The four opportunities and three problems of the Metaverse

A thousand people have a thousand Metaverses;

The development of human society is often based on technological advancements in energy, information, materials, and life sciences . From quantitative to qualitative change, promoting human society politics, economy, culture, science and technology continue to advance, it is a non-blocking trend;

Metaverse is a round of digital China and digital global with new infrastructure , new scenes, and new layouts . Give birth to new markets, new formats, new models, and new futures;

The four opportunities of the Metaverse

The first opportunity: the new pattern

     Metaverse comes from the book “Avalanche” . It is a social form that requires energy (electricity, light), data perception (Internet of Things, optics, chips, brain-computer access, etc.), data transmission (5G\6G\Beidou, etc.) ), data storage (data center, distributed storage), data computing (quantum computing, edge computing, diversity computing, etc.), the value flow of data (the legal attributes need to be determined: whether the data is a factor of production, how the value of the data flows, need Block technology is used as value confirmation), social governance (requires blockchain technology to support new production relations, self-organizing DAO), economic form (distributed business, creator and contributor economy), new finance (partially Finance, etc.).

U.S. high-tech companies are leading this wave of Metaverse technology and capital , which may trigger a new round of national competition among countries around the world !

The Metaverse is the result of fusion and integrated innovation; mathematics, physics, chemistry, information science, life sciences , and philosophy are also involved (the problem of goldfish in a fish tank, etc.)

This time it is not the involution of human civilization , nor is it just a game , nor is it the recent many illegal and criminal activities under the banner of Metaverse fraud and illegal absorption of funds.

2021 is very likely to be the first year of a new human civilization !

We need to stabilize this new Metaverse pattern based on value and compliance !

The second biggest opportunity: new formats: all formats may be redone

In the Metaverse, computing power is right, and computing power includes: algorithms, data transmission, calculation, storage, blockchain, etc. Basically infrastructure yuan of the universe, but also the United States, China’s basic contents of the new infrastructure, while our country and Thirteen Five planning in the digital economy section 7 highly consistent content, simply put, we have become a global Metaverse infrastructure the most complete nation.

Take blue-collars as an example. Many previous occupations were cultivated by Lanxiang Technical School . In the future, blue-collars do not need to do it themselves under high-level artificial intelligence, wearable devices, large bandwidth and low-latency networks . They only need to sit at home to perform equipment. Manufacturing, assembly, transportation, use, maintenance and other links sound like stories, but they have actually been used in certain fields in the real world: aerospace, military, etc.

That is to say, the future of blue-collar workers born in the Internet cafes, game, car factory in the future is one cafe composition, and playing games is an extensive professional , university study likely is playing a game , the hobby into work every day to go to work is to go to Internet cafes .

More Metaverse application scenarios need to be explored for effective integration and integration innovation. Just like the fourth-generation fighter and the fifth-generation fighter , the difference between generations is not a difference in quantity , but a qualitative leap !

And all this requires us to carefully verify , try boldly , and embrace the new format of the Metaverse to be possible!

The third opportunity: the new model: DAO and Web3

  WEB3.0 is open source, programmable , and runs all kinds of smart contracts in this global network (linked by various means) to build a network communication foundation that can efficiently interact with Metaverse Building , because it is open source and programmable , to achieve a by the user and builders, governors, contributions are owned by the mutual exchange chain network, which will be born out of the digital age of the emerging organization DAO.

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) usually consisting of its members own and block chain technology community run. DAO uses smart contracts , which are code snippets that establish group rules and automatically execute decisions . The basic rules are consensus, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing .

Some people say that DAO may become a disruptor of the corporate system , in which TOKEN will become the stock of DAO company, and NFT may become its manifestation.

Bitcoin, as the first consensus value ecology formed by code , has become a milestone and will affect more people in the future. The cryptocurrency field will subvert the entire production relationship and give birth to more trillion companies .

The legal, moral, and ethical issues in the new model ecology need to be solved urgently so that the entropy can be continuously reduced .

Fourth opportunity: a new future

Metaverse erupted seemingly by chance, in fact, is inevitable , the Internet dividends, global technology, lack of investment concepts, epidemic, global regulation and so on to promote a new, able to represent the future of a new era coming!

When it will fully explode , no one may know, but the outbreak of the new era may have an unremarkable singularity: gamefi and others will form an explosion point!

Prophet Chunjiang Plumbing Duck , the capital market has created a group of wealth forerunners in the universe , and greater capital miracles may appear one after another. Focusing on the supply-side value of the digital world , large and small companies have the same ability to create miracles. If you have the chance , just be brave to embrace and act!

The digital identities of things and people are the ID cards and passports of the Metaverse world, and are the tickets that determine the speed of the new future .

In the new future, everyone is the same, the starting line is the same , come on!

Three problems of the Metaverse industry

The first big problem: dare not to do it?

   Since Metaverse is currently the hottest outlet, global technology and capital are fully embraced and recognized, and the national level has not expressed its qualitative position. Based on the origin of value and compliance , there is nothing wrong with the general direction of empowering the real economy . It can be done.

Metaverse of basic technologies covering all aspects , interdisciplinary, cross-industry , with which technology is unclear, but may focus scenes worth landing accelerate key technical landing.

And hope the national level as soon as possible relevant guidance, policies, laws and regulations , the negative list , etc., should not be dirty water on the child drained , speed up the introduction of a negative list , guide and promote scientific and technological goodness .

The second big problem: Can you do it?

   Strategically, large companies in the innovation heaven though there is a weak , but it is undeniable that once the action is a winner-take-all , so it is necessary to strengthen the innovation capacity. And small and medium-sized enterprises need to accelerate the formation of meta-universal advantages in their own scenes and form the big fish in the small river .

 Will do the core is in the team on, although the yuan universe sounds like a concept , its related technologies is not from scratch , but is immature , to see whether companies can sink in the heart come to seriously study and demonstration form Only with our own knowledge map and the help of all forces to quickly cultivate relevant teams can we form our core competitiveness in the future competition !

The third big problem: Is there money to do it?

In fact , there is no shortage of financial capital for the Metaverse , but there are still very few investment targets in the primary market . One is because the investment institutions do not yet understand where the value of the Metaverse comes from, and the other is because the target of the project has not yet unearthed the value of the Metaverse. The value of the universe scene .

Of course, greater investment needs to see a clear policy orientation at the national level before mainstream funds and projects can appear on the scene.

Based on the new digital transformation of traditional enterprises- Metaverse Transformation : Meta Transformation may have a great opportunity to help more funders and projects realize Metaverse investment, financing and financing . Promote the industrialization of Metaverse and the development of industrial Metaverse through consensus, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing .

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