The future of Axie Infinity GameFi?

Axie Infinity, the future of GameFi?

Axie Infinity has become the focus of the market in the past few weeks. In July, DAU exceeded 800,000. So far, the cumulative transaction volume has exceeded 1 billion US dollars, surpassing NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, becoming a new vane in the NFT market.

As a P2P (Pay-to-play) game, the PVE and PVP card gameplay in the main Battle mode is similar to the traditional game “Roguelike + turn-based”. Cards and battle modes are randomly generated in each game. Players collect fragments during the PVE battle. The cards are divided into skills, attack cards, etc. There are regulations and restrictions on the energy value and the use of cards).

The future of Axie Infinity GameFi?

Screenshot of YouTuber PVP battle video

In terms of playability, Axie, as a chain game, has richer gameplay and higher playability than other chain games. Its main card battle system is set up very similar to “Slaying the Spire”. There are at least 138 different cards with various card effects, which are mainly divided into four categories:

  • Simple attack/recovery cards: generally increase attack power or recovery.

  • Buff/Debuff card: Apply various effects to Axie.

  • Special effect cards: such as stealing energy, drawing cards, etc.

  • Pointing at the target card: Axie attacks the nearest enemy by default. Pointing at the target card allows Axie to attack eligible enemies.

Compared with traditional card games, Axie Infinity’s card gameplay and game design are relatively simple, but unlike traditional games, Axie Infinity is based on the attributes of the blockchain game P2E (Play-to-earn). Players need to buy three Axies. Only after obtaining the qualifications for admission can you obtain SLP (Smooth Love Potion-Non-limit game tokens) needed for Axies’ fertility through PVP/PVE and daily tasks.

Compared with other chain games on the market, its style is more exquisite, cute and attractive. The cute style of Crypto Kitties makes Axie Infinity unique in Aliens World, Decentraland’s relatively hard technology and old-fashioned style, and firmly attracts The eyeballs of chain game players are called the most worthwhile blockchain game by the player community.

As a chain game, it takes a long time to develop, and as a game, its gameplay is simple and the combat system design is relatively sophisticated. As a game type familiar to traditional player groups, card games have a wide audience and low threshold, allowing players to quickly adapt to the rules and environment of the game. The success of Axie comes from the shortage of GameFi similar products on the market on the one hand, and on the other hand from its excellent and exquisite painting style and careful gameplay design.

However, as a blockchain game, the gameplay screen and player experience seem to be less important. The play-to-earn behind it and the rising prices of tokens AXS and SLP have become the focus of more people’s real attention and participation in the game.

Bombing Thrower — Scholarship & YGG

P2E is the focus of Axie players, and its business model directly stimulates and drives the ecology of game developers, players and game guilds. Players have changed from pure games to economic sources of similar jobs.

Since a player only needs 3 axies in each battle, some players who have bought a lot of axies will have a lot of Axies redundancy. In order to make better use of all Axies, some players (called manager) will appear. ) It is hoped that the Axie in hand will be loaned to players who want to participate in the game and make money through Battle, but do not have the original funds to purchase Axies (this part of the players are called Scholars), and let the scholar play the game for them to obtain SLP and obtain money. Usually the ratio of Manager and Scholar is 4:6. Different managers and scholars have different agreements, which are determined by the player. (About Scholarship:

Among them, Yield Guild Games (YGG), the NFT game guild, used this to launch an agency business model and earned a lot of assets from it. According to the chain news data, the number of new Scholars and the number of SLPs earned by Scholars both reached new highs in July, earning a total of more than 11.77 million SLPs, which were distributed to the scholars at a 70% share. The guild received 10% and the manager received 20%. , Which eliminates the cost of Manager’s management of Scholar and at the same time ensures that Scholar’s ​​contributions are rewarded, and also drives the total TVL of YGG participating in liquidity mining to reach 1.09 million US dollars.

According to surveys in multiple Axie communities, the overall players in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, have more young groups. These young people have more free time. Due to their limited economic strength, more will choose to become scholars and spontaneously have their own players in the discord community. Organize to submit personal background and situation to the manager to apply for a scholarship to become a scholar, and to make money for the manager’s team by playing games and sharing them.

Among them, the official account stated that the manager is not an official organization, and it is expected that the scholar players will negotiate with their respective managers to clearly discuss the proportion and delivery time, and it also reminds that there may be a risk of default.

The future of Axie Infinity GameFi?

Image source: Screenshot from Discord-Axie Infinity Community

Behind the prosperity, Axie’s hidden worries

SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is an unlimited utility token that will be used in every Breeding of Axie. At the same time, players can obtain a certain amount of SLP in daily missions or Battle mode according to different levels and combat performance.

AXS (Axie Inifinity shards) are all supplied with 270M. AXS holders can choose to deposit their tokens in the governance platform to obtain benefits, and can participate in public bidding competitions, and even vote on Axie’s internal governance decisions. The acquisition of AXS can be achieved by players generating products or contributing to the ecosystem, thereby obtaining token rewards. For example, the top 50/300 players in each season will receive different amounts of AXS coins as rewards.

Since the issuance of AXS and SLP, the prices have fluctuated many times after the surge in May 2021. The enthusiasm of players for the purpose of making money has been affected to varying degrees by the fluctuation of the token price, and then people have begun to play-to The logic of -earn and the continuity of Axie’s popularity are questioned.

