The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

Metaverse real estate speculation? You are the pitfall.

Metaverse, Metaverse, or Metaverse, Xiao Lei is probably about to be brainwashed by the news of Metaverse recently. With closed eyes, Metaverse development and Metaverse real estate development, it seems that all industries are trying to get in touch with Metaverse. .

Although the craze of Metaverse was not caused by Facebook, the news that Facebook changed its name to Meta and all in the field of Metaverse actually dropped a barrel of oil into this already burning fire, turning the fire into a raging fire. Burning bonfire.

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

As the craze of Metaverse has been repeatedly speculated by major companies, many companies are no longer satisfied with just speculating on a future concept, boosting stock prices or attracting investors. They have begun to sell the “assets” in Metaverse in exchange for considerable For example, the “real estate” of the Metaverse, which has been on fire recently, is a good example.

“Millions of mansions” in the Metaverse

Some time ago, the Metaverse “Decentraland” based on the Ethereum blockchain sold a virtual real estate for $2.43 million. The real estate is located in the core area of ​​the “Decentraland” Metaverse. As for the purchaser, it is also very interesting. It is a subsidiary called Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of Tokens, and the purchase of virtual real estate is not paid in U.S. dollars, but 618,000 MANA (an NFT that can be used as currency in Decentraland). ).

The information about this transaction quickly aroused discussion among many netizens on the Internet. According to the price of MANA, 618,000 MANA is approximately US$2.43 million, which is Decentraland’s highest-priced transaction so far.If you spend $2.43 million to buy a virtual real estate, if you put it two years ago, many people may think that this person is a fool, but what happens today, two years later, will make many people think seriously about the thing about the real estate of the universe.

In addition to Tokens, Lin Junjie, a well-known Chinese singer born in the 1990s, also recently announced on a foreign bluebird software that he had purchased three pieces of land in Decentraland. According to estimates by relevant netizens, the three pieces of real estate are worth about 123,000 US dollars, which is RMB 78.4. Ten thousand yuan.

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

Guys, celebrities have come to speculate on “virtual real estate”? Although JJ Lin is not a well-known investor, as a well-known celebrity, his actions undoubtedly make many people pay attention to the “virtual real estate” matter. If I were a related company, I would be willing to give these stars a bunch of real estate for free. , And then use it to attract the attention of their fans and the public.

In addition to Decentraland, there are many Metaverse companies selling “virtual property”. For example, Republic Realm sold a ship for 149 ETH (about 650,000 US dollars) in the Metaverse game “Sandbox” developed by it. Metaflower super yacht. Like other NFT assets, there is one and only one Metaflower super yacht in the game, so it has also become a way to show off money in the game (if you ignore the Minecraft-level image quality of this game).

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

In addition to selling yachts, Republic Realm also listed a special area-Neverland. The Neverland area is composed of 100 private islands. Users only need to pay to own one or more of the islands and proceed with their own ideas. Development and construction.

These players can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a yacht, let alone an island? Therefore, 100 private islands were purchased within 24 hours, and the lowest of them all sold for as high as $280,000. This price can even buy some real small islands in reality.

Many people will find it incomprehensible to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy an item in the virtual world, but it is a matter of course for this group of speculators. They think “virtual real estate” “For virtual properties, the value will skyrocket like virtual currency in the future, bringing high returns to their investments.

According to incomplete statistics, the amount of transactions related to virtual property such as “virtual real estate” has reached hundreds of millions of dollars this year, and there is a gradual upward trend. The virtual property in some highly popular Metaverse games has appreciated several times and even Dozens of times, it has become a target for many people to snap up.

Seeing this, you may sigh, why so many rich people in this world can spend a lot of money on a vague thing. But is this really the case? Is it possible that the recently popular “virtual real estate” is a new “scam”?

“Metaverse” real estate speculation? Be careful to lose money

When nouns such as “Metaverse real estate speculators” and “virtual real estate speculators group” appeared in front of Xiao Lei, Xiao Lei’s first reaction was: it is time to come. After all, in the past year, we have actually experienced the price storm of virtual currency. The price of Bitcoin has risen like a rocket. Even if it occasionally drops in the middle, it eventually stabilized at a price much higher than in the past.

As the most famous type of virtual property, Bitcoin was born on the Internet from beginning to end, and grew up on the Internet. So far, there is no physical equivalent to bind with it, and it is a complete “virtual item”. Therefore, when a virtual currency can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars, a piece of “real estate” in the “virtual world” can be sold for millions of dollars, which does not seem to be unacceptable.

