The future path of Gamefi’s chain game economic model

(1) The point of view of a wild chain game researcher

Today, I finally have the urge to start writing this new series of articles. The friends of W Labs have kindly advised me: Brother Gu, this kind of theoretical analysis article looking forward to the future of the industry, game players will rarely read it seriously. What everyone likes to see the most is which chain game is good, making money quickly, when to rush, how to rush, and if you don’t have enough time to write such articles, you can spend more time on “one-page knowledge” of popular chain game projects. Audience players Always more than this.

The suggestion makes sense, but Gua Tian, ​​as a willful researcher in the wild chain game industry, has always wanted to write about this topic a little over his head. Moreover, the actual situation of Guatian recently is that, apart from the internal testing of several games, I have not played Chain Games for more than a month. Because it is a bear market, Chain Games is not motivated by the profit of earning (Earn), and there is no way to play any of the current games. The impulse to play the chain game is not fun, it is really not fun, I would rather go back to WEB2.0 to continue to play the strategy version of the Three Kingdoms and eat chicken.

So let me start by stating my own point of view: at present, the economic model of the vast majority of chain games is not in the right direction, or the model may still be in its infancy, resulting in a death spiral in the end.

But Guatian can’t be a keyboard warrior all the time. It’s not good to spray this, that’s not good, right? I am very optimistic about the future prospects of the chain game industry, and there will definitely be a better economic model in the future to support the continuous evolution of chain games. In the last series of long articles “The Secret of the Chain Game Economic Model” (Original link:

At the end, Gua Tian proposed three possible ideas for how the chain game model can jump out of the death spiral:

  1. Make chain games fun, so fun that players in the crypto world have the motivation to start kryptonizing for this game;
  2. The current model mechanism is dominated by token economics, and transformed into NFT economics with stronger asset precipitation and lower liquidity;
  3. Expanding the scene, such as the Metaverse scene, the chain game is only a link in the Metaverse scene, and the chain game life cycle is also supported by other sibling scenes in the entire Metaverse.

In the past month or so, Guatian has communicated a lot with many excellent friends and benefited a lot. I will add new ideas to the above three points and share them with you in detail. At the same time, Gua friends are also welcome to discuss together. .

(2) Why the economic model of Game 1.0 will definitely lead to a death spiral

Game1.0’s chain game is a chain game based on the economic model of play to earn. To be more specific, it is the imitation of Axie and various revisions, including single-token and dual-token. This kind of chain game, Gua Tian said in the last long article, the life cycle must be shorter than the mobile game of the same type, and the death spiral is certain.

When the above point of view was put forward a few months ago, it was criticized by many people: Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand it yourself. Guatian basically does not argue. First, so far I still think that my opinion is most likely correct; second, the butt decides the head, and people put their fortune in it. You are saying that their model is not good and it will lead to a death spiral. Who would welcome it? You, so you have to understand the other party’s excitement; third, after explaining it clearly to the other party, he won’t give me half a U, so what’s the hurry…

But if you pay attention to some articles or media recently, you will find that more and more authors hold this view. Guatian also asked Gua friends in the community who hold the same view, why do you think there is a death spiral? Most of them are talking about Ponzi, there are fewer bear market takers, etc. These are not wrong. But Guatian still wants to use the category of Behavior Finance and build a simple model to talk to everyone.

2.1 Behavioral Finance

In Gamefi1.0’s chain games, the participants can be classified into four: investment institutions, project parties, old players, and new players. The only purpose of the four of them is to make money, so the food chain is as shown below :

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

The project party has the highest probability of making money, from investment institutions, old players and new players have the opportunity to make money, because his information asymmetry is the weakest. The biggest natural enemy of the project party is the market. For example, if they encounter the current bear market, they will all go to the street.

Investment institutions also have a high probability of making money. As long as the project party eats big meat, investment institutions can also eat minced meat. After all, they are all mixed in this industry. If you cut me off on one project, no one is willing to invest in you for the next project. . Therefore, a win-win situation is the best. If the two parties must PK, there is a high probability that the project party has cut off the investment institution. After all, they have the right to speak on the project, and the action is fast; If you sell it, I will clear it directly. What can you do? sue me? I also sue you for defamation. So some investment institutions figured it out, I want to invest, but also to do my own projects, Animoca Brand is the best case, take everything.

Players are at the bottom of the food chain, but because of the large number of players, there is always a survivor bias. Some people can earn hundreds of times, such as last year’s Raca and this year’s Stepn, so the role model effect makes the currency circle not worry about the lack of warriors.

The old players enter the market early, and they will ambush when they catch a good project. They will earn the principal early through mining, selling or speculating, and the rest will continue to roll. When the market is not good, they will run away. The risk is that the time to enter the market is not early enough, the running is not fast enough, or the head is hot enough to re-cast.

The new players are the worst. The high probability of coming in is to increase the liquidity of the pot for the old players, maintain the stability of the currency price, and then allow the old players to dig and sell. So if you only enter the market when the project starts to heat up, you must be more careful at all times.

Well, from a behavioral finance perspective, as long as the only goal of the quartet is to make money, who is losing money? There will always be someone to lose, right? Or in other words, which side has a high probability of losing money?At a glance, new player! The three parties work together to make money for new players. So why does Guatian keep telling Guayou that the fresh blood of a project depends on two data: the growth rate of new players entering the market, and the retention rate of old players . The old player retention indicator is not easy to determine (the on-chain data website Footprint has a table of the old player retention rate, if you are interested, you can study it together). The following will mainly analyze the data of new players as a representative.

2.2 Dialectics between new players and old players

Guatian uses a small model to illustrate the problems that new players will encounter when they enter the field after the project has opened for a period of time:


A, A Qiang entered the field on Day 1, the cumulative number of players on Day 0 is 100, and it will increase by 10 every day after that;

B. According to Behavioral Finance in 2.1, it is assumed that all players who come for short-term profit are digging and selling, and old players will not re-invest;

C, a player produces 5 tokenA every day;

We get the following table:

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

A closer look reveals a few things:

  1. If the player keeps the same amount increasing every day, his growth rate is decreasing;
  2. It is necessary to use the tokenA (consumption) used by 10 new players every day to balance the number of mining and selling (output) that day. Only when consumption = output can the currency price of tokenA remain unchanged.However, it is very clear from the table that the output is constantly accumulating. The new players who entered yesterday have already joined the army of mining and selling today. This is the basic reason why Game 1.0 models will eventually fall into a death spiral: yesterday’s Comrades-in-arms have become enemies of digging and selling. Day after day, such enemies accumulate more and more, but new players who enter the game every day will not accumulate, and they will change their identity the next day. Therefore, the growth curve of cumulative output is inherently greater than the increase curve of new players! The conclusion is: after a long time, the output must exceed the consumption, and this is how the death spiral comes.

