The future of financial services will never stop and the bull market will continue

We look forward to the second half of the bull market with hope and confidence!

The future of financial services will never stop and the bull market will continue

You can not endure 60% of the plunge, you are not qualified to harvest 6000% of the surge.

Facing the market plunge, where does our inner pain and anxiety come from? I believe that only by understanding the source of our inner pain can we better face and deal with such emotions.

The pain comes from the fact that the market plunge often exceeds the limit of what we can tolerate, forcing us to cut the meat.

For example: we put too much money into the field, and the loss of these funds is more than we can bear.

Another example: we used too much leverage.

Another example: the vast majority of our investments in other areas besides digital currency investments were so illiquid that we had to bear the pain of selling digital currency when we needed the money.

As a result, when the market crash came out of nowhere, we were forced to cut our losses.

Did we use the money we should have used to pay the rent in June to buy coins?

Are we using leverage? When the market goes to the limit of leverage liquidation, we have to sell part of our position or continue to raise margin in order to keep our position.

Being in such a situation, when the market crash comes, we are in pain.

The price of digital currencies fluctuates so dramatically because the size of this market is still too small compared to traditional investment markets to support large-scale trading, so when massive liquidation occurs, a market run occurs, people flee in haste, step on each other and the market collapses at an accelerated rate ……

DeFi crushes the market, CEX can’t cope with the market

In this crash, we also saw certain positive phenomena.

Someone on Twitter asked the question: Is there no one discussing how DeFi of Ether is doing in this crash?

There is no doubt that DeFi also crushed the market and hit the market during the crash. The last time (March 12, 2020) we saw such a plunge was when the new crown epidemic was running rampant. But that time, several rather star-studded DeFi projects failed to withstand the market’s test. This time, on the other hand, DeFi was (in terms of total lockups) 80 times larger than last time, but what we saw was a picture of order: every DeFi project was working methodically, everything was just as the designers envisioned, and every action was just as the smart contract was written.

These projects took the brunt of a 40% plunge in 24 hours, and it’s breathtaking to see how strong they are now. From here, I see a brighter, greater future.

These DeFi projects have shown a calmness and composure that far exceeds the fear and anxiety shown by the investors who invested in them. Meanwhile, DeFi’s competitors —– those traditional centralized exchanges collapsed. Countless exchange users rushed to the exchanges to make all kinds of transactions in a very short period of time, which caused the servers of the exchanges to be overwhelmed and out of order. All of them are like this.

This is the power of the World Computer (note: in this case, Ether) and the never-ending network it hosts!

The future of financial services will never stop!

The market will weed out the old, outdated models, no matter how powerful they once were!

We look forward to the second half of the bull market with hope and confidence!

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