The girl glanced at the emoji package turned into NFT and sold for $58,000

In 2017, “Side-eye” was included in the English dictionary as a word derived from emoticons. You must have seen all kinds of squinting expressions on social networks, when this expression appears on your mobile phone. On the screen, the glances often reveal contempt, contempt, or suspicion.

On September 25th, “Side-eye Chloe”, one of the most famous squint emojis on the Internet, was auctioned in the form of NFT non-homogeneous tokens. A music production company in Dubai took the emoji for 20 ETH . The package was worth 58,000 US dollars at the time of auction.

The original source of “Side-eye Chloe” is a video uploaded to Youtube. The photographer is a mother, and the owner of this squinting expression is her daughter. One day in 2013, when the mother told her two daughters that she would go to Disneyland instead of school, the eldest daughter cried with excitement, while the younger daughter Chloe gave a calm glance.

This glimpse was caught by netizens who watched the video, and the intercepted emoticons spread virally on the Internet, gradually being named the “Side-eye Chloe” emoticon package. When this emoji encounters the NFT boom in 2021, the value it has spread on the Internet in the past 8 years has been realized.

This is not the first real emoji package realized through NFT. In April of this year, the emoji package named “Disaster Girl” NFT auctioned a price of 180 ETH, which was worth over US$495,000 at the time.

For crypto art collectors, real-life emoticons are a unique collection category, which is supported by the influence of internet celebrities. Although its value is controversial, the emergence of NFT does provide internet celebrities and their works with another kind of improvement. It is a direct way of confirmation and realization.

“Glimpse of Chloe” emoji pack sold for 20 ETH

A popular emoji package in 2013 was sold at a price of 20 ETH in the form of NFT, which was worth $58,000 at the time.

Eight years ago, 2-year-old Chloe Clem and her sister Lily were sitting in their mother’s car. When their mother told the children not to go to school today but to Disneyland, Lily cried excitedly and sat down. Chloe’s face on the side was indifferent. The mother filmed the reaction of the sisters. In the video, Chloe looked calmly at her emotionally out-of-control sister and squinted at the camera.

The girl glanced at the emoji package turned into NFT and sold for ,000

In 2013, “Glance at Chloe” expression became popular

This glimpse later became the well-known expression “Glimpse of Chloe”, which was widely disseminated on the Internet through the Youtube video site. It has been viewed more than 20 million times so far. Chloe’s squint glance has attracted netizens to imitate. Has appeared on T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Today, the Clems are getting financial rewards from their youngest daughter’s memes. On September 25, the official push of the NFT creative economy platform Foundation showed that the NFT emoji package of “Glimpse of Chloe” was sold at a bid price of 20 ETH, which was worth $59,000 at the time. The emoji package was acquired by a music production company in Dubai. 3F Music.

Chloe’s mother, Katie Clem, did not expect that a video of her daughter would bring an unexpected wealth. Now that Chloe is 10 years old, Katie used the NFT casting tool provided by the platform to record the expression of her little daughter on the Ethereum blockchain . The family sold the emoji package on the 16th birthday of her sister Lily. “This is a very interesting thing our family did.” In an interview with The Washington Post, Katie said that the money will be used as a college fund for her two daughters.

Multiple real-life emoticons are realized by NFT

“Chloe the Glance” is not the most expensive real-life emoji NFT.

On April 4th and 17th of this year, also on the Foundation platform, the expressions of “Disaster Girl” (Disaster Girl) and “Overly Attached Girlfriend” (Overly Attached Girlfriend) were photographed with 200 ETH and 180 ETH. The price, according to the different exchange rates of ETH, the two emojis are worth 411,000 US dollars and 500,000 US dollars respectively.

Both of these expressions were also acquired by 3F Music. It is worth noting that the company has acquired many types of NFTs, including encrypted artworks, the New York Times NFT column, etc., but the company has not acquired the purpose of NFT. It has made a public statement, and the crypto circle defines it as a collector of NFT.

The girl glanced at the emoji package turned into NFT and sold for ,000

The evil smile in front of the fire camera achieves the “disaster girl” emoticon pack

Like “Glimpse of Chloe”, both “Disaster Girl” and “Overly Attached Girlfriend” are emoji pictures that are widely circulated on the Internet. The former became popular in 2005, in a picture with a blurred background of the scene of a fire. , The little girl Zoë Roth smiled evilly at the camera. This expression was interpreted by netizens as a sense of fear. The little girl’s smile was often brought into the disaster scene by the PS. In fact, this is just an unintentional snapshot taken by the photographer’s father while his daughter is watching a controllable fire.

The protagonist of “Excessively Attached Girlfriend” is Lena Morris, a fan of singer Justin Bieber. In 2012, she took the idol’s latest single “Boyfriend” to imitate and filmed it into a video, staring wide-eyed and staring at the camera. Netizens intercepted his smile, portraying an aggressive and clingy girlfriend. Nine years later, Lena minted her face that had been popular on the Internet for many years into NFT tokens and put them for auction on the Foundation platform, which brought her a financial return of $500,000.

The girl glanced at the emoji package turned into NFT and sold for ,000

Imitated the expression of idols became popular after 9 years and turned into NFT to sell high prices

People can probably summarize a rule-not everyone’s emoticons will become valuable NFTs, only those real emoticons that have been virally spread on the Internet have the potential of value.

You may not understand its value, but if you bring it into the Internet celebrity economy, you may be able to get to the economic model. Emojis are like the works of internet celebrities. They rely on the acceptance of fans or audiences to condense value. The dissemination of emoticons is like the popularity of internet celebrities’ videos. When they accumulate to a certain extent, they can be realized.

Of course, compared to photographic pictures, paintings or video works that condense the creative process, the hard cost of expression output is not high. This is where the high price of the expression pack NFT is controversial.

However, some NFT enthusiasts told Honeycomb Finance that the popularity of an emoji represents the empathy of the audience, and empathy can be spread, and emojis that allow everyone to empathize and spread on a large scale often occur in a real moment, capturing It is often unintentional. The public resonance brought by this unintentional retention is the precious part of the expression pack NFT. “For the expression maker, this can be regarded as a kind of creation, and it is also original. Viral replication and transmission have brought about network effects. Some people even get commercial value from their expressions, but the people who create the expressions can’t get anything out of it.”

Fashion model Allie Sen Harvard is the creator of the horror expression “Creepy Chan” (Creepy Chan). She became popular because she often made up a creepy horror girl and filmed these expressions. She made these expressions as well. NFT series, “The horror emoji, leaving money alone, casting Creepy Chan NFTs allows me to identify and claim my image. For many years, they have been circulating on the Internet, and I have never been told how they are used. I think I want to regain my power today…This means a lot to me.”

For creators, NFT provides a way to confirm the rights of works. After some NFT auction platforms charge a certain fee, the subsequent transaction proceeds of the works are divided among the authors. The business model of the traditional Internet celebrity economy is still the monetization of advertisements brought by traffic. NFT directly refers to the original works themselves. Under the current market frenzy, there is no shortage of buyers for works with traffic advantages. This is the current market dividend and the market. Still immature performance.


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