2.3 Models for new players and net output

If you add a column of consumption after the table in 2.1, you can get a very important indicator: net output = output – consumption, when the net output is greater than zero, the currency price will begin to fall; the net output is less than At zero, the currency price can still rise . Guatian simply hand-painted three pictures to analyze, ugly is ugly, melon friends will take a look…

*Can anyone save such an ugly picture?

The horizontal axis is time, the vertical axis is quantity, the slope of the curve is the growth rate, the black line is the number of new players entering the market, and the red line is the net output.

The above picture can be analyzed intuitively. When the growth rate of new players’ entry declines, players are ready to play.

Picture A is the curve of most chain game projects. When the red line breaks up the horizontal axis, the net output is zero, and then the currency price starts to fall. At this time, the growth rate of new players entering the market has slowed down, so this time point Is it a suitable escape point? It may be too late. Guatian recommends that it be ahead of schedule and start shipping at the point where the increase rate of the black curve slows down .

Picture B is an excellent student project, represented by StepN. The number of new players grows very fast, and the consumption of tokens by new players can be used to offset the mining and selling of old players. Therefore, when the net output is zero, if the player’s growth rate does not decrease, he is a good student. It is recommended to continue to hold or reduce part of the position .

Picture C is a poor student project. When the net output is still less than zero, that is, when the old players are still consuming a lot of tokens, the growth rate of the entry of new players has slowed down, so don’t enter this kind of project. If you enter, run away .

Of course, the above is only a part of the simplified model. The complete model has already helped the project team to correct the output and consumption values ​​in the internal test of some games. It seems to be good at present, but it is just a self-entertainment of the melon field. Just for fun, welcome to correct melon friends.

To sum up, two indicators are important: new users and net output, which can be focused on in a bear market.Through these two indicators, you can seize some short-term opportunities, infer the follow-up actions of the project party and make profits , such as Star Shark and StepN in the previous month. Once the indicators are abnormal, there will be a centralized adjustment, and then the currency price will be adjusted accordingly. 30%-100% short-term volatility.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

(3) Why did you play games before you played Chain Games?

A melon otaku, he has been playing games for nearly 30 years, from the earliest handheld “Tetris”, to the minesweeper and spider solitaire that comes with the Windows system, and then to the computer game “Sword Fairy 1” and “Three Kingdoms”. Legend of Yingjie”, then to “Red Alert”, “StarCraft”, “Heroes 3”, and then to the online games “Warcraft”, “Jedi Survival”, “Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition” and so on. The game is really fun, and it makes me very happy. To sum up, there are a few cool points :

  1. Escape from reality: you can achieve a second life and have a sense of control over your life, for example, everyone loves to watch Chuan Shuangwen;
  2. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming: as long as you have enough liver or krypton, you are a big guy or a leader. In the game, you raise a big banner and call the mountains down, the younger brothers kneel, the younger sisters worship, and the online players cry;
  3. Gambling is in line with human nature: when the card is drawn, when the team is weak, the dopamine secretes frantically, which directly cools the brain;
  4. Social attributes: After playing a game for a long time, the brothers in the alliance have become real brothers who chat and spank in WeChat, and communicate emotionally;

    So, there are so many cool points, why is kryptonian gold spending a little money? And the current chain games, do you have any of the above cool points? Basically none, the gambling probability of the third point can be designed, but the core point is also for earning. When you play a game completely for earning, the final result is the death spiral that we summarized in the first article .

Therefore, in order to extend the life cycle of chain games, the first direction that can be broken through is to allow players to obtain other cool points other than the cool point of making money. The more the better! Alex of Foresight Research also proposed in a recent article (“Thinking of a Healthy and Incentive Gamefi Economic Model” Let players get the non-monetary gains. The hero sees the same thing, and explains it in the vernacular of the melon field: the non-monetary income of the game is the player’s other cool points besides making money.

In the future of chain games, if you add as many cool points as possible to the game, the more likely it is to break through the death spiral. Think about why traditional excellent games can have a life cycle of up to ten years: krypton gold players have found something cool in fun games and are willing to pay to draw cards to buy game coins; the project party has obtained funds from krypton gold players After that, I keep a part of it myself, and continue to develop the rest to make the game more fun; more fun games attract more ordinary players; more and more ordinary players give krypton gold players more cool points and continue to stimulate krypton gold players to spend money .

The whole model is shown in the picture below, it can be rotated by itself, it is perfect.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

Guatian gives another case to illustrate: StepN, which everyone has been discussing recently, started the project in August last year and now has a monthly income of over 100 million US dollars. This is definitely a very good product, but it is not great. Because the dual-token variant of Axie is still used in the model, the death spiral is certain. But, his family introduced a cool point: health. It makes you feel that you spend thousands of U, buy running shoes, urge yourself to run, and at the same time have health. This is an additional benefit that StepN can bring to the player in addition to earn. Regardless of the actual result, at least it makes the player feel healthy, so StepN is successful.

(4) What about after the game is fun?

W Labs contacted some traditional game manufacturers some time ago, and also helped them to do the internal testing of traditional game transformation chain games. on the chain tour. Well, assuming that the game itself is already fun, and players have all kinds of cool points to play in, how to operate it in the future to become a good project?

Most of the game teams answered in this way: The most attractive thing about Chain Games is to make money. Gua Ge, please help us design an economic model that can be grafted on the original game numerical system. Our first step is to let Chain Games make money. Players earn money, and the second step is to use money to attract Web2 players to come and play, and earn money while playing.

The logic sounds okay, but there is one point. You use Earn as a driving force to attract Web2 players to make money. Hasn’t he become a currency player again? Back to the old way. The drainage path proposed by Guatian is: Step 1: The game is designed to be fun first, so that players in the currency circle will find it fun; Step 2: Design the same path as traditional games in the game, download the game, and register an account. can play. Don’t worry about your wallet or deposit money, Web2 players will start playing first. Step 3: Do you want to know why the rookies who are worse than you can make money? Did they buy skins or upgrade characters, are they excited? I can teach you what is an NFT, what is a wallet…

Players who come in through such a drainage path are long-term and reliable real chain game players, not a group of hair-raising parties. At present, some chain games have begun to try this way. For example, Bigtime, a 3A masterpiece that was promoted last year, has two characteristics: 1. No token has been issued so far, and all players have played NFT; 2. Perfect The design of the path for WEB2 players to come in and play is exactly the same as the traditional mobile game, just register an account. At the back, players are so excited that they want to play gold, and they have also designed that they can directly swipe their credit cards to buy NFTs. Guatian strongly recommends that development teams who are confident in the playability of their games should also design a set of entry paths that can be played for free but not paid for, if you want to divert traffic from the 3 billion Web2 gamers around the world.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

Well, let’s say a game already has a group of real players who have gotten to the cool point. They are the basic game of the game. You should cherish it, because the krypton gold players who pay for the cool point are among them, and they are the ones who promote the game. The endogenous factors of capital flow can make the model self-circulating . The success of StepN is also inseparable from the promotion of some endogenous factors: Compared with other games, the re-investment rate of old players is much higher. Excluding the reasons for high returns, the refreshing point of “StepN = healthy” will indeed make some Players pay. There are many players around Guatian (especially female players, this is a new topic) who bought shoes for their friends or relatives to encourage them to run.

