The head of Chia mining pool “exit”, an article to explore the mysterious mining pool behind the shocking insider!

In addition to the mining pool chaos, chia mining ecology also has a lot of pits.

Recently, the mining circle circulated the news – Chia mining top five UUPOOL mining pool suddenly announced that the Chia mining pool business offline, UU official said that due to the current Chia mining pool protocol mechanism is not perfect, multi-digging double digging program repeatedly prohibited, Chia team has not given an efficient solution, so offline; this, a number of third-rate media interpreted it as UU mining pool is about to run away.

However, the official announcement shows that UU has only “temporarily” taken down the chia mining pool, and it is understandable that “double digging” happens from time to time in the current situation of the chia mining ecosystem, which is temporarily offline until the official solution is launched. On the other hand, if the UU mining pool was going to run away, it would be right to suspend user withdrawals at this time, but that’s not the case.

As the news of UU mining pools shelving their chia section spread, users’ eyes started to look at HPOOL, which is also a top-ranked chia mining pool platform.

Is Hpool “dangerous”?
When it comes to the HPOOL pool, which is currently ranked number one in chia mining, I’m sure you’ll recall Chia founder Bram’s comments about it: “Hpool pool is very dangerous, Chia Chia officially does not support Hpool pool because Hpool has a situation of withholding revenue from users. “

Does this situation really exist? Let’s look at a few sets of data.

We can know the address of HPOOL’s Chia mining pool through Hpool’s website

Then we come to the official Chia block browser provided, and we can clearly see the address of the mining pool ending in zzpfj (HPOOL mining pool), which is currently the first arithmetic power of the whole network.

The head of Chia mining pool "exit", an article to explore the mysterious mining pool behind the shocking insider!

From the information provided in the chart above, we can see that the total network arithmetic power is now 6528.08 PIB (note: the data may not be updated in real time, so there may be a gap with the actual value), and Hpool mining pool has 33.8% of the total network arithmetic power, with 2,203.88 PIB.

So what is the data displayed by Hpool Mining Pool on the official platform?

As we can see in the figure below, the data provided by the Hpool mining pool platform is very different from the official arithmetic data. How big is it? The difference: 2630.69 (HPOOL official data) – 2203.88 (Chia block browser data) = 426.81 (PIB). 426.81 PIB of Hpool’s false report accounts for nearly 20% of the real arithmetic power of 2203.88 PIB.

The head of Chia mining pool "exit", an article to explore the mysterious mining pool behind the shocking insider!

Judging from the above data, the extra 20% of computing power out of thin air makes people wonder if HPOOL has a shady scheme of misrepresenting data to steal users’ revenue.

Other Risks Hidden in Chia Mining Ecology
In fact, in addition to the mining pool chaos, chia mining ecology also has a number of pits: 1.

  1. shady cloud computing platform

This is mainly for small and medium-sized retail investors, no ability to buy the whole machine, generally no hardware ownership, only the right to rent arithmetic, rent you a three-year trial period, you spend money on hardware (because the price of hard disk is rising) people hardware investment all back, and the hardware is still their own. The platform also draws a commission, how many coins can be produced, how much to give you, although there is a contractual agreement, but the entire arithmetic can produce how many coins, the customer does not count ah, you can not check, who received the mining pool, how much the mining pool fee, how much chance of exploding blocks, all this is said by the platform, can be divided into coins has been good, the user does not have any autonomy. 3 years to expire, the platform to take back, all the mining machine coins are their own, this deal is more cost-effective, and the hardware paid by the user.

  1. Generation P disk

Many users will find that the purchase of hard disk, P disk speed is too slow, to be fast you have to sell more P disk machine, a price of less than tens of thousands, more than tens of thousands, the problem is that after P, these are not much use, so the market appeared on behalf of professional P disk company, not to mention their P disk speed, the key is, handed to the other side P disk need to hand over their private keys, and this there are two risks.

① After P you take back can you produce coins, in order to improve the efficiency of P disk, they take the most beginning of the hard disk for p disk, get independent number, will p good arithmetic in the form of copy and paste batch copy to your hard disk, because the business copy and paste may appear dozens of hundreds of the same number of arithmetic access to the main network, the key is here, when you take these fake arithmetic hard disk access to the main network, the The main network will show in your wallet that you have the corresponding arithmetic power, but when you start mining, these arithmetic power does not really produce mining effects, because the main network recognizes that many of the same number of arithmetic power will automatically expel, and will not mine.

② Generation P disk is often required to provide the customer with a secret key, this there is a risk of theft of assets. Compare the secret key is equivalent to the key to your home, if it falls into the hands of others, this person can enter and exit your home at will, how will you feel? I am sure you will be scared.

In short, at this stage, access to the mining pool, there is a certain risk, you can measure yourself. In fact, it’s not too late to enter the mining pool mechanism when it matures later. It is worth mentioning that the official mining pool originally planned to go live on the 17th needs to be delayed until the end of the month, the official said that the end of the month will have upgrades to the “field block”, but mainly to clarify the mechanism of the field block to join the mining pool, and the mining algorithm, such as more digging behavior restrictions, more transparent rates, more stable burst block, no longer need a private key and other major technical upgrades. So the end of the month is still worth looking forward to.

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