The Incoming Football NFT Star Cards Speak Volume for Cryptofifa’s Big Ambitions in Encrypted Fantasy Sports

Recently, Cryptofifa, the NFT-themed football star card Gamefi platform, has completed a round of private financing from top-tiers crypto funds such as FBG, DFG, The 9, YBB, and New Bloc.

The Incoming Football NFT Star Cards Speak Volume for Cryptofifa’s Big Ambitions in Encrypted Fantasy Sports

Generally speaking, football boasts the biggest share of the sports industry, with an annual output value of over 500 billion USD, accounting for more than 40% of the entire sports field. It is estimated that the market size of the encrypted sports industry will also be greatly considerable. The ambition of the Cryptofifa team apparently does not stop there. They intend to copy the development path of the Cryptokitties team-Dapper Labs: starting from a hit game, creating an infrastructure for the vertical field of the sports industry in the crypto world. Cryptofifa’s ultimate goal is to create a top sport competitive game platform in the crypto world by perfectly integrating distributed encryption technology and traditional competitive sport games.

Cryptofifa, as the first game platform launched by the team, will provide users with a brand-new gaming experience by solving the issues in the traditional centralized game operation model so as to achieve a certain scale of user accumulation and verify the concept meticulously designed by the team and to reach the first milestone in the roadmap.

The operator in traditional games, as a centralized role, controls the economic ecology of the game by controlling the placement and recycling of gold and props in the game. Technically, its position is similar to that of the central bank, and the core objective of game operators is to maximize profits.

The amount of capital required to maintain the economic and ecological operation of the game is positively correlated with the number of users participating in the game, but negatively correlated with the speed of currency circulation. In the growth period of the game, users growth can better hedge the currency circulation speed; while in the mature period, the operator’s investment of game currency will cause the economy to inflate in the game, which is an essentially plunder of existing player assets.

When the game profits coming down to a certain critical value, the operator will stop maintaining the game, and the user’s investment of time, money, emotions and the obtained golds, equipment, and identities will be entirely wiped out.

The Game Mechanics of Cryptofifa

In the encrypted world, all applications are completed through smart contracts, and there is not a centralized role to control everything. Hence, the above-mentioned issues can be solved well.

The Gamefi platform built by Cryptofifa has core functions such as NFT star cards, blind box draw, and event mining.

The star card owns a super-mature sports game capability. The classic game FIFA launched by the top-notch game company EA, the card-drawing function will bring the company 5.5 billion USD in revenue each year, but the star cards obtained by game players only have a valid period of less than one year. Then EA will launch a new version the following year, which means users need to draw cards all over again to obtain players. The original star cards become invalidated, which is an extremely unfair mechanism for users. On the Cryptofifa platform, once a user obtains a star card through card draw or open market purchases, then the user can permanently own the players. It will be needless to worry about the star cards to become invalidated or even the disappearance of the star cards caused by the suspension of maintenance by the operator. Users can enjoy the permanent collection of NFT star cards.

The Incoming Football NFT Star Cards Speak Volume for Cryptofifa’s Big Ambitions in Encrypted Fantasy Sports

The only way to obtain a star card that has not yet been circulated in the market is to draw the card through a blind box. Users pay FFA, Cryptofifa’s governance token, to purchase blind boxes. After opening the blind boxes, users will randomly get a star card. The winning rate of the star card is achieved through random numbers on the chain, which is open, transparent, and tamper-resistant. Therefore, the result of the card-drawing cannot be manually manipulated, and its fairness is self-evident.

In traditional games, users need to pay for the game, and invest time and energy to promote the development of the game, but they will not enjoy the benefits of the success of the game. The core logic of the event mining designed by Cryptofifa is to build a game that allows users to participate in the construction of the game ecosystem while sharing the joy of the game’s success.

Specifically, users obtain and hold the NFT star cards through blind box draw, and they can obtain corresponding rewards according to the star’s performance in the real game. Imagining that the user holds Neymar’s NFT star card, when Neymar scores, assists, or the team wins in the game, the user can get FFA rewards according to the rules. The funds in the reward pool are partly from the initial token distribution and partly comes from the FFA tokens invested by the user to purchase the blind box.