The base disk is very important. When W Labs provides model setup and consultation to the chain game development team, it has always suggested that the old players need to be divided into new players’ model ideas, and adjusted so that after the project party makes money from krypton gold players, it needs to give some rewards to loyalty The player is the basic board mentioned above, so that the game can last longer . The way can be through the DAO vault, rewarding players who hold Vetoken or interact enough times.

The game itself is fun and refreshing, protecting the basic game, and with some krypton gold players, a self-circulating cash flow is generated, and the life cycle has exceeded the original pure Play to Earn model. But human nature is to like the new and hate the old. The cool point of the game must gradually fade with the passage of time, and there will be fewer and fewer new players.

Then it is necessary to look for exogenous factors in advance to stimulate the circulation of cash flow, which is difficult for traditional games, because players are limited to the front of the mobile phone or computer screen, but WEB3 games have a Metaverse, do you have a brain hole? child opened?

Let’s take a case first, South Korean running shoes SNKRZ (for details, please refer to the first SNKRZ and 5KM of another long research article “Move to earn track project analysis” being serialized by W Labs), his family is a copy of StepN, However, a more interesting PVE mission gameplay has been developed, and enterprises and project parties can cooperate in missions.

Gua Tian thought about it for the project side, such as setting a running task route. The enterprise side has the most billboards on the task route, and what a good advertising effect it is, and what a good advertising effect; Five Starbucks stores were used as check-in points along the mission route. When the runners ran past a star dad, the Apps directly popped up a voice prompt from Sister Zhiling, “Congratulations, you have passed the second level, come on! Starbucks I’ve been cheering you on!” Starbucks spends so much on marketing for a year, so what’s the point of paying the project party’s advertising expenses under such a good model? It depends on whether the operation team of SNKRZ can do it. It seems that the situation is worrying at present.

Therefore, Guatian believes that the layout of such exogenous factors should be done well in advance. Before the endogenous factors of the chain game krypton gold players subside, it is necessary to increase the exogenous factors to expand the business. Gua Tian felt that the heavy losses that StepN suffered in the past few days was essentially the inevitable fate of the economic model, but it was actually because of exogenous factors that did not progress too quickly.The fundamentals of his family are better than other products. In terms of endogenous factors, there are a relatively high proportion of re-investment players. In terms of exogenous factors, if we accelerate the cooperation with those sneaker manufacturers, can we give players hope? Looking forward to StepN’s nirvana.

To sum up, the most effective direction for the chain game economic model to extend the life cycle is to make the game itself fun. After players have all kinds of cool points, krypton gold players are willing to pay for the bill in terms of endogenous factors, and cooperative enterprises are willing to provide cash flow in terms of exogenous factors, so that the economic model can operate on its own. Then design several points in the model: 1. Let WEB2.0 players seamlessly enter the circle; 2. Maintain the basic disk and reward loyalty; 3; Exogenous factors are deployed in advance.

(5) The depth of the nesting doll, the iron pestle is ground into a needle

The last article said that the game should be made fun. In terms of internal factors, allowing players to get different cool points and krypton gold can prolong the life cycle of the game. How to implement it? From the analysis of a single chain game project, it can be made into a loop within the system: continuous addition of nesting dolls, lengthening the circulation cycle of tokens. As long as the playability is strong enough, at least a majority of players will pay for the nesting dolls with good playability.

The word Matryoshka comes from DEFI in the encryption circle. For example, pledge 100 TokenA, yield 50 TokenB; continue to pledge 50 TakenB, yield 25 TokenA… This cycle maximizes the use of the original 100 TokenA assets, commonly used The two stablecoins in the Defi head mine dig each other.

The nesting dolls in Gamefi, the definition of melon fields can be divided into two directions: the upward nesting is to make a fuss about tokens and NFTs; the downward nesting is to make a fuss about the scenes and copies in the game . Here, Guatian gives a recent popular chain game illuvium (that is, a 3A game that sold 20,000 pieces of land on June 2) to share with Gua friends.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

Illuivium issued coins in March last year. The parent currency ILV caught up with the Gamefi boom last year, and it rose from a few dozen dollars to 2,000 dollars, but there were no application scenarios at that time. What should I do? Create one, so a simple staking mining scenario comes out: staking ILV can get silv2, the project team encourages players to try to lock the time period (the one that cannot be taken out in the middle), so that when it expires, take it out, silv2 It is the interest, the principal ilv is still there; if you are lonely and unbearable, and you have to unlock it, then the ilv will be destroyed, and it will be converted into silv2.

The core point of this kind of nesting doll is that the benefits brought by the pledge to the players should be large enough, that is, the usefulness of the silv2 produced by the pledge should be attractive, so this illuvium land sale has fulfilled the promise, which can be purchased with ETH or silv2. Buying, let the players who are set on the top of the mountain in 2021 have a balance in their hearts. One more thing here, this time illuvium sold 30% of the stable arbitrage opportunities in a short period of time, and some melon friends in the community made another wave. This is one of the money-making opportunities for chain games in the bear market.

This is just one of the simplest patterns in “Missing dolls”. The current chain game model can already move many Defi mechanisms into it, such as the Ve(3,3) mechanism, such as the Bond mechanism, and so on. A few days ago, K published an article “Is the token pledge model really suitable for the GAMEFI track” (, summarizing our core about the upward nesting doll Point: For each additional layer of dolls, there will be an additional reservoir, and at the same time, players will no longer simply dig, sell, and sell; of course, it is best to play with games, otherwise it will just add an extra calculation to the data model. That’s it. The combination of game and randomness will make the effect better .

Next, let’s talk about the more important “downward nesting doll”: you can add scenes in the game, and add different types of games under the same theme, such as SLG, RPG, Moba, etc. This is a vertical nesting doll; you can increase the number of in-game dolls The diversity of the copy, according to the expansion of the outer branches and leaves of the storyline, this is a horizontal nesting doll . Continuing to use illuvium as a case of “vertical nesting dolls”, his family’s game currently develops three scenarios:

Scenario 1: You can play business development games on the purchased land, build a building and farm with mining machines, and produce a sub-coin Fuel. If it was last year’s Gamefi 1.0, it would end here, or Fuel reinvests and upgrades land, or digs and sells;

The second scene: The project team added a nesting doll and designed an open-world RPG scene. You can use Fuel to fight monsters and catch monsters in this open world. This layer of nesting dolls can also end here, monsters. Throw the NFT to the trading market to sell;

The third scene: The project party added a nesting doll, designed an arena, combined the captured monsters into a team and put them in the arena to play Arena, and played against each other in the way of auto chess. If you win, you can get token rewards .