First of all, the price of Axies, which is mainly anchored by ETH, fluctuates with the price of the currency, and the rise of ETH will directly raise the barrier to entry. Secondly, as Axie gradually enters everyone’s field of vision, the group of players continues to expand. There are more and more players and multiple types of Axies participating in the game Axie Breeding. Hybrid’s varieties are more diverse and complex, and the level of entry-friendliness to novice players has declined. At the same time, the increase in the price of SLP currency makes the cost of breeding increase, and the high-quality and rare Axie has become more expensive in multiple transactions in the market, resulting in higher and higher game thresholds . These factors may all lead to a decline in Axie’s popularity in the future. .

The future of Axie Infinity GameFi?

Data source: coinmarketcap-SLP

The Sky Mavis (Axie) team seemed to have noticed this, so they chose to make adjustments and improvements in the cost of players’ play. After the Ronin sidechain (scalability solution) was released earlier, the game was reproduced last week. The AXS was reduced from 4 to 2.

In maintaining the game life cycle, it adopts a similar approach to traditional game content, expanding the richness of horizontal game content, and upgrading the vertical game play and combat system . For example, other derivative games and products such as Axie Land, and quickly occupy the top of the NFT rankings after their launch. At the same time, in order to enrich the audience and user needs of the in-game NFT and its token AXS, the team will soon launch the AXS pledge function and the alpha test version of the battle system Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin), of which Origin is the V2 version within the Sky Mavis team. Whether the established independent team will make more upgrades in the direction of the combat system, make more improvements in complexity and playability, the market is still waiting and see, if it can introduce new ones when Axie’s popularity is faintly declining The version upgrade is bound to bring a new wave of peaks.

At the same time, AXS’s own protection measures have also pushed up the AXS price to a certain extent. In Axie, 4.35% of the market transaction volume and all reproduction expenses will be included in the community vault and shared by AXS holders. It also brings the more participants, the more active the transaction, the higher the support level of the AXS price, even if the user’s activity declines in the future, the price of SLP will decrease, the price of AXS will have a higher support.

The future of DGame

The future of Axie Infinity GameFi?

Image source: Nansen

According to Nansen’s report, DGaming can be divided into four stages.

  • The first stage: The market is dominated by innovative NFTs mini-games and development mini-games. The game properties are not strong, but this opens the DGaming market.
  • The second stage: terminal games and mobile games with Play-to-earn and NFTs as the main highlights and attributes. Such DGames have certain game attributes, which are less playable than traditional games, and the development difficulty and cycle are shorter. It pays more attention to the value of its assets rather than to the gameplay. Due to its short development cycle, a variety of small games with mixed good and bad quickly seized the market.
  • The third stage: On the basis of the second stage, it started to develop more high-quality game products at almost the same time. It is also an independent game team with a blockchain as the main background, but there are more than the second stage. With the addition of the solo team and members, the overall game quality has been greatly improved. A small number of traditional game players with a curious mind are attracted by relatively high-quality games and join the group of chain game players. DGames has gradually entered the public eye.
  • The fourth stage: the entry of higher-quality 3A game manufacturers, or the development of new high-quality chain games, or the addition of blockchain elements to its original ecological chain. NFTs and Play-to-earn have become common games element.

We believe that the current chain game market is between the second and third stages. At the same time, many 3A manufacturers are also trying to do this. However, there are few mature products in the chain game market, and the main products are play-to-earn. The game is mainly of terminal games , and the quality of the games is uneven, and the overall quality is poor. Thousands of players who have already entered the arena lifted the chain game market with one hand. As players continue to join, the requirements for game quality will become higher and higher.

At the same time, original game players are willing to pay for game products and content. These players are more likely to accept the P2E logic of chain games. In the future, with the development and popularization of blockchain technology, more traditional game manufacturers will join and bring more While styling high-quality games, it will also bring more traditional players to pay attention to the blockchain market. From an optimistic point of view, the professional development of chain games and the accommodation of 3A game manufacturers will bring a large number of fresh blockchain blood into it. We look forward to seeing games become a bridge between centralization and decentralization.

As a phenomenon-level product, Axie Infinity is currently in the leading position in the GameFi field. Through Axie’s explosion and YGG and other game guilds’ recognition and promotion of P2E logic, the market has seen more possibilities, but due to Gaming’s own The particularity will prevent it from having obvious leading projects and higher concentration in fields such as DEX. In the future, there is a high probability that you will see a variety of games in full bloom. The logic of P2E will also help the consensus of players and guilds. Continue to improve and evolve.

Is there any room for improvement in chain games?

Although it seems that the importance of the early positive economic incentives of chain games> playability, the first step of the product is not to create a product focused on entertainment, but to design an economic system with a certain speculative attribute, and wait for the entire economic flywheel. After turning it over, we will gradually fill up the shortcomings of entertainment in the follow-up, but we still believe that entertainment is the element that can maintain long-term sound development of the product:

1. There is still huge room for improvement in game playability

As for the experience of the game itself, Axie’s design of the game screen, the attributes and abilities of each pet (combined with cards to show different skills, which can be used for PVP battles) are still considered, compared to the Cryptokitties a few years ago. There has been a very big improvement, but from a pure game point of view, in addition to PVP and PVE combat, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the playability of this product.

2. The land sale model will become the foundation of the derivative game ecology

The continued operation and later playability of Axie games are important factors for attracting more new players while retaining old players in their community. In response to this problem, it can be seen that the team has a certain degree of thinking. In addition to pets, they also want to access more mini games through Landing. Compared with the Dencentraland product, it is mainly early investors. Inability to engage in attracting new users may be more advantageous.

3. The bootstrap power of professional game guilds

Game guilds in the traditional game industry are already a very mature and specialized market. YGG has brought a huge boost behind Axie Infinity and made us realize that professional game guilds play a crucial role in the chain game market. .


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