The gray production behind digital collections: some people make 100,000 a month in NFTs and some lose millions in blood

In 2021, NFT once became another hot topic after the “Metaverse”. Compared with the different interpretation concepts of the Metaverse, NFT appears simpler in terms of gameplay and definition.

The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, which refers to non-fungible tokens. It is the only cryptocurrency token used to represent digital assets (including jpg and video clip forms), which can be bought and sold. At present, NFT is called “digital collection” at home and abroad. As a kind of digital economy, digital collection has become an important way to realize virtual assets.

On March 11, 2021, a bland JPG image was processed by blockchain technology and turned into a digital collection, which was finally sold at a price of 69.34 million US dollars in Christie’s auction, equivalent to 451 million yuan. . On March 23, Yuga Labs, the parent company of “Boring Ape” NFT, completed a $450 million financing at a valuation of $4 billion.

From 2021, more and more digital collection sales platforms have sprung up in China. After more than half a year, the digital collection industry chain has attracted some people to invest and purchase.

Just recently, on March 23, TME Digital Collection announced the launch of a digital vinyl record for the 25th anniversary of “Paradise” in cooperation with Tengger, with a limited edition of 8,000 copies, and an appointment has been opened on QQ Music; in early March, “Talking Tom” The “Cat Family” IP teamed up with Baidu Super Chain to launch a free digital collection of limited commemorative badges that sold out in less than half a minute.

However, because it is separated from the fuzzy area, it also makes the “digital collection” controversial. Xinhua News Agency once published in “What is a digital collection? Is there a risk? Who will supervise? ” said: “Before the regulation is implemented, there may still be a large bubble in the NFT-related field for investors. Relevant people believe that ordinary investors should be cautious. To achieve healthy and long-term development of the NFT industry, market entities need to cooperate with each other. regulated business.”

“Gold digger” resigned to fry digital collections, earning 150,000 a month

“Today, there are more than a dozen digital collections on the platform to be grabbed. I have set an alarm on my mobile phone. Once it rings, I will go to the corresponding purchase page to snap up and try my luck. If I grab it, it will be a few hundred yuan or even a thousand yuan. Profit.” NFT player Xiaoyun said with anticipation.

Xiaoyun told Tech Planet that he has now resigned from his original unit to do the digital collection business, because he earned 150,000 through digital collections in one month, and there are not a few players like Xiaoyun who make money.

He has been in touch with digital collections since January this year. The idea at that time was that digital collections have not developed much in China, but they have the same popularity as the Metaverse, or an investment opportunity, so he began to snap up digital collections, and then Through the secondary market of the platform, or find a buyer to sell and realize it yourself.

Another Xiaoxing who has just started told Tech Planet that digital collections are very profitable. According to the screenshots provided by Xiaoxing, he made a net profit of 2,700 yuan a day by selling two collections in the secondary market, and the cost was Less than 30 yuan. There are still some other collections in my hand. After the price of the collections is high, I will sell them at a high price. It is estimated that I can earn 20,000 yuan in this wave. If I can grab the collections every day, the monthly income will exceed 10,000 yuan. Even like some bigwigs in the circle, earning 100,000 yuan a month is not a problem.

The gray production behind digital collections: some people make 100,000 a month in NFTs and some lose millions in blood

Source: A screenshot of the digital collection transaction provided by Xiaoxing.

According to Xiaoxing, the entire purchase process of digital collections is similar to his own experience of frying shoes.

The public account of each platform first publishes the rush purchase calendar of digital collections, and users purchase through the platform’s rush purchase channels, including apps, web pages, and mini programs. The Mini Program of the Collection Platform has been blocked.

There are not too many types of digital collections released by the platform each time, about 1-4. The number of digital collections of each type is also limited, mostly around 10,000 pieces, and the price of each collection is between 1-100 yuan. Wait, after the platform releases the collection, it will soon be robbed by users, and each sale on the platform can earn tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Xiaoxing said: “In the beginning, digital collections were easy to grab, but after too many people discovered this opportunity to make a fortune, it was not so easy to grab. But the more difficult it is to grab the platform of digital collections, the collections on its platform are in The price in the secondary market is higher.”

Of course, not all digital collections are up for grabs. Xiaoxing said that collections are mainly bought on big platforms, such as Whale Scout, Magic Core and other platforms with large company backgrounds, as well as unique art, NVWA and other platforms with a certain reputation in the industry, the collections of these platforms can often be grabbed Then sell at a high price, and it is easy to trade out.

The gray production behind digital collections: some people make 100,000 a month in NFTs and some lose millions in blood

Source: Xinzhibang, a ranking of the influence of domestic digital collection platforms.

But no matter how wide the river will be, there will be times when it will dry up, so Xiaoxing will not always stare at these big platforms, but will also find some new small platforms to buy digital collections, which is equivalent to venture capital, because once these small platforms become popular If the price is too high, the price of the collection in your hand will rise, but it does not rule out that some small platforms will run away directly after cutting the leeks.