A page of knowledge from W Labs

As long as the game is fun enough, in principle, this kind of “vertical nesting doll” can be used indefinitely. As long as you wear it reasonably and make the players happy, the players may consume the tokens in their hands in the layers of nesting dolls. sell pressure . In fact, this kind of scene superposition gameplay existed twenty years ago. Remember 3DO’s “Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Shadow of Death”? The eternal masterpiece, his family almost perfectly combines the two scenes of open map RPG mining and war chess SLG, but the chain game can use tokens to interconnect several scenes.

Heroes invincible series carrying years of memories

A “horizontal nesting doll” is also possible. Let’s take a fictional case of Guatian “The Legend of Condor Heroes” game: after the player finishes playing the copy of “Zhongnanshan Quanzhen Sect”, and singles out the Seven Sons of Quanzhen, he gets the Eagle Token, and then an option pops up: congratulations You are ranked in the top 10% of this week’s combat power in this level, you can get a “Yang Guo” NFT by consuming 10 Eagle Tokens, and you can enter the mysterious dungeon “Tomb Sect”! Of course, if you complete the “Tomb faction” quest, you can get a rarer limited edition “Little Dragon Girl” NFT!

Similar to the above, “horizontal nesting dolls” can also be extended indefinitely, the point is as long as it is fun. For example, Xiaolongnu NFT can be combined with Yang Guo’s NFT to be destroyed, to obtain two props NFTs of “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slayer”, which can be combined to open a copy of “Magic Sect Leader”, etc. Anyway, the more you can design the more.

To sum up the nesting doll mechanism, the token flow cycle of a single chain game project can become longer and longer:the upward nesting doll is to learn from Defi and slow down the circulation of tokens and NFTs; the downward nesting doll is to add content in the game, Among them, the vertical nesting dolls add different gameplays and scenes, attracting players who like different game types, but the theme must be consistent, and it cannot be about fighting Qin Qiong; For players who are addicted to the game background and story, it is suitable to use the copy mode.

The nesting doll is well wrapped, and the tokens in hand of the player will disappear when the doll is placed on it. As the so-called “the nesting doll is deep, the iron pestle is ground into a needle”.

(6) The vertical and horizontal integration of Metaverse scenes

The last article said that if you add nesting dolls inside the chain game project, you can extend the life cycle of the game. This is the most cost-effective economic model revision plan at present. From Guatian’s point of view, the nesting doll scheme is still in the category of “skills”. Is there a better solution that can rise to the “Tao” category? It is recommended to try the Metaverse scenarios and NFT-centric models.

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021, the concept of the Metaverse has caught people’s attention, making everyone feel that the scene in “Ready Player One” is not far away, and the future life is the combination of the real world and the virtual world. Gua Tian is not an expert in the Metaverse, so I won’t discuss it here, but based on the analysis of the chain game economic model, the Metaverse scenario is undoubtedly a more optimal choice than the project’s nesting doll mechanism: it extends the nesting doll mechanism in the project to the outside of the project. It creates a vertical and horizontal effect between projects and forms a new symbiotic network, so that the life cycle of a single project will be extended by the support of other projects.

Everyone may have seen such a scene in the movie: the ice and snow are flying, a team of caravans is advancing on the mountain road close to the cliff, in order to prevent the individual from accidentally slipping off the cliff, everyone is strung together with ropes. In this way, even if one person accidentally slips, the strength of a dozen other people can stop him from falling.

The same is true in the Metaverse scene, and we will give a few cases according to the old habits. Gala, which has been popular throughout the year, claims to be the Steam of chain games, and its confidence comes from two points: first, Gala tokens can be empowered in all games, such as purchasing NFT; second, NFT of all games can be Universal in the platform (I still remain skeptical about this point, if it is not a game developed by Gala, but an externally joined game, how can other games accept his NFT?).

In this way, two points can be deduced: as long as the Gala platform continues to have games added, the Gala token will always be empowered; as long as the Gala platform exists, the NFT in a single game can enjoy permanent value on the platform, even if it is a single The tokens in the game die, and the NFTs in each game are forever in the platform, and its value depends on the consensus of players.

The Gala design is ideal. Although the performance of the Gala currency price in the real world is not as strong as everyone thinks, it is at least still alive, and many single-project games in the same period have disappeared. At present, the playability of Town Star and Spider Tank on Gala is above average. Unfortunately, the development progress is slow. Maybe the founding team made a lot of money in the Gamefi climax in 2021 last year, so why should they work so hard to develop? No, it’s normal human nature.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

To give another case, it’s the old-fashioned StepN. Some time ago, it launched a private server-like event in the stormy days. The core point is: Welcome all kinds of StepN imitation disk developers, as well as small businesses who want to start a business in the upstream and downstream of StepN. Friends, come to StepN to do projects together and share the daily active users of 700,000. However, your project must use my GMT token. You have to undertake the GMT selling pressure with me. Let’s get together in the Metaverse and get what we need. .

In another case, Axie announced some time ago that it would introduce 12 new games in one go. With Axie, it is known as “Vietnamese Thirteen Fragrance, Lobster Series”. Do the thirteen games in series feel like they can all pull each other?However, Gua Tian is skeptical about Thirteen Fragrance in Vietnam. If he encounters teammates who are like pigs, it may have a counter-productive effect.

(7) Classification of Metaverse Chain Games and NFT-centered economic model

Well, the Metaverse scenario has understood the benefits of the chain game economic model, so how to implement it? Up to now, there should be no successful Metaverse chain game economic model in the market. Guatian Lab is also developing several ideas. One of the directions that is most recognized by the project party is: taking “token economics as the leading factor”. The economic model of NFT is transformed into an economic model “led by NFT”, because NFT has three characteristics of strong asset precipitation, poor liquidity and high plasticity.

Let’s start with the classification. The NFTs in the Metaverse project can be divided into three categories:

The PFP category represents the community consensus and the visualization of virtual characters. In many projects, players basically use this type of PFP as the passcard to enter the Metaverse products. There will be a problem, and we will talk about it later;

The land category represents the player’s main base in the game, and it is easiest to guide players to reach a consensus that “this type of NFT is the most valuable in the game”, and think about where the wealth of the urban middle class in the real world is concentrated;

Items are similar to “food and clothing”. For consumption, rich players will spend money to buy them, and those who have no money will wait until they have money to buy them.

At present, the most eye-catching NFTs in the NFT market are all PFP types, BAYC, Azuki, because the Metaverse chain game scene has not yet come up, you can only expand the social attributes by relying on the avatar type, you are a monkey and I am a Red beans, it’s a good thing to meet, everyone is a local tyrant, Maslow’s first demand for “a sense of recognition” is overwhelming. But in terms of moldability in the Metaverse scene, land-based NFTs undoubtedly surpass PFPs, which can empower countless: design, planning, advertising, architectural forms, use functions, etc., and can play a lot of tricks. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​the Metaverse economic model of Guatian is mainly built around the land NFT .

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

Well, under the subdivision of land NFT, the project parties with virtual land sales can be divided into three types:

The first category: those who control the “time of the day”

The case is Decentraland and Sandbox, both of which debuted early, each has a gold master father (Grayscale and Animoca), and also made a lot of money in the big bull market in 2021. For example, Sandbox sells crazy just by selling land.

