The hottest Metaverse in 2021: all kinds of “Yuan people” rub hot spots, full screen 20 cm daily limit

When I wake up, all walks of life are engaged in Metaverse.

In 2021, the Metaverse is on fire.

The market value of Roblox, a sandbox gaming platform, on the New York Stock Exchange has increased by 10 times, and Facebook changed its name to “Meta” for this reason.

ByteDance spent 5 billion yuan to acquire Pico, a VR company, to deploy the Metaverse.

Alibaba wants to create a “primary realm birth”.

Luo Yonghao said that the next project is Metaverse. As a result, the guy born in 1995 said that he was more difficult at his age.

Ha ha, most of these information about the Metaverse occurred in the second half of this year.

Together, the hot spots are coming naturally. The daily limit of A-share-related concept stocks is “you chase me.” A lot of attention letters and supervision letters have also been received.

Metaverse real estate speculators are here, and celebrities often buy millions of land to buy houses, but they seem to be stuck.

In the past week, this fire has become more and more prosperous.

Shanghai needs to step up research and cut into the Metaverse in time; Sanya is closely connected to NetEase to build a Metaverse industry base; Tencent Music simply plays a virtual music carnival, and users can have their own virtual avatars; Baidu hurriedly promoted the first domestically produced Metaverse product. Targeted internal testing.

It’s so lively!

Towards the end of the year, Times Finance launched the “2021 Financial Fantasy” planning topic. The “Meta-Universe Rhapsody” will take everyone to take a look at the real Metaverse concept stocks, to remove the false and keep the truth.

The hottest Metaverse in 2021: all kinds of "Yuan people" rub hot spots, full screen 20 cm daily limit

Greece (source Baidu website)

01 Game stocks take the lead

When I wake up, all walks of life are engaged in the Metaverse.

On the disk, Zhongqingbao (300052), Shengtian Network (300494), Tom Cat (300459), Yishang Show (002751), Jiachuang Video (300264), Danghong Technology (688039), Sunnet Technology (300113) ), Baotong Technology (300031), Goertek (002241), Vision China (000681) and other meta-universal stocks have continuously closed their daily limit since September. Major companies are keeping an eye on the outlet of the Metaverse, for fear of missing this high-speed train.

From the perspective of investment opportunities, games as the primary application scenario are considered to be the initial entrance to Metaverse, and the opportunity for valuation increase is also very obvious. In the A-share market, Zhongqingbao is the most well-deserved stock.

On September 6, Zhongqingbao issued a document stating that it will launch the “Metacosmic Game” “Master Brew” in the virtual and reality linkage simulation business category. With this tweet, Zhongqingbao quickly went out of the circle, and the stock price rose sharply. The peak of this round of rising stock price appeared on November 11, which rose to 42.63 yuan per share during the session, and its market value soared to 10.42 billion yuan.

Founded in 2003, Zhongqingbao is currently the first domestic game company to be listed on the A-share market and the first company to appear as a Metaverse concept stock. Although the stock price is against the sky, the performance has not been stable for many years. The annual revenue has basically remained at around 100 million, and the profit is around 10 million. It is a veritable small-cap stock.

In 2020, Zhongqingbao will achieve operating income of 294 million yuan, and net profit attributable to the parent will be 135 million yuan; in the first three quarters of 2021, Zhongqingbao will have a revenue of 257 million yuan and a net profit attributable to the parent of 14 million yuan. As of the close on September 3, the market value of Zhongqingbao was only 2.125 billion yuan. This means that it took only more than a month for Zhongqingbao to increase its market value by a full five times.

On November 10, Zhongqingbao stated in response to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s letter of concern that the company is not a hot spot in the market. It started to conceive the development of the “Brewmaster” game as early as March this year. The game demo was formed at the end of June and passed in August. Approval of the project.

Under the demonstration effect of the skyrocketing stock price of Zhongqingbao, the concept of Metaverse in the A-share market quickly became a prairie fire.

In September, Tianxia Show (600556) claimed to the outside world that it was developing a social Metaverse product “Rainbow Universe”. Rainbow Universe is a 3D virtual social product. The product is based on the 3D virtual planet (PL ANET) in the Z era. The virtual houses and props in the product can be turned into exclusive IP for limited edition release.

