The founder of Ergo announces Ergo’s latest roadmap



Ergo is community driven and new members join every day

Developers are not full-time, they will join or leave at any time

The developer is anonymous

2021 RGO development roadmap

· Each Layer

· Ergo protocol research and development

· Reference client node

· Infrastructure (libraries, block explorers, wallets)

· Application

· Social impact (will be introduced in a video later)

*New partnership is under negotiation

*New research is coming soon

*Ergo is catching up with new trends in the industry.


main direction

“A hard fork is painful.”-Kushti (Annotation: Ergo founder Alex Chepurnoy)

Note: No hard fork is expected in the future. Our goal is to avoid hard forks at all costs.

1. Network layer (efficiency)

2. Simplify contract writing (next soft fork)-ErgoTree update

3. Ergo.Meta (Layer 2)-off-chain and side-chain solution framework

4. ErgoTree-there will only be velvet soft forks in the future


· Ergo.Meta: A “reference manual” based on Ergo’s off-chain and side-chain protocols.

· High throughput (transaction processing rate)

· Improve scalability (reduce latency)

· Improve cross-chain operability

· Clean wallet-can be booted in minutes (Bootstrapping)

rgo infrastructure


The new wallet is coming soon!

1. Cypro wallet-a privacy mobile wallet with exchange function.

2. Ledger hardware wallet-The team continues to develop the integration of Ergo and Ledger, and will release a demo in the next few weeks.

3. desktop wallet with improved privacy, made by the community.

4. A new Android wallet is coming soon! (Annotation: Ergo Wallet for Android has been launched on the Google Play App Store)

*Currently discussing cooperation with other well-known wallets.

Ergo node-reference protocol client

· NIPoPoW-based boot-using UTXO-based snapshot boot

· P2P layer improvement

Yoroi dApp Bridge (Yoroi dApp Bridge) has been implemented and is being tested. We expect to use it for the first time on ErgoDEX.


· Sigma-Rust-going well

· AppKit-going well

· JDE-recently released

rgo application

· ErgoDEX: Coming soon! SigUSD and ERG liquidity pools will provide liquidity mining.

· Gateway under test: Ergo will realize multi-chain operation through Gravity integration. You can access USDT, USDN, ETH, BTC and many other currencies in Ergo. Similarly, Ergo’s native token, ERG, will appear on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Waves and more blockchains.

· ErgoFund-Ongoing: Implementation of a foundation fund for future development resources (Annotation: ErgoFund is a crowdfunding platform on the Ergo platform).

· ErgoTeam-Ongoing: Community-driven implementation of the Zero-knowledge spending vault.

· LETS (Local Exchange Trading System)-Alternative Financial System: Will be implemented after ErgoFund.

Token Economics

· Tokenization of ErgoMixer-the contract has been completed (other apps may follow up, such as ErgoAuctions (Ergo auction))

· Improve token sales through new crowdfunding implementations.

· More NFTs are being minted on the Ergo auction house.

· The community will create and invent novel token mechanisms.


· App based on ErgoMixer (used as API)

· Invisible pool and mixing pool

· Privacy exchange with other Schnorr and Secp256k1 based currencies (such as BTC)

· Mixer Hop (hop)-obfuscate the application

Hackathon team and app

· Ergo Raffle: Charity Lottery Realization

· SigmaStamp: Timestamp on Ergo

· ErgoTeam: Zero-knowledge expenditure fund library

· SmartPool: Decentralized mining based on NIPoPoW

· ErgoIndex: Anchoring tokens to create contracts, which will promote integration with traditional finance.

· ErgoCharts: Ergo ecological chart application that uses the oracle pool to feed prices.

Ergo incubator and community fund

DarkFund0-still looking for apps

GoodWhale is seeking a grant (it is an anonymous investor who donated SigUSD worth US$20,000)

More funds are coming soon!

Ergo Incubator (Ergo Incubator)-a project funded by the Ergo Foundation, weekly reports on progress. 

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