Those who master the time are like walking around the wild land with the hand of God, shouting “Go up! Buy it!”, and the believers will flock to it. To give an inappropriate example is Shenzhen in the early days of reform and development. At first, there were special policies. Later, Comrade Xiaoping made a southern tour to explode the fire. The original small fishing village, the current metropolis, the land value has risen from zero to the sky. But one question is, after 2022, will the big guys behind Decentraland and Sandbox really still have the ability of “Hand of God”?

The second category: those who have mastered the “geographical advantage”

The most important thing in real estate in the real world is “location, location, location”, which is a famous saying of Li Ka-shing. The location is determined by landmarks, such as the China World Trade Center in Beijing, the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai, and the Century Park in New York. The land around these landmarks is the most valuable.

What are the landmarks in the Metaverse Project? It is a project with high playability in the scene, a project that can gather popularity, and let players get a cool project. If there are one or two such items in the Metaverse scene, it is considered a “place advantage”, and players can feel at ease when they come in to buy virtual land, because it is more valuable than other Metaverse scenes.

Chain Games is the type of project that is most likely to have a “geographical advantage” in the Metaverse scenario, because compared to other project scenarios, such as exhibition halls, hospitals, schools, trading markets, etc., games are born with the traffic of Web2 gamers, Web3 It can also decentralize the storage of player assets. As long as the game is fun and easy to enter the circle, it is only a matter of time before Web2 players enter. Guatian expects that the first Metaverse project that can really catch fire should be a game with a burst of players as the main product.

At present, there is no official case for the “Dili” Metaverse project. You can look forward to the Ultiverse on BNB Chain, and hope that his first game, Endless Loop, will become the leader in driving the Ultiverse Metaverse.

The third category: those who master “people”

The case is clear, the monkey Metaverse Yuga Labs is building. His family entered the Metaverse track by relying on the top status of NFTs. He issued coins and sold land a few months ago, and is developing the Otherside game at the same time. The characteristic is that it is born with player traffic, which can be compared to the resources of the “Wenzhou Real Estate Speculator Group” in the real world. Some people have guns in this kind of project, and currently it has the most advantage in these three types of land sales projects.

Therefore, in general, “ren and” projects are most likely to succeed in the short term, and talents are the first productive force in the crypto circle; “geographical” projects depend on the quality of the game, and fun projects can also gather popularity; “time” projects have prospects Unpredictable, unless there is constant milk behind the big hands.

Going back to the construction of the Metaverse economic model, as mentioned above, Guatian believes that this type of economic model should be designed with land NFTs as the center. The reasons are not only the strong plasticity of land NFTs, but also the PFP type of NFTs if used as Passcards. There is a dilemma : if the model is built around it, the rising price of NFT will prevent more players from entering and playing, and fewer and fewer players will enter, and this Metaverse scene will come to an end. This is also my guess that if Yuga Labs wants to build a Metaverse, his Passcard will not use the monkey family as a ticket, and the audience is too small.

The A module of the Metaverse economic model envisaged by Guatian is as follows: the entry threshold is low, and you don’t even need to buy a PFP avatar as a passcard first, you can enter and play with a registered account, and everyone is born equal and free; after entering the scene, you can trade, Games, gambling, exhibitions, etc. to obtain wealth in the Metaverse world (which can be exchanged for tokens). After the comprehensive ability reaches a certain stage, the system directly distributes graded PFP NFTs to you, and the class begins to emerge; there must be follow-up Players who enter the Metaverse have the opportunity to overtake in a corner, and the class cannot be solidified and the poor family will continue to produce noble children. This is an important prerequisite for the self-iteration of the Metaverse scene.

Some players have said that I have a gold master father, and that means I have money, so why can’t I just be fooling around in the Metaverse from the very beginning? Don’t worry, isn’t this also the B module of the Metaverse Economic Model? It is the land NFT mentioned above. Rich players can bid for this type of NFT, and the free market economy will call the shots. The model here is to guide the flow of tokens to the land NFT, and try to lock the highly liquid tokens into the land NFT, so that the land NFT becomes an asset deposit. Will that make some land NFTs too valuable? No problem, the price of land in Manhattan and land in Alaska is also very different. The invisible hand of the market can adjust it.

The last C-type Metaverse economic model module is the prop NFT. Players are encouraged to spend and spend the tokens! Want to add a bikini to your PFP NFT? buy it! Want to speed up your entry into other Metaverse scenarios? Get a Laborghini! Want to go straight to the cash games of Texas Hold’em without the queues? Get a VIP Diamond Card!

Suppose you enter a Metaverse scene, first enter a MMOPRG game naked, and get a PFP NFT after leveling up; hand in hand with the young lady you just met, go to the 4D cinema to watch a movie, and solve the movie The three mysteries were rewarded with tokens; went to the casino with tokens and made a lot of money with superb Texas card skills; went to the auction to buy a piece of potential land NFT, and entered the second OPENING A RESTAURANT AND A CAR REPAIR SHOP OPEN A RESTAURANT AND AN AUTOMOTIVE STORE AND YOU ARE THE POWERFUL OF THIS PLANE. One day an easter egg hits you, Trinitti from “The Matrix” came to you, took out two pills for you to choose, you grabbed both and swallowed both, and found yourself turned into a Super Saiyan , standing next to Iron Man, asked if you want to fight Thanos together, and said that the seven cucurbits will also come together, and then there was a problem with the coordinates in the process of traveling through the black hole of time and space, and fell to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , bumped into the childhood dream lover Hermione…

Just playing and playing, the highly liquid tokens in the Metaverse will either settle into the asset-based NFT, or be transformed into a consumer-based NFT to increase the gaming experience, and the Ponzi model has been revised.The project party can also set up a central bank similar to the Federal Reserve through the DAO treasury to adjust various currency relations in the Metaverse. Keynes is a little bit during the revival period after the Great Recession, and Hayek is a little bit after entering a stable and prosperous period .

To sum up, the various scenes in the Metaverse world are superimposed on each other, which may give players a more immersive experience than the nesting dolls of different types of gameplay and dungeons in a single game, and get further and further away from Ponzi. The NFT-centric economic model should replace the current token-centric economic model and is more suitable for the Metaverse scenario. The construction should not only allow ordinary players to enter the venue, and reflect fairness (high-value PFP NFTs are not suitable for passcards); but also allow players of different levels and wealth to feel a personalized experience, reflecting freedom .

The cloud universe economic model is huge and complex, more similar to Lego. I hope that friends who have ideas can discuss it together.

(8) What is a game model?

