The “guide cut version” of the game, there is no alternative

Buy-out games are trapped in the price.

The cinematic narrative of the game is not a new technique, but every time a game launches a “director’s cut version” it will still make people froze for a few seconds.

“DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT” (DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT) was announced at E3 this year, and the pre-sale will start on July 9. “Kojima Studios may make movies in the future. If you can do one thing well, then everything can be done well.” Two years ago, in a behind-the-scenes short film of “Death Stranding”, Hideo Kojima published his own “Cinema Manifesto”.

This “great director who was delayed by the game career” once had nearly 10 minutes of long shots in the opening show of “Metal Gear Solid V: Prime Blast”, inviting “Brother Crossbow” Norman Redus and “Uncle” Max · m Colson and other Hollywood show business people featuring “death stranded” starring.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

“Brother Crossbow” in “Death Stranding” and the famous director Gilmour Del Toro (left)

It has always been close to movies and his works have a strong personal touch. Hideo Kojima’s “guided cut version” seems reasonable. In contrast, the creators of most games do not have this personal aura. For example, the pre-sale of the director’s cut version of “Soul of Tsushima” at the beginning of the month also has a “Kurosawa Akira Mode” closely related to the movie, but it still makes many players deeply puzzled: “Who is the director and what do you want to cut?” “

Searching for “Director’s Cut” on Steam, there are 95 matching results, only including games that have logged in to the PC. If you count the easily confusing “annual edition”, “remake edition”, “power-enhanced edition”, etc., the number is hard to estimate.

Why can the game also have a “director’s cut version”? Poison Eye believes that behind the endless emergence of various “versions”, it reflects the current price predicament faced by “buyout system” games.

Game version: Squandered flowers gradually become charming eyes

“It’s all a bad start from “Justice League”.” Under the information about the “Guide Cut Edition” game, it is common for netizens to complain like this, and regard it as a marketing term of the manufacturer, but use a more familiar term for the public . Vocabulary to promote the new version.

The game will have cut version of the guide, with game producer (producer) and game supervision (director) functions conflict is not without relevance, the former movie-like “Producer”, the game is to supervise the work content of soul-controlled characters . If you only follow the wishes of supervision, the game can continue to add creativity and improve the gameplay, and the time to market will not be guaranteed. At this time, the producer is required to control the progress and coordinate the manpower. Therefore, in theory, a more artistic “guided cut version” that restores the original intention of the supervision and expression can also exist.

However, at the end of the movie’s credits, the name of the director usually appears, which is regarded as “a director’s work.” In games, the supervisor is often the person behind the scenes. At the end of the credits, the name of the company or studio appears. Hideo Kojima is just a special case. In addition to the Japanese game industry has always been keen to push the main creator from behind the scenes to the front, the more important reason is that he will always occupy the two roles of “producer” and “supervisor”.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

Every generation of Assassin’s Creed series will have “UBISOFT”

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

I can have a name because Hideo Kojima is both “producer” and “director”

In addition, due to the different nature of the game and the movie, the “guided cut version” of the game not only involves plot missions and cutscenes CG, but also covers mission play and other aspects. For example, “Assassin’s Creed: Guided Cut Edition” mainly adds four side missions, and “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Edition” has improved the image quality, changed the skill system, and added the “precision shooting system”…

Some of the content may be abandoned during the development process due to the progress of the project and added later, but some are obviously newly produced for the new version. Then the game “guide cut version” and ultimate version, enhanced version, etc. What is the difference between the versions?

Generally speaking, naming methods such as the annual version, the gold version, and the ultimate version refer to the “full version” of a game, which integrates all subsequent DLCs. The naming methods such as the remake and enhanced version are accompanied by gameplay changes and screen upgrades. And other meanings. If a game contains multiple changes to the plot, system, soundtrack, etc., has integrated content but does not contain independent large-scale plot DLC, and is not too far from the release time of the original version, then it is called “director’s cut version”. select.

But in essence, it is a naming method in a fuzzy area, and the real effect is similar to applying an upgrade patch. The amount of content depends on the “conscience” of the manufacturer, and the naming method depends on the imagination. For example, “World of Warcraft 3” has a unique “reforged version” (reforged), and the third version of “The Witcher 1″ is simply called ” The Witcher: Power Enhanced Director’s Cut Edition.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

The Witcher:Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut

Even Hideo Kojima himself tweeted on July 12: “Actually, I don’t like the term “guide cut version”. Since it is adding content, it is better to call it Director’s Plus instead of Director’s Cut.”

3A game: now do not play, can not afford the prices

The clearance time of a game is 3-30 times longer than that of a movie. Different consumption patterns make players reluctant to replay the “guided cut version” that has not changed much. Even if they love it, the price of some new versions of the game will make players feel happy. Unhappy.

In addition to direct purchase, the new version usually provides the option of “original upgrade”. “Death Stranding” will cost $10 (about 65 yuan) to upgrade to the PS5 “guide cut version”, and “Soul of Tsushima” will cost $30 ( About 195 yuan), the latter has added some scattered content, but the price has reached half of the original game.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

“Death Stranding”

3A buyout games are priced at US$60. This standard has been established for more than 30 years since the establishment of Sony and Microsoft in the United States in the 1990s . However, with the continuous improvement of the expressiveness of the game, the development cost of high-standard games has also been rising. , “Price increase” has been mentioned in the industry for many years, but no manufacturer dared to take the first step. The purpose of changing the fancy release version is to “make more money,” and the essence of using the same game to “make money” is to deal with the cost and price dilemma through fine-tuning of the business model.

