The four technology companies behind the “collision” between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Today, the Spring Festival Gala is not only a cultural feast, but also an important window to reflect the development of digital technology in my country. Behind the “advanced history” of the Spring Festival Gala stage art is the development and progress of digital technology.

With the fire of the Metaverse concept, related technologies such as virtual human, VR/AR/XR have also been applied by major Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala of CCTV Headquarters organically integrates XR, virtual, holographic and other technologies, presenting a sense of space with panoramic stage beauty; Beijing Spring Festival Gala integrates the virtual human “Su Xiaomei” into ancient singing and dancing; Anhui Taiwan Spring Festival Gala, virtual human “Xiao An” became the host… …The 2022 Military Camp Network Spring Festival Gala is the first time to implement the “Metaverse concept”, build a multi-dimensional space and interactive platform, and provide an immersive experience of cross-domain interaction in specific scenarios.

The Spring Festival Gala has become the largest traffic entrance to showcase new technologies. Cultural media is an important application scenario of the Metaverse. What technology companies are behind these “Metaverse” Spring Festival Gala? How do these companies deploy the Metaverse?

  • Jebsen: Strengthening the main business advantage of “content copyright” through the layout of Metaverse

In the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Jebsen (300182.SZ) participated in the production of some programs and the production of the HD/4K replay version of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Jebsen mentioned in its 2021 performance forecast, “It will continue to strengthen the layout of related high-tech video business fields such as 4/8K ultra-high-definition technology, 3D sound technology, and virtual technology, and actively explore the development of related audio and video technologies in the Metaverse era. Market demand and development direction, and constantly improve market competitiveness.”

In response to changes in the regulatory environment and cash flow pressure, Jebsen has established a development strategy of “content copyright operation” as its core, focusing its business on new media copyright operation and distribution.

In 2016, Jebsen Co., Ltd. participated in the subsidiary Shiyou Technology, and the current shareholding ratio is 24.38%.Shiyou Technology is a technology company focusing on VR/AR R&D and application. Its virtual digital human, virtual studio and other related businesses are used in the radio, television and new media industries. It is currently exploring virtual IP operation business, and has created such as Figure skating champion Chen Lu’s virtual avatar, Miao Jiangtian’s virtual IP, etc., will be deployed in the fields of live broadcast, short video, virtual concert and other fields in the future.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Image source: Shiyou Technology Public Account

In addition, Jebsen plans to apply the new media copyright to the Metaverse Avatar Show platform of Shiyou Technology to create a movie rebroadcast on the Metaverse platform.

It can be seen that Jebsen Co., Ltd. mainly entered the Metaverse field through the virtual human track, and strengthened its dominant position in content copyright through virtual IP operation. First, through virtual reality technology, virtual human IP matrix creation, virtual content copyright and ecological operation, as well as traffic realization and value-added services derived from virtual IP can be realized in the Metaverse scene; secondly, through the Metaverse avatar show The platform can further develop and utilize the company’s IP and film and television drama content.

Although it is forward-looking in business layout, Jebsen has not obtained considerable business income because of this.According to its relevant announcement, as of now, the revenue scale of Shiyou Technology will not have a significant impact on the company’s revenue and profits, and the impact on the company’s performance and operating results in subsequent years is still uncertain.

  • Digital Video: From the bottom technology of the Metaverse to digital collections

The 2022 Metaverse Military Camp Network Spring Festival Gala is the first Spring Festival Gala to implement the “Metaverse Concept”. Through the “Metaverse” virtual stage, all participants can wander across dimensions, time and space in the parallel space of the Spring Festival Gala. (300079.SZ), a subsidiary of Kuai Audio Video and China Military Network jointly launched.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Image source: Dongyiyuandian public account

As a video technology service platform company, digital video business covers the media technology industry, information service industry, public security industry, financial technology industry, customization for special needs and other industries. The diversified business layout has also laid a certain foundation for its multi-dimensional development in the Metaverse Track.

The Metaverse layout of digital video involves underlying technologies, digital collections, and interactive application scenarios.