Finally, I have written the most interesting and biggest chapter of Gua Tian. For players who like to play strategy games, they should also love to study game models, because they burn their brains. The most famous example of a game model is the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”:

Two conspiratorial criminals were locked in two rooms, and the police made conditions: if neither of them exposed the other, each would only be imprisoned for one year; if one exposed and the other was silent, the whistleblower would be immediately punished for his merits. Released, the silent gets ten years in prison for non-cooperation; both get eight years in prison if they expose each other. Due to the ugliness of human nature, two people cannot trust each other with incomplete information. So most of the results are that two people tend to expose each other, rather than keep silent.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

This is actually in line with what Satoshi Nakamoto said in the Bitcoin white paper, that there is no need for trust between people, just rely on code contracts (trustless). Therefore, in the above case of “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, in addition to simply considering mathematical probability theory, it is more about emotions, the environment and the character of the players in the game to influence the final decision. This is the most interesting point of game games. . The OHM (3,3) in Defi before also applied the prisoner’s dilemma model, but only added a consensus mechanism. Once a few users are selling in the follow-up, everyone is not willing to be a fool, so they all sell it.

Going back to the chain game, when Guatian taught his friends before, he proposed that the chain game can be classified according to three different dimensions. The third dimension is divided into inflation category and game category.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

The inflation type is the dual-token model represented by Axie. The more players come in, the more tokens will be divided. For example, a player successfully gets 100 tokens after breaking through a level, and ten players are 1,000 tokens, just tokens. When inflation increases, prices change. Therefore, this type of model will accumulate more and more tokens in the market for a long time in the beginning, and the project party can only use a centralized control scheme, or repurchase and destroy, or increase consumption scenarios to curb inflation. Therefore, it is difficult for projects using this type of model to make the game system run automatically like a casino comfortably, and to make money by lying down comfortably. The characteristics of the model determine that you have to be very tired to fight against token inflation and player selling pressure. StepN is an example. As long as the trading volume is active, you can make a lot of money by pumping, but it will be very tiring to operate. The project team feels that it has to compete with all players. Dirty water is poured on the project side.

Is there a way for the project side to make money comfortably? Yes, it is another type of model that is different from the inflation type: the game type. **If a stable game-based model can be established, players can smash each other, and players who play well will earn money from players who play poorly. Don’t come to the project side to make money. Wouldn’t it be alright? **The project party is the big housekeeper, who provides services to the gentlemen. If you make money, cheer on it; if you lose money, comfort and encourage it, and then draw water in percentage to make money.

Easy to say, hard to do. The W Labs team looks at chain games a lot. At present, there may be 100 projects on the market, and it would be good to have 2-3 game models. Why? Let’s talk about the difficulties of making gaming games first:

  1. The value setting of the in-game system should be precise. If it is not balanced, it is easy to have a situation of “1 person eating 99 people”. Those 99 people will leave the game cursing, and the person who made money will leave the game because the gameplay is exposed. , players lose fast;
  2. These values ​​also need to be fine-tuned according to market sentiment, the number of players, and the style of play, etc., and a team like an actuary should be supported in the background;
  3. Gaming games are generally slow to heat up, and the crypto bulls and bears are changing too fast, and the market will change before the game is hatched.

Let’s talk about the benefits of gaming games:

  1. When the number of players reaches a certain stage, it can operate automatically, and there is no need to rely on the growth rate of new players to maintain it like the “inflation” model! This is crucial! In the previous articles of Gua Tian, ​​it has been emphasized that mutations and assistance such as “Matryoshka” can only delay the life cycle of inflationary games, and game models may not need to rely on the entry of new players to support. The model of “old players cut new players” can be transformed into “strong players cut weak players”, but “weak” can become “strong” after learning and hard work, and “new” can never surpass “old” .
  2. Gaming games are highly playable. The most classic case is “Texas Hold’em”, with simple rules and all kinds of strange gameplay. It has been in existence for 50 years, and it is still the largest Esports category in the world. Players will be obsessed with “I know you know I know…” and cannot extricate themselves. , and various Bad Beat betting rates will make your adrenaline rush.

(9) How to do the game model?

Gaming is so tempting, isn’t it? So why are there so few such games on the market? Or profit-oriented drive: everyone is thinking about making short-term money, isn’t it fragrant to make a copy of the market in 1-2 months? Therefore, no one wants to do projects that really require time and energy, but can make money for a long time.

W Labs likes to do things that are thankless, because money can’t buy what we like… For gaming chain games, let’s first introduce some ideas and ideas, and hope that the experts in the industry can brainstorm together.

The first category: “Xiao Gui Cao Sui” category

As the name implies, some mature gaming games in WEB2 are directly moved into WEB3, and the original game system and gameplay are not changed. Taking the “Texas Poker” mentioned above as an example, only one token can be added to the chain reform, and the output is based on PVP ranking rewards or prize pool rewards, and the consumption is based on various scenarios of game entry (high-value cash table tickets). , prize pool tickets and private custom club fees) demand, after the two are relatively balanced, making money depends on the pumping in the game.

The games like “Xiao Gui Cao Sui” are very fun in themselves, and the chain reform can be simpler, and even just move the settlement system to the chain and it will be OK. The project can fully utilize the IP of the original game and a large audience. Whoever establishes the moat of the project as soon as possible will win . For example, in Texas Hold’em, whoever becomes the first “PokerStar of WEB3” will be the winner.

Such projects can continue to expand and deepen, and make good use of the openness and transparency of WEB3 that can be listed on the chain. Take Texas as an example. At present, online players do not dare to play in the wild field of WEB2, because they do not know whether there is a backdoor in the centralized code of his app, and the explosion rate of the cards can be adjusted manually, so that the players on the project side Always have AA in hand. Can WEB3’s Texas Hold’em program code that deals cards on the chain? All are open, check at will to make sure there is no backdoor.

The second category, “flat ground high-rise” category

This type of game is to build a whole game-like system out of thin air, allowing players to play in it. The third article “Explanation of Variation Models” in the series of long articles “The Big Demystification of Chain Game Economic Models” (

There is an early case “Wolf and Sheep Game” written in it, which is the pioneering work of gaming chain games.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

The wolf and sheep emerged in the bull market last year, and the popularity quickly exploded, but it also fell quickly, because everyone found that being a wolf is the most exciting, and making money quickly can still crush the sheep. This is the problem mentioned above. , the value is unbalanced, a few people eat the profits of the vast majority, so the wolf and sheep game collapses very quickly.

Some subsequent games used the game type, which were basically imitation disks, and neither did Wolf and Sheep 2 until Guatian discovered Betamars. From the model alone, it was a game type that Guatian liked to simulate a society; more importantly, in the game The two parties: the lords and the miners, both have their own measures to counteract the other party, not just one side suppressing the other; there is also the lord and the miners who have further differentiated into two camps through development: the big lord VS the small lord; the leader of the miners VS ordinary miners, the four-sided game, the analysis has a feeling of infernal affairs. (For the specific project introduction, you can see the video released by Guatian:

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with the first version of Betamars is that it takes too long before entering the most fun deep game (the Great Revolution), and players have to wait for more than ten days to taste the game model. The essence of it is not suitable for current chain game players. This is also the reason why his game decided not to go online for the time being and continue to develop the second version after five rounds of internal testing: he was going to use the newly developed game modules of planetary management and adventure to fill the dozen or so of the first version. The blank period of the sky is actually a kind of “adding dolls” that Guatian said before.