Cryptofifa has designed a sophisticated economic model to ensure the operation of the entire game ecosystem, and to protect the interests of users to the greatest extent. The earlier users who participate in the game and the longer they participate in the game, the greater the rewards they can get, so that the game can continue to develop in a long run.

Importantly, this economic model is implemented on event mining: Cryptofifa has set up a bonus pool for event mining, and the funds in the bonus pool come from the initial issuance and distribution of FFA tokens and the circulating injection of FFA tokens consumed by users drawing cards.

In Cryptofifa’s token model, 70% of FFA tokens are designated to be used for event mining rewards, which are called mines. The speed at which the rewards are released is positively related to the number of star cards that have been drawn and the size of the mine. In other words, as players hold more star cards, the number of golds released by the mine into the bonus pool will increase accordingly. However, after the mine starts to release golds, since the total amount of golds in Cryptofifa is fixed, the scale of the mine will become smaller and smaller. At this point, the speed of the mine releasing golds into the bonus pool will become slower and slower.

Except for a part of the FFA tokens consumed by users in the game as a recovery reserve, the remaining part is injected into the bonus pool, and the platform will never take a percentage of it. Therefore, the prize pool for event mining will never be exhausted, which ensures the sustainability of the game economic system.

When the Cryptofifa game platform launched, only 10% of the tokens will be circulated in the market, and these tokens will be held by users or consumed in the blind box draw. The motive force for users to participate in the blind box draw is to obtain favorite star NFT cards, or to obtain rich event mining rewards by holding specific cards.

Different from the practice of traditional game operators who continuously issue additional game currency and game props into the game system, the number of governance tokens FFA and star cards in the Cryptofifa game platform are chnegless. As the number of game players grows, both will inevitably move towards deflation. Under the dual deflation model, the stickiness of users can be greatly improved.

Cryptofifa’s Meta-universal Philosophy

Cryptofifa is a virtual and reality game. Everything that happens in the real world will be projected in the game. Cryptofifa’s event mining, the game design concept, comes closest to its meta-universal philosophy. The user’s role on the game platform is like the boss of a football club. The process of spending a certain amount of FFA tokens to buy the blind box and obtain the NFT player card corresponds to the scenario of the club buying players in the real world. Users hold the NFT player cards. Every related game that the player participates in the real world, as well as the performance of the game and the performance of the team, projected to the real world will determine how much mining rewards the user can get, the profits created by the players for the club.

The Incoming Football NFT Star Cards Speak Volume for Cryptofifa’s Big Ambitions in Encrypted Fantasy Sports

When a user trades NFT player cards in the market, it corresponds to a player transfer scenario in the real world, and the player’s value is determined by the player’s historical performance, popularity, and possible future profits. Cryptofifa has created a parallel universe for the football field in the encrypted world, and each NFT player card is the avatar of the player in the real world.

Blueprint of the Top Encrypted Sports Game Platform

Cryptofifa’s team consists of technical development engineers, product designers, data mining experts, and financial model actuaries from giant companies such as Microsoft, Tencent, Morgan Stanley. In the meantime, the core team of Cryptofifa is a veteran e-sports player as well. The founder Sam was the TOP 10 player in the FIFA FUT weekly tournament in the day zone, (with the highest record of 27 wins), and a well-known YouTube FIFA game host.

As a senior player in traditional games for more than ten years, the Cryptofifa team finally embarked on the rebellious road, they determined to completely change the defects of traditional games. Cryptofifa will be the first piece of work for this team. What’s more, they will also develop sports event predictors to build complete sports data including players, clubs, events and gradually evolve to other fields such as basketball, baseball, racing and boxing.

Through encryption technology, a completely decentralized, open, transparent, and sustainable application platform can be constructed to provide users with a gaming experience that is unmatched by traditional games. On this platform, all data is owned by users themselves and they can participate in the construction of the game ecosystem. For example, users holding governance tokens have the right to initiate proposals, or participate in voting on proposals, and help determine the development direction of the platform; users can always enjoy the benefits of platform development, become a community of interests, and experience the gaming fun more than ever.

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