On the evening of October 28, Rainbow Universe officially opened for testing; on November 1, the Rainbow Universe APP went online and opened to the first batch of users to log in.

The secondary market has followed suit. Since October 28, the stock price of Tianxia Show has closed 5 consecutive daily limits, a cumulative increase of more than 56%.

On November 18th, on the occasion of the group’s anniversary, Li Meng, Chairman of Tianxia Show, issued an open letter stating that the group’s brand name will be officially changed from “IMS (World Show) New Media Business Group” to “Tianxia Show Digital Technology Group” from that day. “, the new consumer production channels, new scenes of life and the original new media business will be established as three core business groups.

Li Meng vowed, “Rainbow Universe is an immersive pan-entertainment virtual life community created by global social celebrities to create an immersive pan-entertainment virtual life community for users around the world.” The next day, Tianxia Show’s stock price once again rose at a limit, closing at 15.31 yuan, with a total market value of 27.68 billion yuan.

02 Enterprise Metaverse takeover

The richer and more immersive interactive experience brought by Metaverse has moved out of the game and will bring new imagination to the fields of education, exhibitions, industrial manufacturing, design planning, and public services.

The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee’s Economic Work Conference held on December 21 pointed out that Shanghai will focus on strengthening the layout of the “new track”, strengthening the “terminal drive”, and guiding enterprises to step up research on important platforms for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and make timely layouts.

This is the first positive policy statement of a local government on the development of Metaverse.

Since December, including Zhongzhuang Construction (002822), SuperMap Software (300036), Aoya Design (300949), Xuanya International (300612), Huali Chuangtong (300045), Huichang Communication (300578), etc. More than a dozen Metaverse concept stocks in China have a daily limit version.

Xuanya International has risen by 150% in the past 10 trading days, of which 4 trading days have a continuous 20cm daily limit. Xuanya International stated on the interactive platform that it strives to build the “Onsite Cloud Enterprise Edition” into a super portal of the “Enterprise Meta-Universe” scene. The company and Xiaoxiandun have signed a cooperation agreement. Under the guidance of the State Key Laboratory of Xinhua News Agency, relying on the self-developed “Julang Technology Platform” and uniting technology partners to jointly create the first “corporate Metaverse” model in the new consumer field project.

Xuanya International closed 4 daily limit from December 13th to December 16th. The stock price rose from 13.55 yuan to 28.09 yuan, a cumulative increase of 107.31%. In just 4 trading days, Xuanya International has staged a doubling of the market.

Xuanya International issued a risk alert on the evening of December 16, stating that the company has always focused on its main business, relying on the self-developed “Julang Technology Platform”, and through a series of self-researched or cooperatively developed products, to provide digital services for various government and enterprise customers. At present, the company’s main business has not changed. On December 23, Xuanya International once again emphasized that the company provides digital services for various government and enterprise customers, and its main business has not changed.

On December 21st, SuperMap Software’s reception organization stated during a survey that the company is actively researching and exploring the Metaverse, including the planning of products and application scenarios. GIS is the technology base of the Metaverse, many of which empower the Metaverse, including cloud-native GIS technology, three-dimensional geospatial mapping technology, three-dimensional geospatial visualization technology and augmented reality map technology, etc.

Driven by the concept of Metaverse, Aoya Design also ushered in a wave of daily limit market. On December 9th, Aoya Design stated on the investor interaction platform that the company’s strategically controlled Blooming Culture and Technology is actively constructing the “Blooming Digital Art Museum-Metaspace Space”, and the project is positioned as a world-class cutting-edge digital art punching mecca and Metaspace is expected to be officially opened for operation in May 2022. Since then, Aoya Design opened high and went high, continuously harvesting the “20CM” daily limit.

On December 21, it announced the construction of the cross-border layout of Metaverse. In the morning on the 22nd, it was announced that it received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, requesting supplementary explanation of whether the company has “building intelligent big data information processing, AI visualization, Metaverse applications, and intelligence. “Building systems, blockchain and other technologies” related businesses and products, verify and explain whether the company has a hot spot to speculate on the stock price. However, this still cannot extinguish the enthusiasm of investors’ speculation, and China National Equipment Construction continues to increase its limit.

