The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of “Metaverse” must be paid attention to

With the creation of the world’s biggest multiplayer online game ” Roblox ” name “Yuan universe first shares  under the banner of the market, “meta-universe” The concept began in 1992, in 2021 completely broke.

Maybe you don’t even know what the meta universe is?

But you have already been screened by news such as “A-share meta-universe concept plate, so-and-so, so-and-so companies soaring”, “Baidu, Ali, Tencent , Byte…applying for the meta universe trademark” and so on.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Anyway, Facebook has changed its name to Meta to become a meta-universe company, and Microsoft and Nvidia are also following up the meta-universal strategy; not only Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Bytedance, Xiaomi, Huawei, NetEase and other companies are vying to enter the meta-universe track, domestic three Major telecom operators have also increased the infrastructure of Metaverse, and Zhangjiajie has also established the country’s first scenic Metaverse Research Center …

Open the circle of friends, all kinds of sales anxiety swept through:

If you don’t learn meta-universe knowledge, you will be unable to keep up with the times!

Still in XX class? They have already earned 1 million from the meta universe

Win in the meta-universe era and achieve wealth growth by hundreds or thousands of times…

Meta-cosmic success, do you not learn it?

When I wake up, the whole world is engaged in “meta universe”, except you.

Metaverse seems to “cure all diseases” and become the “code of wealth” .

It seems as long as the stained yuan universe , then ordinary paintings also sold out, and then boring game has a steady stream of people entered, the yuan universe science video traffic severely, “just the right”, sold yuan universe books climbing.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Recently, there has been a training course on selling Metacosmos , with a daily income of over 90,000 – I don’t know if Metacosmos will make money, but cutting leeks will never be absent, and even come first.

Meta universe training course? Expert: Yes, but not necessary

Recently, a screenshot of the backstage of the online course titled “Meta Universe First Lesson” has been circulated on social platforms. The screenshot information shows that the cumulative income of this course is nearly 1.6 million yuan. It is understood that at this time it is only about 10 days before the course goes online.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

You can see from the above screenshot, the new single-day user of the course up to 370 people daily active users 1175 people, the daily income of more than 9 Wan yuan, the cumulative subscribers 2673 people, the total income of nearly 160 Wan million. Moreover, this screenshot was confirmed as “absolutely true” by the person in charge of the course .

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Commodity information shows that the original price of “Meta Universe First Lesson” is 1888 yuan, and the preferential price is 688 yuan. If the book is not included, the charge is 600 yuan. There are ten lessons in the course. The course catalog shows that the course mainly talks about the rise of the metaverse, the characteristics of the metaverse, the economics of the metaverse, the panorama of the six major technologies of the metaverse, and the investment opportunities and risks of the metaverse.

Many students who followed the trend said: Because they don’t understand Metaverse, they pay to study. After learning, they still don’t know what Metaverse is or how to make money. They just know that they have to pay a lot of money.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

On an App, the price of a course titled “Frontier Course · 6 Lectures in Yuan Universe” is 29.9 yuan, and 24.9 yuan after the coupon. At present, nearly 50,000 people have joined the course. According to App customer service introduction, this course was launched on October 20th. Without considering the discount, the monthly income of this course has exceeded 1.3 million yuan.

In the evaluation, there were also many students who said that “I don’t understand after listening” and “There is no difference between listening and not listening . 

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

“Meta Universe is a new Internet concept that is currently sought after by capital. It is okay but not necessary to participate in various Meta Universe trainings now . ” In this regard, Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy , Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said, even if you understand it. It is a meta universe, but it may not necessarily understand the capital market. “Meta Universe is a feast of capital, there is no profession, no experts.”

Security reminder: At present, the “Meta Universe” industry is not yet mature. Even if they choose to participate in corresponding training courses, consumers should understand the real identities and qualifications of toll agencies and toll personnel and consume rationally. At the same time, we should also be wary of the “money trapping” routine behind some “free classes”.

Yuan Universe free marketing to join? Beware of MLM

On many platforms, there will also be some free meta-universe live broadcast courses . The presenter claims to be a meta-universe senior KOL, some big coffee, and he uses content to plant grass for consumers and arouse consumer interest in investment, but he wants to obtain For more business opportunities, you need to participate in the offline “Meta Universe Conference”. The admission fee ranges from a few hundred yuan. After a conference with dozens of hundreds of people, the organizer can reap more than 100,000 yuan in income.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

There are also some live broadcasts that use the concept of meta universe, but they don’t really talk about meta universe knowledge, but tell the audience in the live broadcast room how to join these so-called “meta universe” projects to make money.

The anchors guide the audience to join the “fan group” in the live broadcast to gain more meta-universe knowledge. After entering the group, they find that they are talking about blockchain, NFT, knowledge payment and other content, and they need to pay a certain fee to become Acting as an agent to join their “Meta Universe Project”.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

And these “meta universe projects” are actually selling their courses on an agent basis, using the “Flicker” set. Novices who want to “make money” through new knowledge will fall into the trap of losing money and selling lessons, or even pulling people down the assembly line. If they are not careful, they may also fall into the trap of MLM.

