The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights…

The long road tossed and separated joys and sorrows, people gathered and scattered.

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights...

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Xiaoting, a remote intern from Lai Ka Think Tank, is a graduate student of Zhengzhou University. She has also personally experienced the heavy rains and floods that broke out in Henan in recent days. Trapped in the dormitory for 2 days, the internet was cut off, completely isolated from the outside world… In the following short article, Xiaoting recorded her mood at that time.

“When people face the unknown, they always have a lot of fear and fear. There used to be a small daily routine of electricity, water, internet, and food. At this moment, it has become a luxury.” She said, this The two-day experience taught her to cherish and love life even more after the rainstorm.

My city is hurt, I am not a bystander, but an experiencer.

To me, it seems to have had a long dream.

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights...

Unable to see the sea, the sea of ​​Zhengzhou came to see me. With the majestic momentum of gusts of wind and showers, the Milky Way fell down and the ocean basin poured. The heavy rain has been slow to leave, and it has only brought endless devastation and damage to the city.

There seemed to be a hole in the sky of Zhengzhou, and storms swept the city.

From the morning of the 19th to the morning of the 21st, the heavy rain lasted for two days, and the two days covered a whole year of rain. The continuous rainfall has caused serious waterlogging in Zhengzhou City, the flood control situation is very severe, and a large number of people have been trapped. Traffic is paralyzed, subways are inverted, underground parking spaces are flooded, roadsides turn into sea, cars float around…

We at the school were not spared either. The continuous heavy rain made the school devastated and the once clean and beautiful campus became a mess.

Dozens of large dumped trees lay across the road, the black swans of Meihu swam to the playground, and the fish were dying on the bamboo bridge by heavy rain. The circular plaza of the pine garden became a natural swimming pool, and the crayfish were free in the classroom. As he walked, the bedroom downstairs became a vast ocean, the water in the campus was waist-deep, the electric bicycles only showed a handlebar, water and electricity were in short supply, food was in short supply, and the mobile phone had no signal…

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights...

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights...

When will the heavy rain stop? unknown. When can I get water and phone calls? unknown. When can I eat hot meals? unknown. When facing the unknown, people always have a lot of fear and fear. The bedroom was dark. We were lying on the bed with no cell phone signal and completely isolated from the outside world. We were closed in a small space, sultry and irritable without any sleepiness. Listening to the heavy rain outside the window, our thoughts were flying. After the rainstorm, we must work harder to love life. People always know how to cherish after they have lost it. There used to be a bland little daily life of electricity, water, internet, and food. At this moment, it has become a luxury. With fewer complaints, more understanding and tolerance, I believe Zhengzhou will be able to tide over the difficulties with your help and prayers.

I was warmly moved by the school’s dormitory aunt, supermarket owner, and logistics staff. Dorm aunt and we are always together , one by one bedroom bottled water, telling us not to be afraid, to appease the feelings of the students; water and help move things leaky bedroom cleaning; get your things out and give nothing to eat classmates.

Taking advantage of the low rain on the morning of the 21st, my roommate and I went downstairs to the supermarket to buy food. On the shelves of water, bread, biscuits, instant noodles, from hot rice meals, etc. all gone, as if supermarkets were looted. I took some milk, snacks, and sweets. There was no electricity or internet. The mobile phone could not scan the code, the campus card could not be swiped, and there was no cash. Hundreds of people lined up for credit, recording their names, phone numbers and amounts by themselves. Thanks to the understanding and trust of Uncle Supermarket, so that everyone can fill their stomachs in the face of difficulties.

The convenience store owner told everyone over and over again: “The rain is still going on, students, don’t take it lightly. Don’t worry if you can’t buy food without electricity or internet. I have snacks and drinks in the store. You can distribute them according to your needs in the store. Keeping accounts, all the materials in this store are provided to everyone at a 30% discount.” There is no price hike, no price increase, and some are just dedicated to helping everyone tide over the difficulties. The logistics staff helped the students return to a safe place in the first time, pulling ropes, building ladders, and carrying sandbags. Thank them for their hard work and dedication. There were no casualties in the school. It turned out that people who thought that we didn’t have much interaction with us were running and working for us, and thousands of words converged into one “thank you”.

My teacher and parents were trapped on the highway for more than 20 hours. The wind was raging like a madman, and the rain was pouring down. As night fell, the workshop was curled up, hungry and hungry, all night long. Surrounded by endless rainstorms and darkness, the sky was red with a fierce light, and people were lonely like isolated islands far away from civilization. The heavy rain in Zhengzhou was continuously broadcasted on the radio. Except for the vehicles stuck on the highway, all the cars outside the windows looked like a vast ocean. Lack of food and clothing, everyone is so kind. Those who have fruit provide fruit and those who have food give food. Thanks to the loving strangers. Fortunately, the teachers and family members finally return home safely.

The classmate’s friend happened to be on the subway that day, listening to her talk about the thrills of the rest of his life. After get off work, I walked to the subway station with water dripping across my thighs. I thought it would be safe to get on the subway. Who knows that is the beginning of the nightmare. The subway stopped after one stop and couldn’t move. The car started to seep water. The crew arranged to evacuate. They returned after a short time after they left, and the water outside came over. There is more and more water in the carriage, and the water reaches my chest when standing on the seat. The air in the compartment is also gradually decreasing. Many people have symptoms of breathing difficulties. People become more and more flustered, facing the fear of death and despair of suffocation. Some are already confessing their last words to their families, some are saying goodbye to relatives and friends, and some people have drowned and disappeared after a while…

I don’t know how long it took before the rescue team appeared! The sound of knocking on the glass of the carriage is so beautiful. More and more voices comforted each other, saying that rescue is coming and we have a chance to be rescued. Everyone is shouting to rescue the fainted person first, and everyone helps rescuers to send the fainted person out first. Then all the boys stood on both sides and let the girls go first, even the couples let go of each other’s hands. Many boys and rescuers were immersed in the water together, followed by one girl after another, and finally they evacuated.

There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who come forward. Everyone actively rescued themselves and each other in the rainstorm, and every picture was touching.

Our Zhengzhou has survived.

At present, the heavy rains in Zhengzhou have stopped, the roads have receded, the main roads are basically passable, the buses have been restored, and the supply of water and electricity is gradually being provided. However, in some places, there are still problems such as electricity leakage and gas leakage from road landslides. Post-disaster reconstruction is still a huge project. After the torrential rain washed away, what was left was the gleaming bright spot of human nature .

The heavy rain in Zhengzhou, I was isolated from the world for two days and two nights...

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