The full-stack data service ADAM visualizes the value of data on the chain

With the rapid development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, the sources of on-chain data are increasing day by day, which has resulted in a massive amount of on-chain data. Coupled with the openness, transparency and traceability of the blockchain network, it is possible to mine the value of data information on various chains.


Just imagine, if all bank user business data are public, any commercial organization can analyze various characteristics of each user’s consumption habits, income, preferences and so on through these massive data. But because this violates the privacy of users, financial institutions are unlikely to disclose this data.

However, in the blockchain network, users’ on-chain activities are publicly available, and there is huge data mining value. For example, the most intuitive, individual investors can make asset allocation by tracking the investment behavior of famous people on the chain. Of course, this is just a simple application of on-chain data information, and its true value is far from being fully exploited.

At present, the overall source of data on the chain is wide, the information is complex, and the volume is rich. Although there are some data analysis platforms or Dapps, they are limited to some vertical fields; the data on the chain is still in a decentralized state as a whole and has not been effectively analyzed. Categorized, chaotic information is difficult to show value; at the same time, due to the limitation of computing power, institutions that can process on-chain data on a large scale are extremely rare; in addition, on-chain data analysis shows the lack of relevant components or tool support, which also makes data processing difficult It is more difficult and expensive to obtain data.

ADAM has been exchanging data and information on the chain and on the chain for a long time during the Chinese New Year. It has seen the huge market value of data, and is well aware of the pain points of data value development on the chain. It was the first to propose the concept of “DataFi”. Based on its own advantages, ADAM will build the first Web3.0-based data encryption computing network to mine the true value of data, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it.

ADAM will develop a full-stack data service, based on the overall situation and multi-dimensional mining of the value of data on the chain, to empower the development of the blockchain industry.


On-chain data retrieval

At present, there are already many blockchain market data query tools and websites in the industry, such as CMC, Opensea, etc., but they all belong to vertical development models, focusing on Token or NFT project information respectively. What ADAM wants to create is a An open blockchain industry search tool, similar to Google. ADAM will enter massive industry information, and the data provided includes but not limited to price, market value, trading volume, NVT ratio, total market value and daily on-chain trading volume ratio, return volatility and investment return, etc. ADAM will mark and label the The data is classified in the form of data, and users can access the data through SQL query or API.

Oracle Oracle

This is a function that ADAM focused on in its early deployment. At present, the oracle business is relatively mature. ADAM has built the first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area nodes. Wide-area nodes have spread all over the Middle East, Europe, Asia and other major regions, building the data link layer, network layer and transmission layer of the chain ecology, which can effectively ensure the encryption and security of data. The wide-area node network created by the ADAM oracle function can not only transmit off-chain data and information to the on-chain, but also aggregate on-chain information for off-chain processing, reducing the use of data and computing costs.

data visualization

Studies have shown that the human eye is a high-bandwidth parallel GPU with a large number of visual signals, with a bandwidth of 2.339G/s, equivalent to a 20,000 -gigabit network card , with super pattern recognition capabilities, and the processing speed of visual symbols is faster than numbers or text. Several orders of magnitude faster, in the era of Web 3.0, data visualization is a powerful tool for people to gain insight into the connotation of data and understand the value of data. ADAM supports the visualization of various data types. For example, the on-chain behavior of the user’s wallet address is used for portrait, transaction data visualization, transaction pattern recognition, and a variety of chart components are provided, allowing users to quickly grasp key information with the naked eye.

On-chain data analysis platform

ADAM will conduct statistics and analysis on the addresses on the chain, gain insight into the laws of user behavior, and provide individuals or enterprises with transaction analysis tools on the digital currency chain. ADAM has selected 100+ indicators, 1000+ charts, rich data types, and deep and detailed analysis. Based on a wide-area node network and distributed data source base, ADAM deploys multiple full nodes to ensure data stability and real-time. The introduction of the principle of the indicators can enable users to obtain the most cutting-edge data interpretation.

Data monitoring plugin

The intelligent data service platform built by ADAM is equipped with a data monitoring plug-in. Users can choose the data service content they care about, and the platform will be able to conduct on-chain data monitoring and analysis: compliance assessment, entity identification, privacy leakage risk analysis, identification of illegal activities, and notify users as soon as possible. For example, in the notification of major market fluctuations, the user can set the data asset fluctuation threshold for the notification, and the system will automatically issue a reminder when the market fluctuation reaches the triggering condition.

On-chain integrated marketing

ADAM will make full use of the advantages of the platform it has built to accurately match data service packages for institutional or individual users. Based on the open and authorized data on the chain, it will select target users through sorting algorithms to carry out the best marketing activities. As the carrier, the fragmented marketing methods are combined into a whole, and the precise multi-channel promotion method is carried out, so that users can invest in lower operating costs to maximize the final income.

about us:

ADAM is a new generation of blockchain data service provider, with the function of batch data encryption transmission, which can not only connect the world and the blockchain system, but also realize the barrier-free flow of ecological data information on chains such as ETH, BSC, OKexchain, and Solana; ADAM has spawned powerful off-chain computing capabilities by building a global wide-area node network, enabling millisecond-level encrypted computing to realize real commercial-grade “DataFi” applications, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it. Different from Filecoin’s distributed storage network, ADAM aims to build the first data encryption computing network in the Web3.0 era.

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