The Hon Hai Metaverse strategy is supported by Google, the “main force” of the Industrial Fulian will receive more support

The layout of Fulian Metaverse is good again. Huahan Technology, a subsidiary of its parent company Hon Hai Group, has recently received a US$40 million investment from Google, marking that Google will join hands with Hon Hai to enter the Metaverse market. Some analysts believe that as Hon Hai’s “main force” in the Metaverse field, this cooperation will bring multiple benefits to Fii in terms of strategy, resources and Metaverse brand building.

Strategic synergy, industrial Fulian Metaverse route is more certain

As the actual shareholder, Hon Hai undoubtedly has a strong influence on the strategic decisions of Fii. If Fii wants to go deeper and more solid in the Metaverse field, Hon Hai’s firm support is not available.

Hon Hai Chairman Liu Yangwei publicly stated as early as last October that the next two major events in the industry, in addition to electric vehicles, are the Metaverse, and Hon Hai will definitely launch Metaverse related products. Now joining forces with Google, it shows that Hon Hai is not just rubbing concepts and attracting attention, but is accelerating the completion of the strategy. This undoubtedly strengthens the certainty of the Metaverse route of Industrial Fulian, which is conducive to the company’s free hand and foot to complete a more in-depth layout.

The “main force” of resource sharing will gain more support

As the vanguard of Hon Hai’s digital transformation and high-end manufacturing, Fii, which holds many cutting-edge businesses, must also be the “main force” of Hon Hai’s attack on the Metaverse.

This judgment can also be drawn from the annual performance report released by Hon Hai on the 5th. According to the report, Hon Hai is the world’s largest data center manufacturer. Benefiting from cloud services and the demand trend of the Metaverse, Hon Hai expects the “cloud network product category” to account for 23% of the overall revenue, of which servers account for nearly 20% of this category. 80%, the report and therefore believe that Hon Hai has become the biggest beneficiary of the hardware side of the Metaverse.

According to public information, the vast majority of Hon Hai’s data center business is actually under the umbrella of Fii.Since its listing, Fii has successively merged Hon Hai’s AI big data center and its subsidiary in the U.S. operating data center, and then increased its capital in Tianjin Hongfujin last year to expand its cloud computing capacity, becoming the leader of Hon Hai’s related performance. Major contributor.

Not only the data center, but also the cutting-edge communication and mobile network equipment most closely related to the Metaverse infrastructure, wearable terminals such as VR/AR, GPU computing power, and the industrial Internet related to the Industrial Metaverse explored in cooperation with Google are also concentrated in the Fii’s business scope.

In addition, recently, Fii has also invested 2.22 billion yuan to establish an industrial investment fund and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NXP, the world’s leading automotive semiconductor company, to enter the semiconductor industry in a big way, which is also regarded as an important step to implement the layout of Metaverse.

Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that in the future, in the process of planning the Metaverse, Hon Hai, more high-quality resources will be tilted to the industrial Fii, which includes the transfer of funds, technology and talents, as well as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Sharing and expansion of high-quality partners and customer resources.

Giants support to help seize the high ground of the Metaverse brand

It is worth noting that although it is only 40 million US dollars, this is the first time that Google has invested in a listed company in Taiwan, China. This information is more important to Hon Hai than the capital investment itself.

At present, Metaverse is in its infancy, and it is a critical period for brand building. Whoever can prioritize strategic market intelligence and seize the brand high ground of Metaverse will be able to take the lead in the competition. Hon Hai has a leading edge on the hardware side of the Metaverse, while Google is the leading player on the software side of the Metaverse. Joining forces will not only help achieve technological breakthroughs, but will also label the two parties with a more recognizable Metaverse label. , the metaverse attributes and layout of Hon Hai and Fii will also gain more attention in the capital market, the media and even the public.

In addition, the cooperation with Google may only be a small step for Hon Hai in the layout of the Metaverse. I believe that there will be more similar news coming out in the future, and the next protagonist may be Fii.

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