the future, we plan to launch a music streaming developer SDK and Sonorus database to further benefit developers and wider users.


Star is a protocol for encrypted and decentralized chat applications. Star itself is a desktop application and can be used as is, the main purpose is to make the protocol easy to integrate into any other project. It can even be used for private IPFS networks if desired. Star is an IRC-as-a-service, so to speak.


Blockspace is building a new social experience for Web3 companies and crypto folks to connect and grow together. Blockspace is addressing the coordination failure between Web3 companies and people by improving education, engagement, and experience for different crypto people.

Cryptocurrencies need builders, not just developers. Encryption requires operators, product people, marketers, customer success specialists, financial specialists, and more.

Blockspace is increasing education and literacy around crypto (knowledge capital), enabling people to explore and engage with crypto applications (social + financial capital), matching crypto talent with on-chain and off-chain crypto companies (social + financial capital), enabling new way to earn and improve your crypto reputation (financial capital). – Encrypted, decentralized wallet-to-wallet (or ENS) chat, open source and uses XMTP. In 2017, daopanel is a place for makerdao to discuss, share, debate and succeed. The currently available is a fundamental part of the public goods governance infrastructure. Internal topics such as token sales, DAO-to-DAO mergers, and delegated voting should be encrypted and done using your ENS or wallet identity, with full privacy.

Hibiscus DAO

Hibiscus DAO is building the first transparent, open source, community-owned toolkit for the fashion creator economy. We want to return the power and ownership back to creators and producers. Hibiscus DAO is realizing profit redistribution + community ownership.

Hibiscus recently created the first on-chain profit redistribution contract for apparel production. Redistribute profits from FWB merchandise sales to supply chain participants.

Hibiscus hopes to build on this by leaving pattern makers, printers and other workers in the apparel industry “trapped” to work in factories where profits cannot be redistributed, giving them ownership of the value they create.

Hibiscus creates an open-source, end-to-end apparel production supply chain + technology infrastructure that enables creators to easily create new apparel on top of existing ones, via an on-chain portfolio that can be forked, remixed, and reorganized.

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