03 Remove the fake and keep the truth

On December 23, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stated that the current hype of the Metaverse by some companies is quite different from the real Metaverse, and it is necessary to remove the falsehood and preserve the truth and make careful judgments. “Capital manipulation, there are still many uncertainties in the embryonic Metaverse. Both industries and markets need to return to rationality. We should be wary of the inertia of capital seeking profit by creating new concepts, speculating on new outlets, and attracting new investment.”

Behind the upsurge in the market, the concept stocks of Metaverse have also attracted regulatory attention. Deyi Wenchuang (300640), Dafu Technology (300134), Xin Guomai (600640), Zhongqingbao, Tianxia Show, Jiachuang Video, Yishang Show, Pingzhi Information (300571), Shengtian Network (300494), Kunlun More than a dozen companies including Wanwei (300418), Chinese Online (300364), and Liyuan Information (300184) have received letters of concern or supervision issued by the exchange. It is required to specify the relevance of the company’s current main business, main products and the concept of Metaverse. In addition, they were asked to explain whether the company used Interactive Easy to reply to hot spots and speculation concepts.

Monita research believes that in the near future, the regulatory authorities have begun to “cool down” the concept of Metaverse, which to a certain extent reflects the possibility of hype marketing and eyeballs. Although many high-profile listed companies that announced their entry into Metaverse have announced their product development online and partner information, most of them simply extend the original business. The biggest role of the current Metaverse concept lies in the company’s branding and the essence of the company’s business. There hasn’t been much change in the above.

A month ago, Dafu Technology declared that Dafu Network, the company’s holding subsidiary, was “the perfect creator of Metaverse.” The platform built with basic technologies such as Dafu Network’s NPL language, ParaEgine engine, and Paracraft tools can satisfy the 8 elements of Metaverse. Tatfook Networks has been cultivating in this field for several years and has accumulated long-term forward-looking technology. At present, the stock price has risen over nearly 50%.

In fact, Dafu Technology’s operating performance has been bleak in recent years. From 2016 to 2020, Dafu Technology’s accumulated net loss from non-refundable parent companies has reached 1.424 billion yuan in five years. In the first three quarters of 2021, the company’s operating income was 1.74 billion yuan, with a net loss of 765.374 billion yuan. It is worth noting that Dafu Technology has successively set foot in market hotspots such as virtual reality, graphene, polymer materials, and OLED.

On December 17, the stock price of Legg Mason Culture gained 7 daily limit within 8 days.

Meisheng Culture is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of animation and apparel products, which are segmented products of animation derivatives. It has related concepts such as cloud games and Metaverse. On December 10, Legg Mason Culture announced that the controlling shareholder Legg Mason Holding Group Co., Ltd. had occupied a huge amount of funds, and that the major shareholder’s reduction of holdings was not disclosed in advance, and the company may be warned of risks.

On December 14th, Aoya Design issued an announcement that the “Blooming Digital Art Museum-Metaspace Space” project implemented by the company’s controlled Blooming Technology subsidiary is still in the exploratory and trial stage. The future implementation progress of the project and whether it can be achieved The expected effect of the company is highly uncertain and does not have a significant impact on the company’s short-term operating results.

Aoya Design listed on the Growth Enterprise Market on February 26, and the stock closed at 109 yuan on the first day of listing, an increase of 101%. But since then, the company’s stock price began to decline all the way, as low as 41.83 yuan.

Despite many problems and challenges, the most exciting thing about Metaverse is its huge potential to change the existing lifestyle. The CITIC Securities Research Report pointed out that Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet in the next 20 years, and the digital survival of mankind in the future. The connotation of the Metaverse is not limited to the Internet. It is a series of high-tech “connected dots and lines” that may bring new species beyond people’s imagination.

In the secondary market, the concept of Metaverse has also caught fire in the entire media ETF sector.

Since December, the net value of several products including Yinhua Film and Television ETF, Cathay Pacific Film and Television ETF, and Guangfa Media ETF have increased by more than 10%. In the primary market, first-line venture capital institutions such as Jingwei China, Sequoia, and Wuyuan Capital are also very active, making frequent moves in the subdivision areas of the Metaverse track such as chain games, virtual digital people, and social networking.

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