The intention behind the layout of NFT music and the direction of the wind guide the future

From Elon Musk to Chen Xiaochun, from Coca-Cola to Disney, Marvel, to Alibaba , Tencent and other major manufacturers, all walks of life have played NFT.

On August 20th, Tencent’s NFT trading app “Fantasy Core” launched the second phase of digital art sales activities. The public sale of the collection is a painting NFT named “Wanhua Mirror” Digital Ethnic Illustrated Book, a complete set of works With the theme of 56 ethnic groups in China, each ethnic booklet is limited to 54 pieces, and the price is 118 yuan. Within 1 minute, 3,024 digital collectibles were sold out.

The intention behind the layout of NFT music and the direction of the wind guide the future

Just like “Only God knows the price trend of Bitcoin “, everyone is not sure why NFT is on fire! Anyway, it is on fire, and it is so unreasonable.

In short, the story continues…

With many well-known companies participating in the field of NFT digital collection production, various types of NFT digital collections emerge in endlessly. Recently, the domestic NFT digital collection has also expanded to the music field. With the official release of the commemorative NFT digital collection of songs on a well-known music platform, audio NFTs have become more popular.

As far as the current domestic market is concerned, the rights enjoyed by audio NFT holders are extremely limited. Although the purchaser of audio NFT enjoys the ownership of the NFT, it can only be used for collection and viewing. Although the purchaser can browse the collection on its specific digital platform (the collection has a unique logo and the platform will display the 3D model of the collection), but cannot transfer the audio NFT to others (including gift and sale), and circulate Extremely restricted.

The intention behind the layout of NFT music and the direction of the wind guide the future

Despite this, the unique collection value of audio NFT still drives the general public to pay for it. This unique collection value is reflected in the following three points: First, it is scarce and scarce. Different from traditional music collections, audio NFTs are distributed in limited quantities. At the same time, due to the NFT format, they are difficult to copy, so they are scarce and are preferred by most collectors. Second, the collection is unique. Audio NFTs are not only scarce, but each NFT has a unique serial number on the chain, which can clearly identify which NFT belongs to which user. Third, the ownership is clear. Because the audio is combined with the NFT, the entire process of the audio NFT’s circulation will be fully recorded by the chain. Who belongs to it at a glance, has a certain publicity function, and can ensure the authenticity of the collection when it is displayed to others.

  • Why did Dachang deploy “NFT+Music”?

NFT digital collections rely on blockchain technology, and their digital verification and permanent preservation are sought after in overseas markets. At present, there are few application scenarios in the domestic market, and the domestic market has not been developed. Through the NFT encryption service, users can purchase tamper-proof, indivisible digital cultural products in the app, and their rights and interests will be permanently recorded on the blockchain to enhance user experience.

Buyers satisfy their ostentatious psychology by purchasing assets. Only they own unique works (the more scarce resources, the higher the value). Buyers purchase digital assets, let these digital assets rise in value, and then sell them for value investment.

Distribute virtual digital collections to users through NFT encryption services. This technology may be used in digital albums and limited peripheral products in the future. These albums and limited peripheral products will allow users to form entertainment applications and ultimately form a community-based environment to provide service experience.

  • How to use NFT technology to lay out the music copyright market

1. Offline layout

Let the creations of well-known singers become such unique assets, through (PGC leads UGC) offline music performances and music collection exhibitions, attract people to participate, the construction of user scenarios attract other companies to participate, and build a good offline user scenario Earn advertising service fees from other companies and user consumption scenarios to allow users to make other consumption (user scenarios bring potential commercial value).

For example: Hu Yanbin’s “Monk” 20th Anniversary Vinyl NFT opened a lottery appointment for purchase qualifications on the QQ Music platform, and a limited sale of 2001 copies.

The intention behind the layout of NFT music and the direction of the wind guide the future

2. Online layout

Faced with the popularization of music, users pay more and more attention to feelings. The explosive brainwashing songs are mental torture for senior music users. Senior music users care about the artistic connotation, not the brainwashing cycle.

The digital record of physical ownership is linked to offline sales of artworks and the formation of IP culture. Through physical ownership, cultural and entertainment content is exported. The user experience is improved through community building and product innovation (the uniqueness of NFT is easy to form a characteristic), and user formation is good The service in order to induce consumers to buy art.

With the abolition of exclusive copyrights and the reduction in the cost of purchasing copyrights, China’s digital music copyright market will gradually move towards NFT encryption technology services. Dachang is optimistic about the potential commercial value of its technical services and helps companies continue to dominate the music market. This type of digital asset To meet the collection needs of users, the relevant products are now deployed to support the future transformation of digital consumer services.

In the future, giants will realize the digital economic transformation of various industries in society through blockchain, which will be the strategic goal of major enterprises.

Through music copyright, the consumer service scenes that occupy users’ offline form a moat of content communities serving user experience. Therefore, in the future, a series of industrial ecosystems and business ecosystems will be built around music copyrights.

NFT has been used to represent a wide range of digital and physical assets in the form of tags, including artworks, music, books, real estate, and videos. In the future, NFT will become more complex through integration with advanced blockchain, smart contracts and interoperable solutions, creating new power and vitality for the physical and digital world.


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