The game virtual human has become a new favorite, whether you survive the apocalypse or “eat chicken”

A spokesperson is just the first step

The doomsday theme has always been sought after by players, because the overly oppressive plot can bring excitement, and the beauty of regaining hope makes players unable to stop. When players experience the thrill of bloodthirsty and surviving, such psychological stimulation will enrich the survival game.

In survival games, the theme of zombies is particularly extensive. However, as the doomsday survival game track becomes more and more intense, players are also fighting zombies to the point of doubting their lives.

Competitors on this track have begun to explore different themes and explore more possibilities for survival games. After all, martial arts in the world are new and unbreakable. Manufacturers have begun to focus on sci-fi themes, hoping to survive from the fiercely competitive doomsday games.

The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley. If you have hard currency in hand, you must also have a powerful engine to act as a front for the product and charge into battle.

Who are you going to push into battle? The virtual human first went to the front line to test the water temperature. Virtual idols interact with players through the Internet, and they have become the pillars on which people can place their emotions, and the interactions are becoming more frequent.

With the rapid iterative development of science and technology, more emerging application scenarios have been expanded and the functional attributes of virtual humans have been deepened. From mainstream evening parties to endorsement of major brands, from commercial live broadcast room to verify commercial value to official recognition to carry cultural mission. They have a huge and real fan base. This group of cheerleaders is a solid subcultural group in the entertainment industry.

With the support of a large number of fans, the real popularity of virtual idols is self-evident. Smelling this wave of business opportunities, manufacturers began to endorse products through virtual idols, and even began to customize exclusive virtual spokespersons for games.

Backed by IP, virtual spokespersons gradually improve their character characteristics and begin to accumulate their own influence; games also rely on spokespersons to feed back and expand the IP matrix. It has both fish and bear’s paw, allowing manufacturers to taste the sweetness.

Virtual idol linkage, full of futuristic sense

A few days ago, “Codename: Arrival”, which was developed by Chaoxi Guangnian’s studio, started a new round of testing. “Codename: Arrival” is a sci-fi doomsday survival mobile game. Currently, it has exceeded one million reservations on TapTap. Rated 8.5 points.

The game virtual human has become a new favorite, whether you survive the apocalypse or "eat chicken"

“Codename: Arrival” is a chess move to test the theme of alien technology in the morning and evening, and grab the beach for survival. Since it is a survival track surrounded by strong crowds, in addition to the novel themes that refresh the players, “Codename: Arrival” has also recruited the leading virtual actress ASOUL to promote it.

The story is like this, and listen to the author elaborate. One evening, the popular idol Jiaran (a member of the popular idol girl group ASOUL) was chatting with fans in the live broadcast room, saying that it was too late, and the screen was invaded by a virtual person who claimed to be from 2112, Li Xinglan. The mysterious girl Li Xinglan cut off contact with the scene after sending out a distress signal in the live broadcast room.

In 2022, we dare not even think about this kind of chaos in different spaces, but it does not prevent the curiosity of the people who eat melons from extending indefinitely. Want to know what happened next? (If not, please see next time)

The game virtual human has become a new favorite, whether you survive the apocalypse or "eat chicken"

Just the day after the incident, Li Xinglan appeared again and sent a distress signal to us in 2022. For details, please see “Alien Signals Arrive in 2112”. Since the release of the video that day, many virtual idols have responded to the action of “Codename: Arrival”. Among them, the well-known idol Liu Yexi on Douyin, and members of the idol girl group ASOUL (it was officially announced yesterday that no full members had renewed their contracts) also became pioneers and joined this arduous operation.

At the same time as “Codename: Arrival” was warmed up through multi-party linkage, the personal concept film of the hyper-realistic virtual person Xinglan was also exposed. (Although I don’t know who is in the C position, fans don’t be nervous.)

Futuristic and sci-fi reality are the core keywords of “Codename: Arrival”. As detailed as the game announcement, it also revolves around players’ imagination of technology.

For us in reality, the appearance of Xinglan immediately highlights the futuristic sense of “Codename: Arrival”. The fine hair in front of the forehead, the clear water eyes flowing to the micro-expression in front of the mirror, her vivid, realistic appearance, and even independent thinking, able to achieve the ability to interact with real human beings, is also our beauty for the future world conception.

Let’s return to reality. Although the current virtual human has great potential, the author still believes that the virtual human that is actually used in the entertainment industry at this stage is still limited to the virtual human in the 2.0 era. That is, 2D/3D model + real-time motion capture + behind-the-scenes voice.

To survive in the wild, first read the survival guide

The emergence of virtual humans adds a touch of color to the future world. Chaoxi Guangnian uses virtual humans as a medium to attract players’ attention and depict the image of the future world at the same time.

The game virtual human has become a new favorite, whether you survive the apocalypse or "eat chicken"

So, what kind of surprises does “Code: Arrival” bring to the alien theme? From the released real machine PV and test experience, you can get a glimpse of it.

The background story of “Codename: Arrival” is set in the future of 2112. Human civilization has been devastated by alien creatures. The survivors need to fight the alien invasion and rebuild their homeland. Although the gameplay combines the two game categories of MMO and FPS. But the game as a whole is more inclined to take MMO as the framework, and combine the gunfight mode to attack alien creatures. The main axis of the game focuses on the main line of the player’s defense against alien invasion.

