The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

With a potential market of 50 billion, women’s health technology is “one step forward”

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Specialized, personalized, digital, consumer-level women’s health technology is sweeping the world, becoming the strongest booster of “her power”.

420,000 people participated,

98% of the participants accompany the run,

The winning rate is less than 1.7%

This is the second nine-valent HPV vaccine lottery result in Shenzhen this year.

In 2020, domestic HPV vaccination craze is ushered in. With lottery, platform intermediaries, and sky-high price scalpers, HPV vaccination has appeared in the headlines, and for the first time, women’s health has become a social phenomenon that has attracted the attention of the people . It is difficult to see a doctor, the disease is unpredictable, vaccines are in short supply, and reproductive careers are difficult to balance. The problems that plague women’s health are increasingly attracting attention from the whole Chinese society.

Overseas, after Femtech was proposed in 2014, entrepreneurs and investors began to solve the health problems that plagued women, and they all put their efforts on the Femtech track. In 2019, the total global investment even reached nearly 10 years. Peak.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Specialized, personalized, digital, consumer-level women’s health technology is sweeping the world, becoming the strongest booster of “her power”. What can we learn from the rapid rise and rapid development of overseas women’s health technology?

01 Health requires the initiative

The rise of women’s health technology is closely related to the strengthening of their own consciousness.

With the passage of time, the post-80s and 90s have become the main group of women. The new generation of women generally receive higher education, have the ability and conditions to work and live independently, and have a strong sense of self-reliance. As if these women have a clear plan for their lives, they hope to take the initiative in their personal health.

The initiative is first manifested in the control of time. Overseas, it is not necessary to make an appointment one month in advance to make appointments for clinic treatment and testing, and it will take several days or even weeks before the test results are available. Therefore, more women in the workplace need a more efficient and faster medical treatment model than offline clinics.

Secondly, it is manifested in individual needs. Women under different religious backgrounds and cultures have very different health and health care needs; at the same time, each woman’s physical condition and hormone status are very different. Only by mastering the personal physical index database, gene bank and understanding personal psychological needs can we do this. Good precise treatment plan.

Finally, it is manifested in emotional needs. Firstly, women don’t want disease to be a heavy topic, and secondly, they want to fight side by side with partners who have shared experiences . Therefore, they are more likely to use consumer-grade, light-weight healthcare products to solve problems step by step than cold and serious hospital diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, they are more likely to join mutual help communities and seek psychological counseling.

02 Unspeakable hidden, online consultation is solved

Regardless of men and women, it is always difficult to talk about gender diseases.

The male health DTC benchmark brand Hims began to sell standardized daily or daily service products for andrological diseases for consumers. During the development process, Hims observed that most consumers have three major problems:

  • Embarrassed about gender diseases, rarely discusses publicly, rarely seeks a doctor, or even avoids treatment
  • Most of the information obtained on search sites is unreliable, and the personalization problem cannot be solved
  • Hospital resources are limited, it is difficult to make appointments for offline consultations, and the daily arrangements for medical treatment are seriously delayed

In response to the above three situations, Hims & Hers has launched a remote consultation service to solve the three major problems of consumers “ashamed of consultation, unreliable public information, and difficulty in offline medical treatment”. In China, the Blue City Brothers will also launch the male health service platform “Hall Health” in 2020 to bring well-being to domestic men.

In contrast to women’s health, in addition to the three major problems faced by men, women also face an invisible problem—accelerating the pace of life, and pressure from work, school, and family makes independent women often face problems such as skin, dysmenorrhea, and anxiety caused by endocrine and hormones. , Is not included in the modern medical gynecological diagnosis and treatment. In these diseases, women have a kind of “no medicine to cure” helplessness. Therefore, a consultation platform that focuses on women’s health needs more attention and promotion from the society.

Maven Clinic, which focuses on women’s health consultation platform, provides users with 24*7 hours consultation and consultation services, focusing on the fertility part, including pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and the whole process of postpartum. At the same time, Maven Clinic will also assist companies in formulating solutions for female employees returning to the workplace during childbirth, starting from women’s health, not just women’s health.