Even compared to completely nihilistic virtual currency, “virtual real estate” has at least one “Metaverse” platform rooted in real companies as a carrier. However, it does not mean that “virtual real estate” is safer and more valuable than virtual currency . In Xiao Lei’s view, the essence of the two is the same.

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

Seeing this, it is estimated that someone will refute Xiao Lei: “Virtual currency is virtual currency, and the Metaverse is Metaverse. How can they be confused?” In fact, although the concept is different, as a part of virtual economy, Xiao Lei believes that virtual currency and support The “virtual real estate” born in “Metaverse” was born based on the user’s own value definition, and there is no real object to support it.

Even the people who are speculating about “virtual real estate” are those who were speculating about virtual currency before. When the virtual currency enters a period of price stability, they start to look for other goals. Moreover, the recent virtual currency prices are very turbulent, mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin have been falling for many days, and the main holders of virtual currencies need a channel to prove the value of virtual currencies.

So, how do we prove that something has a certain value? Naturally, it is used to purchase some things. Currently, there are not many websites that support virtual currency to purchase physical objects, and it is often impossible to purchase some expensive items. It is difficult to bring the virtual currency to the outside world and it is also “valuable” illusion. Therefore, they focused on the Metaverse, or more accurately the “virtual property” in the Metaverse.

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

By buying and selling “virtual real estate” and other NFT items, they can easily create news about buying a “virtual item” with hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars, making everyone aware of the value of virtual currency and virtual property. In fact, what these lavish users pay when buying similar products is basically virtual currency, which is not equivalent to real currency. When the virtual currency market fluctuates, the property you hold will quickly depreciate.

Take Lin Junjie mentioned above as an example, the value of the “virtual real estate” he invested in has shrunk by nearly half after 20 days. The reason is that the value of a single currency, which is the main transaction of Decentraland in the world, has changed from 20 days. The previous 4 US dollars fell to 3.36 US dollars (as of the 11th). Therefore, when the price of “virtual real estate” remains unchanged, just the depreciation of virtual currency can make your “virtual assets” shrink substantially, which is countless times more stimulating than the real real estate market.

Moreover, these “virtual real estate” are based on the existence of the platform. If the platform cannot continue to operate or the operator runs away, resulting in the disappearance of the platform, then the value of these “virtual real estate” will undoubtedly go directly to 0, even if you are willing No one will be willing to take over when selling assets at 10% off. In the final analysis, the data itself is a virtual existence. It is just a string of codes. It does not correspond to physical objects and has no actual value. If the risk of stock trading is 10, then the risk of virtual real estate may be 100.

Everyone knows the truth, but I don’t believe I’m a picker

In fact, most of the people who enter the market at this time understand this truth. They just think that they will not be the last to take over. In the environment where the concept of “virtual real estate” continues to be hot, they can easily earn dozens of times. Even hundreds of times the chance of return.

To use a common game as an analogy-drumming and passing flowers, today’s “virtual real estate” market is a multi-player drumming and passing flowers. You can only hope that you are not the last one to receive the plate, otherwise you will lose everything.

The hidden attributes of the Metaverse: the drunken gold fans are crazy

Recently, CCTV and other media have once again reminded everyone to pay attention to the “Metaverse” scam. There have been a large number of cases in the market using the concept of “Metaverse” to hype “virtual assets” and defraud users of investment or recharge. “Universe” is essentially a shoddy game or even a “shopping platform” that only displays items and communities.

When you are attracted by these bells and whistles, which are called “China’s First Metaverse Real Estate”, “China’s First Metaverse Community” and other apps or games, you have actually stepped into their trap. As the traders behind them, they can increase the transaction price of the entire market to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands without even having to come up with real money, because all transactions are virtual and do not need to be approved and verified by government departments. You get nothing except a piece of code on your account.

So, don’t really think that the current “Metacosm Real Estate” is valuable. It is most likely to be the price manipulated by the trader. When you rush into the market with a ticket and feel complacent looking at the rising “housing price”, maybe tomorrow It’s harvest time.

In fact, whether it is “Decentraland” or “Sandbox”, it is currently just a multi-person social community hyped by the heat of the Metaverse. The probability that the mainstream Metaverse will be born from them in the future is very small, so it is better to go. Pay attention to related projects of top companies such as Tencent and Meat. As for the “virtual real estate” that is now hotly discussed, it is nothing more than another scam.

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