The profit model of traditional buyout games is to invest the money earned from the upper game into the development of the lower game. If the company’s product line is not rich, it is often “all in” like a tightrope. The Polish developer CDPR, which originally enjoyed a high reputation among players, is a very representative case.

They relied on selling pirated CDs and agency distribution for ten years, and invested 8 million euros in “The Witcher 1”. Four years later, they put the funds raised from the listing into “The Witcher 2” and released “The Witcher 3” four years later. Four complex for four years, only in a case where the main product line by the end of 2020 ” Cyber Punk 2077″ before the sale, CDPR become a pan-European Zhou game’s most valuable company.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

CDPR is also the company with the highest market value among all industries in Poland

As a result, “Cyberpunk 2077” was “not finished” at all. It was suspected of false propaganda. The stock price plummeted and word-of-mouth collapse followed. But observing the time of sale, we can find that from 2015 to 2020, it has exceeded the previous development cycle. “The Witcher 3” costs nearly 80 million U.S. dollars, with a team of more than 1,500 people. “2077” costs over 100 million U.S. dollars, and some Polish analysts estimate the total cost to exceed 300 million U.S. dollars. In other words, if the release year is set farther, it may be difficult to support the company’s continuous operation.

Necromanov, the founder of “Flagship Review”, mentioned in a column article that affected by the changes in the global external economic environment, the game industry will also face the polarization of user spending power, and the balance maintained by the “60 USD” is becoming more and more important. Unsustainable, just like the “cyberpunk” world in the game, what developers will want to maintain in the future may be users who “can accept $1,000” and users who “can accept $10”.

In buy-out games, there is no middle ground in the “2A” market. Only high-standard 3A games and small-volume independent games can compete. The current “most expensive” game is R Star’s “Red Dead Redemption 2”. It has been developed for 8 years. The official cost data has not been announced. There is only one sentence “Investment resources are 3 times that of “GTA5″”, and “GTA5” The total cost is as high as 268 million US dollars.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

“Red Dead Redemption: Redemption 2”

This is a development model with little reference. Starting from 2015 when the PC version was released, “GTA5” has been on the Steam Weekly Sales List for 6 years. The sales cycle has crossed from PS3 to PS5, and even “who hasn’t bought GTA5” has long been circulated. No other game can do this, and the key element to maintain its vitality is not the stand-alone content but the multiplayer online part.

More and more manufacturers have tended to adopt the structure of “sufficient stand-alone content + long-term network payment” to develop games, so as to spread the cost evenly in subsequent operations. Another new business model is to make “service-based games”, that is, to maintain player activity through continuously updated content. DLC can be purchased separately or directly, “Gold Edition” and “Ultimate Edition” with a price higher than $60. “Or even the “director’s cut version”… “microtransactions” for skins and props are another count.

It’s just that there is a conflict between “service-oriented” and “buy-out system”. The actual situation may be “split a game into several parts to buy” or “sell first and then do it”, and the cost risk is also passed on to pre-paid players. They. At the end of May this year, “Total War: Three Kingdoms” announced that it would give up updating the promised DLC, and “Monster Hunter: Rise” 3.0 has a thin content volume, which is a manifestation of this situation. There are also manufacturers who directly “showdown”. For example, “Final Fantasy 7: Remake” sold “Chapter One” at “full price.”

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

“Final Fantasy 7: Remastered Edition” “Chapter One” sells for $60

Due to historical reasons, the domestic game industry’s method of solving the cost problem was different from the beginning. From the “subscription system” of selling point cards in the early years of mobile games to the “free system” commonly used in mobile games, domestic developers have used “liver” and “krypton” to be compatible. Players with “polarized” spending power mentioned above.

When the buyout stand-alone game “Black Myth: Wukong” was announced in 2020, the most worried about in the major communities was the pricing issue. Domestic players are accustomed to the price of 3A games in the “low price zone”, and the game will sell for $60. (About RMB 400) The probability is extremely low, and the cost may not be recovered.

The "guide cut version" of the game, there is no alternative

“Black Myth: Wukong” is more like a symbol of domestic games

Fortunately, in March this year to accept Tencent after the capital injection, in the game of science CEO Feng Ji know almost respect the “no money” and joking recover some of his dialogue negotiations with Tencent, said the other purpose is “really, really need this industry Such a product”, the symbolic meaning of “Black Myth: Wukong” is more important than actual revenue. NetEase also started to increase the number of the same track this year. Zhang Yijun, who has developed the “Legend of Sword and Fairy 4” and “Gu Jian Qi Tan” series, posted a blog on July 12, saying that many stand-alone games under development “began to promote the next stage.”

On the other hand, overseas buyout manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to the revenue potential of free games. Ubisoft revealed at its fiscal 2021 fiscal meeting that it would “develop more high-quality free-to-play games, possibly including all its 3A series”. In early July, a Bloomberg reporter broke the news that Ubisoft was preparing for a new game called “Assassin’s Creed: Unlimited”. The new project is intended to create a “continuously evolving massively multiplayer online platform”, and it has been officially confirmed.

It is worth noting that this project is likely to refer to an independent platform similar to Steam and Uplay that can accommodate multiple Assassin’s Creed games. However, the news that “Assassin’s Creed is going to be made into an online game” is still spreading like a virus. After all, players know in their hearts that the free ones are the most expensive.

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