In order to better fit the world view of the game, focusing on the level of technology is also a major focus of “Codename: Arrival”. The work adopts a sci-fi realistic style, making the entire game world more technological and futuristic. In addition, the use of vehicles and the design of weapons can also perfectly reflect the sci-fi feel of the work. If you want to hold a new type of weapon, you can use the crafting table to make it. If you need to hurry, you can copy the vehicle by 3D printing.

It is worth mentioning that the future weapons with a sense of design and technology, in addition to each weapon has a different skill design, the submachine gun can also release destructive rays, allowing players to experience the improvement of combat quality when cleaning monsters.

If you want to survive, in addition to having weapons in hand, be sure to read the “Survival Guide”. The Survival Guide is a guide for beginners, allowing players to adapt to the complex gameplay of the game early and be able to correctly deal with the survival battle.

To achieve the effect of making players feel like they are there, the element of survival is indispensable. In the survival setting of the game, through the player’s satiety, drinking water and health, the level of the indicators will affect the player’s physical strength consumption and recovery, and then interfere with the player’s ability.

Retain your stamina to get ready to go. If you want to survive in the wild, a picnic is a routine trip. However, according to the survival guide, if you want to eat fresh and delicious game, it is recommended to eat the tender meat of the belly of the spiny wolf. Hunting wild creatures and thinking about how to make food more delicious are also a little fun that should be added to the game. Such a setting can not only strengthen the sense of despair at the end of the day, but also bring out the hunger and thirst of players for survival, but also not make players decisively give up survival.

“Codename: Arrival” is a survival game based on the MMO framework, and building a home is an essential setting. But in this game, homes are closely related to the acquisition of resources, which can be said to greatly increase the importance of home construction.

Players can obtain more resources by continuously building shelter camps and increasing the level of their homes, such as the production and production rights of weapons. To build homes and produce weapons, you need to explore the wild to collect the required materials. In the game, the map is mainly divided into regions, and the currently released maps include Screaming Gobi, Duga River Valley, etc. It should be noted that in different game environments, there is a certain degree of pollution. For example, food products are contaminated to a certain extent, which will affect the player’s survival status.

From the guidance of survival skills, survival in harsh environments, and the use of future weapons, the sense of future technology and the sense of apocalypse presented during the game has become more and more profound.

How to get out of the game

Let virtual people participate in game endorsement, in addition to the style positioning, but also hope to use the influence of virtual idols to cover the game to more user groups. For the product itself, the core value of the game can be reflected through the vivid interpretation of the virtual human.

The game virtual human has become a new favorite, whether you survive the apocalypse or "eat chicken"

For example, Ji Li, the digital spokesperson of “Peace Elite”, was invited to participate in UN Women’s activities and appeared on Weibo’s public welfare live broadcast to convey the open, diverse and progressive values ​​of Peace Elite to the world.

She participated in the special program of CCTV’s May 4th Youth Day, fully realizing the value of technology + ideology and culture; she also served as a close friend of West Lake cultural promotion, empowering cultural tourism. During the Winter Olympics, she served as an ambassador for the Peace Elite ice and snow sports promotion, helping 300 million people to realize the vision of ice and snow.

Gilly fully explained the good-oriented value of science and technology in “Peace Elite”, and talked and practiced many positive values ​​other than the game field. She carries the mission and vision of “Peace Elite”, and establishes the spiritual meaning that “Peace Elite” wants to spread through the combination of virtual and reality.

The original intention of the “Peace Elite” team to shape Gilly is to hope that through her growth story, it can inspire more people like her to continue to broaden the boundaries of their lives with strength. It can be said that it is Gilly’s rich enough character background that feeds back the game, and even further interprets the spirit of the game that cannot be clearly explained.

This also proves from the side that when choosing virtual people to endorse products, it is also very important whether the characters are rich enough and whether they can fit the concept that the game wants to show.

“After Tomorrow” uses the virtual human green snake to endorse, which is quite particular. She smirked and manipulated the vines, walked towards the player as a glamorous regenerator, and finally spit out “Welcome to my wasteland world”, and the character set immediately became three-dimensional. In “After Tomorrow” based on the wasteland style, the regenerator is one of the spiritual totems in the game. When the IP matrix of “After Tomorrow” becomes more and more full, the image of the green snake will be more three-dimensional and complete.

However, it is different from “Peace Elite” for Gilly. In the relationship between the two, it is more like “After Tomorrow” is filling in the green snake, so that the mysterious veil of the green snake will gradually fade away. The virtual spokesperson Qing Snake can become a bridge between games and players, and with its high popularity, it will further enrich the story of “After Tomorrow”.

As mentioned above, virtual digital people are currently in a stage of value verification and are sought after by a large amount of capital. In the application of the entertainment industry, virtual humans rely on games to achieve a complementary symbiotic relationship with game IP, and jointly create greater commercial value. However, if the virtual digital human only relies on the game to generate monetization benefits, the situation may not be satisfactory.

Therefore, when the image of the virtual person is full enough, it will no longer be limited to the game, or even out of the game. At that time, virtual people can truly have a “social” identity and accumulate tradable assets.

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