Safety reminder: There are many kinds of projects packaged with the concept of “Meta Universe”, and various routines are also emerging in endlessly. Faced with this kind of money-trapping behavior of “new wine in old bottles”, you might as well calm down the “metacosmic fever” in your mind, look at the essence through the phenomenon, and be cautious in participating in investment.

Meta universe technology discussion group? Refuse to mine and speculate coins

According to an undercover investigation by a reporter from the Securities Daily, in the so-called meta-universe-related QQ groups with more than 1,800 members, there is almost no discussion about meta-universe technology and training, and most of them are discussing how to speculate virtual currency and how to mine .

There is also a bold QQ group, and even released a project white paper . The reporter saw in the vision column of the white paper: A 101 is determined to create a new currency circle model where Metaverse and NFT complement each other, focusing on art, and creating a new value concept that combines NFT game sector and financial management.

Security reminder: Virtual currency does not have the legal status equivalent to legal currency. Its related business is an illegal financial activity. There are legal risks in participating in virtual currency investment transactions. It is illegal to participate in virtual currency “mining”.

Meta universe gold game? Beware of Ponzi schemes

In addition to selling lessons to make money, many games, Erdao dealers, and capital disks are also packaged into meta-universe projects to cut the leeks who wish to use meta-universe to make money.

A man named Yuan universe penguin farm game, the universe is under the guise of dollars, follows the online farming games are played, but also allows players to both old and new , with high divided as bait to lead them to develop the next line , so that new players Khorium charge money Pension players.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

In fact, as long as there are not enough new players, the capital chain will be broken, and game officials will continue to ban players from cashing out under the guise of game maintenance, delaying time, and taking the opportunity to run away.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

The other is that Erdaomongers use the information gap to launch paid tutorials for popular overseas meta-universe games to make money. Only a little integration or translation of public information on the Internet will sell them for prices ranging from several hundred to several thousand. On some platforms and groups Even three-handed or four-handed reselling.

With this calculation, the daily income can be tens of thousands by relying on this fee alone!

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Other scams just write “I, liar, hitting money” directly on their faces—however they cast the net, there will always be fish!

Such scammers directly throw phishing links in various meta-universe game groups to defraud players of money. Players have been recruited and defrauded of virtual currency worth millions of yuan.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Security reminder: When the public is facing high returns as promises and requests to recommend new projects, especially popular concepts such as meta universe, blockchain, NFT, etc., no matter how attractive the platform promotion is, it must be improved. Be vigilant, do not participate in or assist in publicity; do not randomly click on unfamiliar links to enter personal information; establish correct network security knowledge, and be alert to illegal activities such as telecom fraud, illegal fundraising, and network pyramid schemes.

If the AI ​​carnival caused by AlphaGo’s victory over Li Shishi turned 2017 into the first year of AI, then 2021 may be called the “first year of the universe” .

The carnival of the capital market also made the term ” Yuan Universe ” shortlisted as the recommended term for the “Chinese Inventory 2021”.

So here comes the question-

What is the meta universe?

The concept of Metaverse first appeared in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by American writer Neil Stephenson in 1992.

The first year of the Metaverse or the harvest year? These 4 types of "Metaverse" must be paid attention to

Meta (transcendence) + verse (universe), literally means “another universe beyond the real universe”, which can be understood as a parallel universe. In the meta universe, social interaction, work, games, etc. are all carried out in an immersive manner, and all interactions are as similar as possible to the real world. Today’s “meta universe” is conceptualized under new technologies such as extended reality (XR), blockchain, 5G, cloud computing, digital twins, and artificial intelligence.

In fact, the biggest difference between the meta-universe and previous scientific and technological concepts is that it does not yet have an accurate definition.

Prior to this, a concept must be clear and specific in order to gain a foothold in the technology circle: for example, blockchain and 5G technology. People’s imagination of the scientific and technological concept of “meta universe” is more of a “sci-fi” element, and capital’s fiery enthusiasm for the meta universe is more like a glamorous admiration for the moon.

I have to admit that Metaverse has become a new era in the post-Internet era, but the most important software and hardware technical issues for the construction of Metaverse are still in urgent need of breakthrough, and Metaverse is still in the preliminary stage of exploration.

At the previous Baidu AI Open Day, Baidu Vice President Ma Jie said frankly, “There are too many cars, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.” For Metaverse to become a reality, there are three major technical difficulties that need to be broken through, including computing power and algorithms. And the high cost of VR content production .

The “People’s Daily” report mentioned: Although Metaverse seems to have a vast space and many possibilities, it is still a new and unformed thing. Everyone still needs to look at the current meta-universe craze rationally, and be wary of any flickering in the name of technology and the future; whether it is a bright future or a tangible future, whether it is a capital hype or a new track, a new bottle of old wine or a new technological breakthrough, May wish to “let the bullet fly for a while” before drawing conclusions .

Zhifan safety team reminded

Finally, the Zhifan safety team reminds you again:

Whether you want to learn Metaverse related knowledge, broaden your horizons, or want to invest in the tuyere track, you should stay sensible when facing new concepts and new tuyere, clarify your own consumption needs, look at the essence through the appearance, beware of fraud, and stay away from illegal fundraising. , Network MLM, virtual currency mining and trading and other violations of laws and regulations.

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