Xiaoxing believes that after all, there are only a few people who run away, and most of the investment is still rewarded. After removing the cost of these losses, he can still make a lot of money. If the market is good, he can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a month, even if it is a start. People who play can earn several thousand yuan a month, and there are people who lose money, but there are still a few people who lose money in his circle.

The “Leek Pan” platform ran away, and retail investors lost nearly one million

After more than half a year of development, the domestic “digital collection” has become a relatively complete business chain.

As the upstream of the industry chain, the digital collection sale platform has the absolute right to speak and price. Some of these platforms are backed by big Internet companies, such as Ali Whale Quest and Tencent Magic Core; there are also waist companies, such as Unique Art, and Mango TV’s digital collection platform based on the Light Chain; some are new companies started by individuals, and even Individuals build the platform manually, and then produce and sell by themselves.

Tech Planet found that there are several new platforms appearing almost every day, and people in charge of these new platforms can be seen advertised in multiple digital collections. This means that capital has begun to deploy this market, and it also makes some leeks profitable. It is such a mixed market where some people make money and others lose money.

Xiaoguang, a senior insider, told Tech Planet that law-abiding capital will strictly limit the sale of digital collections. For example, after users purchase collections, there will be a resale period, ranging from one month to half a year. After the sale period, the collection can be traded or given to others. This is to crack down on speculators. After quickly grabbing the collection, it will be sold for a second time, so that the value of the digital collection will return to its essence, so that the hype price is too high to form a bubble.

There are also some platforms that cut leeks, which directly open the secondary market, allowing users to buy and sell immediately, and the platform can ship faster and earn a wave of quick money, which is also very easy to form a “leek plate”. Xiaoguang said that a digital collection platform has run away recently, and some users have lost nearly one million on this platform in order to buy bottoms, so there is a great risk in hyping digital collections.

In addition to the platform side, buying users (also called “retail investors”) are an important and active part of the industry chain. They are active in the official groups of major digital collections every day, and keep an eye on the platform’s release information in order to snap up purchases faster Collections, in order to grab more collections, some retail investors will buy dozens of mobile phones and accounts to compete for them, and they have formed a primary market for digital collections.

The gray production behind digital collections: some people make 100,000 a month in NFTs and some lose millions in blood

In addition to the primary market, some platforms will open the secondary market or the transfer function. Once retail investors grab the collection, they will hang the collection in the secondary market of the platform, waiting for the “institution” to enter the market to sweep the goods. These institutions will buy collections from retail investors at high prices, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan at a time, but the collections they buy will flow into the gray market for trading. For example, if you trade on some digital collection websites or forums on the Internet, the objects of the transaction are those collectors who love digital collections, and the profit earned is about 10%.

The gray production behind digital collections: some people make 100,000 a month in NFTs and some lose millions in blood

Source: Screenshot of a digital collection trading forum.

Xiaoguang added: The previous digital collection market was indeed a good place to make money, but as more and more capital and users enter the market, there are huge bubbles in both the primary and secondary markets. . There are only a small number of people who really use digital collections as collections, and most of them still resell or even hype them as commodities, which is easy to form an invisible and huge bubble.

Remediation of gray industries, some platforms were removed from the shelves

Behind this carnival, there is actually a “Sword of Dalix” hanging above the head. Once the bubble is burst, the digital collection market may form a slaughter plate and become a farce of cutting leeks. Therefore, as a gray market free from ambiguity, necessary regulation is required.

Relevant regulatory authorities have already noticed this. In September 2021, the Standardization Working Committee of the China Technology Market Association under the Ministry of Science and Technology established a special working group with a number of institutions to jointly carry out the development and drafting of the “NFT Platform and Product Evaluation” group standard. Relevant group standards to meet the long-term and healthy development needs of the domestic NFT industry.

In October 2021, the first self-discipline convention in the NFT industry was released. The National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Internet Notary Office of Zhejiang Province, and domestic leading Internet companies jointly issued the “Digital Cultural and Creative Industry Self-discipline Convention”.

At the same time, platform parties such as Tencent have also begun to manage these industries that are in the gray area.

On March 16, the digital collection platform Xihu No.1 issued an announcement saying that the service of the applet was suspended. After communicating with the Tencent team, it was learned that the digital collection currently belongs to the unopened area of ​​the WeChat applet. On March 21, media reports said that the WeChat applet began to remove some digital collection platforms.

Xiaoguang, an insider, believes that the current digital collection market is based on the continuous influx of players and a large amount of financial speculation. For the healthy development of digital collections, effective supervision is very necessary. Supervision will play a role in determining the stability of the digital collection market, and will also make the digital collection industry formalized and large-scale.

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