Digital video’s security system framework, low-latency transmission, ultra-high-definition encoding, 5G video applications, blockchain applications, and smart contracts can provide underlying technical support for Metaverse; it has also created a digital collection circulation platform “Dongyiyuan”. The original intention of the development of the Dongyi Yuandian platform is to use digital collections as the asset framework to create digital content with collection attributes, build a diversified digital collection community, and enter the Metaverse with content links; while building interactive applications in the Metaverse In terms of scenes, Digital Video launched “Metaverse Conference”, “Metaverse Live Broadcast”, “Metaverse Exhibition” and other scenes.

  • Blue Cursor: Taking the virtual human as the entry point, “radical” layout of the Metaverse

On February 1, 2022, Su Xiaomei, the first digital avatar of BlueFocus (300058.SZ), made an appearance at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala. Su Xiaomei is the first image of BlueFocus’ virtual IP business, taking the legendary Su Dongpo’s sister as the creative prototype. As of February 7, the number of followers of the Douyin account “Really Su Xiaomei” has reached 395,000.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Image source: Blue Cursor Public Account

The layout of the blue cursor on the Metaverse can be called a “radical” layout. From organizational structure adjustment, to business layout, to investment cooperation, Blue Cursor seems to be carrying out an “all-round” Metaverse layout.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Blue Cursor once said that the related business direction of Metaverse is the track that the company will focus on and fully invest in in the future. The company has no upper limit on the investment amount in this field. The company’s management and the investment department are currently conducting a comprehensive review of the relevant targets. Through research and negotiation, the company can support more than 1 billion capital investment in the layout of Metaverse-related tracks, and comprehensively build the company’s own IP, technology and content core capabilities.

However, as a marketing technology company, it seems difficult to determine whether the blessing of Metaverse can bring about a qualitative change to its main business. Metaverse-related technologies and concepts are still in the early stages of development. Transplanting marketing activities into the Metaverse may face many problems in terms of technology, consumer habits, and revenue.

  • Fengyuzhu: Integrating the Metaverse into a New Cultural Infrastructure

In November 2021, the digital experience service provider Fengyuzhu (603466.SH) officially announced the layout of the Metaverse Track, and plans to rename Zhejiang Shenbai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to Zhejiang Fengyuzhou Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fengyuzhou). ), the business scope has added virtual reality equipment manufacturing, animation game development, artificial intelligence application software development, blockchain technology-related software and services, etc. In addition, Fengyuzhou also plans to explore the field of Metaverse games through independent research and development and external cooperation.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

In the 2022 Anhui Spring Festival Gala, the virtual person “Xiao An” jointly created by Fengyuzhou and Anhui Radio and Television became the host. In addition to virtual humans, Feng Yuzhu has also explored digital collections and Metaverse scenes.

The four technology companies behind the "collision" between the Metaverse and the Spring Festival Gala appear

Image source: Fengyuzhu public account

In terms of digital collections, Fengyuzhu invested in Star Map Bit, an NFT distribution technology company, and cooperated with Shanmeng to launch the first digital collection of NFT emoji packages in China; in terms of creating Metaverse scenarios, it reached a Metaverse ecological partnership with Baidu, as the Metaverse of Xiyang Metaverse. One of the virtual 3D developers, it undertakes the development and content operation of 3D virtual buildings and digital spaces, and has launched Fengyuzhu venues in Xiyang. In addition, it has also reached strategic cooperation with Wanda Cinema and Xingyi Cinema to develop A virtual scene in the era of Metaverse pan-entertainment.

Fengyuzhu is mainly engaged in exhibitions. Human-computer interaction, VR/AR and other technologies in the concept of Metaverse can help its exhibition content integrate more creativity, design, digital art and immersive experience elements, thereby enhancing various The sense of technology and experience of the digital experience space.


Summarizing the Metaverse layout paths of the above representative technology companies, it can be seen that they have established relevant subsidiaries to focus on the development of the Metaverse Track, and use virtual humans as an important breakthrough in the Metaverse Track. At the same time, these companies also face favorable policies in the promotion and application of virtual humans. The “14th Five-Year” Science and Technology Development Plan for Radio, Television and Network Audio-visualization points out that virtual image synthesis technology should be studied for TV programs such as news, variety shows, sports, finance, and weather.

In addition, it can be found that these technology companies hope to boost the development of their main businesses by combining with the Metaverse. Since the Metaverse-related technologies and application scenarios are still in the early stages of development, these technology companies still have great uncertainty in the actual promotion process, and the layout of the Metaverse has not yet formed a system, and is still in the exploration stage.

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