Here is a question that can be explored in depth: When does the game module of the game need to start? Like the wolf and sheep, there is not much pre-planning, the value has been set, and it is done when it comes up. It is likely to be “thousands of kings in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, short and brilliant”; but the laying out is too long and boring, and it does not last to the game at all. At the beginning, the enthusiasm of players subsided, such as the first version of Betamars, after all, it is difficult for the encryption circle to generate the mood of “time is quiet” .

I believe that what players like is still similar to Chuan Shuangwen, starting from a young age, or starting from a weak, step-by-step training, leveling up, fighting monsters, and then achieving dominance. If Fan Xian of “Celebrating More Than Years” first appeared, it was not in his childhood. , directly to the stage of “reciting a hundred poems in one night”, it is estimated that readers will not feel cool.

Therefore, for gaming chain games, Gua Tian’s suggestion should not be just for gaming, but should be matched with the early development system, so that players can feel that the success of subsequent games is closely related to their previous training and operations . Let’s take the classic Texas Hold’em as an example. If the rules of the game are to deal five cards to each player, and then the bet is larger than the size, the playability will be greatly reduced. The rules of Texas Hold’em are laying round and round, and every step is startling. From drawing cards, flops, turn cards to draw cards, every step can be folded, checked or bet, and every step must be done according to the strength of the card and the size of the pot. Decision-making, the decision of each step must be consistent with the story of the next step, and even each step must observe the opponent’s performance, facial expressions, words, etc…

The Gua Tian community is ready to customize a room in a WEB3 Texas field to entertain the Gua friends

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the game model of “flat ground and high-rise building” should be linked with other modules to make Lego, in order to exert the playability of the game model. For the specific operation, please refer to the horizontal direction in the third part of this series of long articles. Matryoshka and longitudinal dolls. Use nesting dolls to make the game climax.

To sum up, the game model can break through the weaknesses of the inflation model. As long as the system works well, it is not necessary to rely entirely on the entry of new players to support the income of the old players, but to allow players to rip each other and play well. of players to earn money from poor players. However, the game model emphasizes numerical accuracy, slow heating, and high-standard teams, so many project parties will not choose it . Whether it’s “Xiao Gui Cao Sui” or “flat and high-rise buildings”, there are currently no fun gaming chain games on the market, so please look forward to it.

(10) The future is bright, but the road is bumpy

Another series of long articles is coming to an end. Guatian chooses one day a week to do original work. While summarizing the modeling work of several projects at hand, he shakes the things in his head, and then he shakes out 20,000 words. , People Douyin, I Douwen.

Guatian is optimistic about the development of chain games in the next year, because from the quality of some games that W Labs is testing and the rationality of the models, Guatian judges that sooner or later there will be one or two explosive games in the market, driving chain games to enter 2.0 In the era of 2020, its popularity should be no less than that of Axie, which pioneered “Play to Earn” at the end of 2020. Of course, it still needs the cooperation of the market. If BTC falls from 20,000U to 10,000U, it will be delayed.

To sum up, the chain game 2.0 that can be played in the future can make breakthroughs from the following aspects:

  1. First of all, it should be based on high-quality and highly playable games, and don’t fool people with card games;
  2. After that, in the economic model, the setting of numerical values, the linking of modules, the use of nesting dolls, and the matching of mutations and auxiliary should be a whole, and token flow guides liquidity to NFT;
  3. Furthermore, if the chain game can be placed in a large Metaverse scene, its NFT assets or main token should be able to interact with other scenes in the Metaverse to enable or support;
  4. Finally, in the gameplay of the game, the game model with the strongest gameplay can be appropriately introduced, so that players can roll up and turn the original “old players to cut new players” into “strong players cut weak players” that everyone is convinced “.

This series of long articles is written here first, which only represents my humble opinion. Sincerely welcome friends who have their own views on the chain game model to join us, eat melons together, grow while playing, Play for FUN&GROW.

(11) Postscript: Economic Models and Chinese Dynasties

After finishing this new series of long articles last week, Guatian decided to stop the pen for a while, because more and more I felt that it was too challenging to build a perfect and long-term effective economic model system. Doing this is a bit like helping a new country establish a financial system and a monetary system. It will take time to find a new way, and it will most likely be used to emulate it.

We imagine a scenario: the establishment of a WEB3 game with its own economic system is equivalent to the establishment of a new empire. The project party is the emperor, and the investment agency is the generals and advisors (new nobles) who follow the ruler to conquer the world. The old players in the batch bet on the right local squires or veterans, and the players later are ordinary people. At the beginning, everyone was full of expectations and longed for the arrival of a new era, whether it was making money or rising in class, everyone thought about it. can enjoy the life you want.

What keeps the whole system running is the empire’s finances and currency. Finance is how the country spends the money it receives, and currency is the lubricant in operation. Judging from the 2,000-year-old imperial history of Chinese civilization, the economic model established at the very beginning of a dynasty has basically determined the cause of its final decline:

1. The Daqin Empire is only three generations old. His family has no economic model at all. It is the politics of the First Army. The finances cannot keep up, so the death spiral is the fastest;

2. The Western Han Dynasty is worth studying. The ruffian Liu Bang overthrew the county system of Daqin and brought back the enfeoffment system of the Zhou Dynasty. However, unlike the Western Zhou Dynasty, he sealed his sons to go to various places. I don’t know anyone anymore, everyone’s surname is Liu, why can’t I be the emperor. Fortunately, Liu Bang was a middle-aged entrepreneur. He was 54 years old when he became emperor and died early. Wen Jingzhi, who succeeded him, was an economic model of inaction. Everything was handed over to the market, and the tax was light and slow. This was the right medicine. When the people were rich, the country was rich, and the rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms was quelled . I sometimes wonder, if the Wenjingzhizhi continued, would the buds of capitalism appear in the East 1,000 years earlier? It is a pity that a brilliant and talented Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty followed. He fought everywhere and the country became poor, so he invented state-owned enterprises and a monopoly system. He competed with the people for profits, and the people became more and more miserable . In the end, Wang Mang, the transmigrator, usurped power.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

3. Wang Mang is the boss of a group of Confucian keyboard warriors. He said he wanted to reform, and dozens of currencies came out! Each of them stipulates precise exchange. **Can you imagine that there are 30 kinds of tokens in a chain game system at the beginning? **Wang Mang’s New Deal made the common people return to the primitive economic system of barter, so his family quickly collapsed.

4. The Eastern Han Dynasty came. Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu, was a good emperor. He didn’t kill heroes and had no big ambitions. His biggest wish was to marry a beautiful woman Yin Lihua as his wife, and then his job was to stand guard at Tiananmen Square in fresh clothes and angry horses. The biggest problem in the Eastern Han Dynasty was that the clansmen who held Liu Xiu’s position were too powerful. It’s like the investment institutions in the chain game are too powerful. They talk about the control of the project every day. As a result, the project party has introduced more investment institutions or other forces (foreign relatives or eunuchs) in the subsequent round of financing to let them fight . At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the representative of the foreign relatives, General He Jin, represented the ten permanent servants, and the eunuchs and eunuchs brought in the separatist warlord Dong Zhuo, which opened the prelude to the Three Kingdoms.