This shows that the women’s health platform not only provides convenience and avoids embarrassment for women through online consultation, but also expands the boundaries of women’s health, extending from simple treatment of gynecological diseases to psychological care and interactive communities, whether it is psychological or The physiological “unspeakable concealment” is solved here.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Source: Maven Clinic


02 Prevention is worse than cure, the rise of early screening at home

Online consultation has solved the problem of having medical treatment, but most of the diseases are hidden deep before the onset, and the necessity of early screening for women’s diseases is self-evident. Taking the cervical cancer mentioned at the beginning as an example, most women with precancerous lesions or at risk of cancer have no symptoms. Early detection and treatment of precancerous lesions can prevent most cervical cancers.

Looking at the global market, in the era of rapid development of intelligent hardware and big data analysis, consumer-grade home inspection has become a more popular choice for the new generation of consumers, with the characteristics of convenience, ease, efficiency, and privacy.

Early home screening for female diseases is not new in European and American countries. Early create product brand they use a detection box and a nice mix of APP mode, quick and easy to help women detect their own familiar and warm home.

Modern Fertility, a female reproductive health DTC brand established in 2017, has launched hormone testing reagents, ovulation tests and pregnancy test stick boxes. With a self-developed APP, pregnant mothers can enjoy the hormone testing service of traditional offline clinics for US$1,000 for US$149. In the first quarter of 2021, Modern Fertility achieved a three-fold growth, and was acquired by Ro, a healthcare platform, for over US$200 million in May. Behind the data is that early screening at home has gradually become a priority for the new generation of women.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Source: Modern Fertility

In addition to Modern Fertility, Cyrcadia Health released itbra, a breast-related disease prevention product. As long as it is placed in the bra, it can monitor the temperature changes and tissue density changes of the breast tissue. Combined with machine learning, it can be early warning of the disease. Is forming.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Cyrcadia Health

It can be seen that products for early screening of women’s diseases at home have gradually blurred the boundaries between consumption and medical care, and products that have come out are increasingly focusing on consumer experience and convenient processes. But if we think divergently from it, whether these early screening products for women’s diseases have enough potential for development in the future depends largely on whether they can be closely integrated with the treatment process, whether they can be accurately matched with medical resources, and more consistent health. Therapeutic experience may be the potential direction in which the product can continue to grow.

03 Scientific fertility, data and hardware two-pronged approach

Childbirth is a special stage where most women experience extremely unstable health conditions. It is also a major source of risks to women’s health. The process is long and affects the whole body.

Bear the brunt of scientific fertility is scientific contraception and pregnancy preparation.

Unintended pregnancy and infertility are problems that have plagued women for a long time, so digital management can help. Ava accurately predicts the ovulation period of women through a smart bracelet and big data. Univfy provides more accurate artificial intelligence predictions to improve the success rate of women’s pregnancy through the test tube; while Clue and Femometer provide digital contraceptive management.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Clue provides digital contraceptive management. Source: Clue

Followed by pregnancy. From the various physiological reactions during pregnancy to the emotional and psychological changes caused by the instability of progesterone, women’s health during pregnancy needs to be paid special attention.

Dorsata, established in 2017, has developed a medical record system for pregnant women, which provides a complete care plan while providing medical records; ExtantFuture has developed Modoo, the world’s smallest fetal heart rate monitoring system, so that pregnant women can monitor the health of their babies anytime, anywhere.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Modoo Fetal Heart Monitoring System Source: Indiegogo

Then there is the breastfeeding and nurturing period. Women will encounter many health problems after giving birth, such as pelvic floor muscle relaxation, postpartum depression, breastfeeding difficulties and so on. Renovia provides pelvic floor muscle management and treatment for postpartum women through an online app; Willowpump and Elvie manufacture and sell wearable breast pumps through the DTC model.

The HPV vaccine is less than 2%, how can women’s health not accompany them?

Source: RenoviaRenovia provides pelvic floor muscle management and treatment for postpartum women

Online consultations, early screening at home, digital birth management, and technological development help women take the initiative in physical health care, and more personalized selection, consumption, and acceptance of a variety of health diagnosis and treatment products and services, and this is expected to be in 2025 The Femtech market, which has reached a scale of US$50 billion, is waiting for more entrepreneurs and investors to reshape the boundaries of women’s health technology and help “her power” grow upward.

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