The foreigners who speculate in currency are young people with high academic qualifications, how about us?

The market is quite boring, and the boring will continue, and it has not yet changed its inventory.

On the Independence Day of the United States and the United States, fireworks from various states were full of joy. As for the market, it can only fend for itself. The pressure at the position of 36000 is extremely high. Coupled with the rest of the old United States, it is normal to not be able to rush through. However, the downfall of the whole day today still caught the bulls off guard. The sentiment in this market is really chives. , It is easy to go to extremes, and the market is also officially young, which gives us more opportunities to make money, which is also a good thing.

The CEO of Coinbase said that China’s legal digital currency will pose a threat to the United States. He also discussed concerns with lawmakers. This time I understand that the previous meeting with Powell seems to have nothing to do with the crypto market, mainly discussing the United States. How fiat digital currencies can quickly catch up with China’s footsteps.

With the withdrawal of domestic Bitcoin mining farms, the profitability of Bitcoin mining will increase by 35% in the short term, and the migration of mining machines will take a long time. This means that the short-term income of miners will increase significantly, which will help miners accumulate more bitcoins, and the supply from miners will continue to decrease.

The whale has seen a certain degree of Masukura recently, but there has been no movement in the last two days. We can understand that this kind of Masukura is to build a position on the left. The whale thinks that the downside space is limited, so it began to gradually recover its chips. Once the market bottoms out in the future Rally, they will start to make a profit.

The overall Bitcoin ETF is still underweight, but the reduction is not large, with a total of -741 bitcoins. The details are as follows:

The world of coins-foreigners who speculate in coins are young people with a high degree of education, what about us?

Skew shows that hedge funds continue to short Bitcoin futures in CME, indicating that hedge funds are still not optimistic about this position, and Bitcoin bottoms out, which can reflect the attitude of some institutions.

The Bank for International Settlements report shows that the level of education of cryptocurrency investors is significantly higher than the average level. Most of them are young Internet users with higher education. Investors who bought Ethereum and Ripple have the highest level of education. This report is quite pertinent. Most of the users around the madman have a bachelor’s degree or above, and there are many masters or even doctors. The back-end data of the public account shows that more than 60% are born in the 80s and 90s. Does this market represent what the future represents? In the future, when these young people have money, they will continue to increase their weight in this market. Therefore, both the number of people and the unit price of the encryption market still have a lot of room for growth.

The Defi project MakerDAO has a net income of US$9.37 million in June, and an agreement earns 50 million yuan a month. This is also considered a leader among domestic listed companies. The future of Defi is still very clear. The initial profiteering will provide huge room for future currency price growth. , This is the first batch of blockchain projects to make money. At present, most of Defi’s track is already occupied. We will see how they perform later.

Panic 29, emotions are still very fragile.

Market analysis


Bitcoin’s daily decline today is not ideal, but the pattern of shocks has not changed. The short-term support will be around 33000, and will continue to oscillate within a narrow range around 33000-36000. The general direction is not clear, and the remaining positions You can wait and see.


2300 failed to stand up successfully. There was a lot of pressure above this position. It was indeed very difficult to go up at one time. After repeated tossing for a few days and then going up, there was a chance to get out of a new rebound high, and the whole could hold coins. By the way, the Ethereum upgrade will be postponed to August 2nd. Good news has moved back, but it will always come.


The short-term continued weakness, mainly due to the decline.


There is no small-level rise, so don’t participate.


Weak shocks.


Overall, it is still stronger than other mainstreams, mainly holding currency.


It hasn’t gone bad, if you continue to fall tomorrow, you will come out first.


After the hackers demanded Monroe’s ransom, Biden stepped in to investigate, and the ransomware organization REvil asked for $70 million in bitcoin in exchange for decryption. Monroe returns to normal, with linkage as the main focus.


This position is horizontal, and there is still momentum behind to continue to rise.


Linkage is the main focus, and short-term opportunities are not great.


The upper lock-up is extremely serious. It is planned to launch the expanded network Badlands. It is suspected that holding ICP can airdrop BDL. The specific time has not been stated, so there is a certain oversold rebound.


The leader of the lending category, his profit will not be lower than MakerDAO in the future. Madman continues to be optimistic, and the recent trend is indeed stronger than most Defi tokens.

The market is quite boring, and the boring will continue, and it has not yet changed its inventory.

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