5. The Three Kingdoms after the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Eastern and Western Jin Dynasty, and the Wuhu Luanhua will not be discussed in detail. There is no economic model, but political power emerges from the barrel of a gun. The only thing that is commendable is that Cao Cao knows the importance of economic models better than other warlords, and has a stable source of income and food, so he invented the field system and the gold captain. The war burned down Yuan Shao’s forage home, Wuchao.

6. The Sui Dynasty ended the Wuhu chaos, but the second generation died. Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty was very powerful, but he was too impatient. He squeezed the things that could be done in 50 years to do in 10 years, and the second generation of the emperor was ruined. Li Yuan, the cousin of Tang Gaozu, inherited the country. We will focus on the Tang Dynasty, which is the peak of the 3,000-year glory of Chinese civilization. How did Li Yuan establish the economic model in the first place? His idea is to make a contract, send officials to manage the local area, give your team a sum of money and land, you can find a way to revitalize the local economy, and pay taxes to the central government, so that the enthusiasm of ordinary officials can be revitalized at once. **! It’s like a Metaverse scene, contracting out casinos, exchanges, and RPG games. In addition, Tang Taizong Li Shimin also established a special department similar to the US Internal Revenue Service + China’s local urban investment: a group of people with very sensitive business minds were specially found in the central government, and they were asked to lend usury, of course, they must be recovered. These are the beginning of the Tang Dynasty “Zhenguan rule” and “Kaiyuan prosperous age”.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

However, there is still a problem that remains unsolved, that is, the dynasty is passed down from generation to generation. There can be only one emperor, but there are more and more officials. In the reign of Emperor Taizong and Li Shimin, there were only more than 700 officials in the whole country, and the finances were good to support; There are more than 40,000 officials in China, not to mention the privileged class that has settled down with each generation of officials, and the financial revenue is not enough to support these people. In the chain game, there are more and more old players, and the entry fee for new players is not enough. At this time, the later emperors could only make Li Yuan’s method more ruthless, and told the officers sent to the place, “I don’t have any money for you, so take care of yourself, and I will give you a creation.” Jiedushi”‘s NFT, holding this NFT, you can open a government office . So Jiedushi appeared. After the spam of NFT, the separatist rule of feudal towns in the middle and late Tang Dynasty was formed in this way.

7. After the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms in the late Tang Dynasty, the Northern Song Dynasty appeared. This was a dynasty with a wealthy but weak country. Song Taizu witnessed the tragic situation of the separatist regime at the end of the Tang Dynasty, so he desperately restricted the development of military generals, so the Northern Song Dynasty could not fight, and the border was the smallest. Yes, according to the logic that the less the land, the less the tax, the less the fiscal revenue, the Northern Song Dynasty should not be so rich. However, the Northern Song Dynasty has some stunts, that is, his family’s token economics is doing well, and the world’s first type of banknote “Jiaozi” has appeared, which is a transaction-type NFT, and there are also asset-type NFTs such as Yanyin; Added interaction with other scenes in the Metaverse: you can earn a lot of money from trading with the northern barbarians and the Nanyang tycoons, and at the same time make a lot of money in business taxes .

8. The wealth of the Northern Song Dynasty was exposed, and the economic model and equity structure were unbalanced, so it was successively attracted by the northern nations Liao Kingdom and Jin Kingdom. The Northern Song Dynasty was directly acquired by the Jin Kingdom. Here, regardless of men and women dancing bare-backed, this is the “Shame of Jingkang”. Let me talk about it here. It only took four years from the “Fengheng Yuda” at the peak of prosperity in the Northern Song Dynasty to the “Shame of Jingkang” . The later Southern Song Dynasty was actually quite good. The economic model was inherited from the Northern Song Dynasty, and several famous generals such as Yue Fei also appeared. Unfortunately, in the end, the Mongols came, and no one could stop them.

9. The economic model of the Yuan Dynasty belongs to the above, you don’t understand anything, and you can play by yourself. Anyway, the site is big, and everyone shows their magical powers. On the contrary, Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, overthrew the Yuan Dynasty and established the world. He restricted his thinking, closed the country, and had a single economic model. The fiscal revenue only depended on the land tax. The GDP was the worst among the dynasties . Because the IQ of the old Zhu family was limited, and they didn’t study hard and read books. Several emperors grew up fighting crickets and carpentry. The wealth they didn’t understand can bring more than land, so foreigners came to China. Doing business, the Ming Dynasty will be regarded as a tribute, and if you pay tribute, I will be rewarded several times and go back to show the prestige of the great power of the Celestial Dynasty. This kind of bizarre logic actually led to several battles with Japan and the northern grassland people in the late Ming Dynasty, because the Ming Dynasty did not let these people come to pay tribute. Tribute, you despise me, I will kill you!

10. The Ming Dynasty died because the economic model was too simple. Just like the income of the project party in Chainyou only comes from the transaction tax, the initial 1% can be reached by the last Chongzhen Dynasty, and it is estimated that it will reach 70%. Can the player not rebel? **Let’s not talk about Li Zicheng of the wandering army. The emperors at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty were all good emperors. Unfortunately, they inherited the economic model of the Ming Dynasty, which was closed to the country. After leaving Beijing, the regent Dorgon was still ready to pack a bed and go back to his hometown in the northeast. Unexpectedly, the surrendered Ming army suddenly rejuvenated, and its combat effectiveness exceeded the table, and it directly pacified the south for the new master. It was only in the middle of the Qing Dynasty that the economic model was slowly revised. It is a pity that you are still pondering how to optimize the model of Gamefi 1.0. The Chain Game 2.0 brought by the British Industrial Revolution has directly crushed you, and one is still playing minesweeper. , one is already a monster, how do you fight? **This is how the century of humiliation in the late Qing Dynasty began.

The future path of Gamefi's chain game economic model

Later, modern history will not be written indiscriminately, nor will I dare to understand it.

I wrote so much in a mess, which completely reflects the messy ideas in my head. Next, we will map some ideas to the actual operation of the chain game model, and ask a few questions:

1. What is the focus of the economic model of the Metaverse model and the single game model?

2. How does NFT work better?

3. It is estimated that dual tokens are not enough. How to design the regulatory currency?

4. What does the point system that everyone is talking about represent? How to embed?

5. It means that the central bank’s treasury is very important, how to collect it? How much do you charge? how to use?

6. What is the path of leverage regulation? How to obtain control targets at a low cost?

In the future, I hope that all heroes and heroes from all walks of life can join in the discussion. You can find us on Twitter or in the Discord community. Novel ideas and practical ideas are likely to take root in the wild era.

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